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by Stirling Twilight


The bike slid to a stop as the scream came again. Yukito dropped the bike and ran in the direction the sound seemed to come from. As he rounded the corner, skidding in the gravel, the tableau before him arrested him for an instant. A girl…Sakura? His mind balked at the thought, but the impression of the voice, and the hair color…. Whoever it was, was being held down while three boys, younger than he, stood over her. Stood over her, and….

Screaming in rage, Yukito charged them. His one object was the girl. Pushing, shoving, he didn’t care who got hurt, he worked his way to her. She rolled onto her side when the hold was broken. Sobbing, she began to ball herself up reflexively. Yukito, still howling in uncontrolled anger, scooped her up, turned, and ran. Home was only a block away and he didn’t hesitate. Running as fast as he could he didn’t stop until he reached his house. Gently laying her on the mat in his room, he quickly left, returning with a bowl of warm water and a cloth. As he hurried towards her his worst fears were confirmed; Sakura lay curled on the mat, shirt torn, exposed legs bruised. His mind raced, who to call?

As he knelt over her she stirred. Her eyes flew open, and with a gasp she sat up, obviously scared and confused. Setting the bowl down he reached for her as her arms went around him.

"Yukito-san!" she cried, clutching him. He hugged her to him, sitting on the mat, pulling her closer, and rocking gently. He felt her name on his lips, over and over. She began to shake then. Pulling off his glasses he hugged her harder, hoping to suppress the quake that jarred her small body. He closed his eyes against the images of what had brought her there and lowered his cheek onto the top of her head. He felt himself shaking too, but it was soft enough to escape her notice. After a time she stopped, exhausted, her weight relaxing into him. He turned his lips onto her hair, kissing her softly. Slowly she raised her face towards his, as he kissed his way down her face and to her mouth. He pulled back in surprised shock, but she raised herself enough to bring his mouth in contact with her own again. His mind reeled, but he didn’t back away, in fact his eyes closed as he pressed harder. Her hands came together at the back of his neck and his encircled her, supporting and prolonging the passionate kiss that began to flame between them. The confusion that had been there a moment ago was gone, replaced with an urgent desire. A desire Sakura returned with interest.

Yukito shifted his grip on her, freeing a hand that began exploring the body of the girl in his lap. His hand traced the contours of her face, wound into her hair and became entangled in the silky mass. The weight and length if it made him open his eyes. It was longer, much longer…but then the thought was gone as Sakura placed her hands flat on his shoulder blades, pressing his chest more flush to her own soft breasts. Again his mind faltered. A hand came to her throat, gently penetrating the folds of her torn shirt. His fingertips moved slowly downwards, barely touching her skin, trailing fire as his fingers came to rest on her chest. The soft moan this contact produced melted into his mouth, making him aware of the growing hardness between his legs. With a sudden savagery he reached into her blouse and came in contract with her soft, smooth breasts. She leaned back for a moment, allowing him to see her, to see her desire. With a quick jerk he finished the work that the boys had begun before, and in a moment her milky skin was visible to the waist. He sat still for a heartbeat, and then his mouth came down on her nipple. Dropping her head backwards she ached her back to accommodate him, gasping in obvious pleasure.

He was dimly aware of voices, angry voices, but it was not enough to break him away from his new found treasure. He bathed her breasts with his tongue, rubbed her nipples across his teeth and cupped her softness in his hands. She possessed a warmth he had never felt before, that he felt a desire to own.

Gripping her waist he turned her until she sat astride him. Her skirt, impossibly short, seemed to conceal other, unknown pleasures and he longed for the skirt to be gone. As if reading his mind her hands went to the waistband and with amazing quickness the offending material was gone. He pulled her closer, pressing her down, wanting her to know, to understand. She sat forward then, her hands coming to either side if his face, her eyes piercing deep into his soul. Her open mouth covered his and their tongues came together, gently exploring each others hidden worlds.

In the open door, Lee held his sword parallel to the ground, its tassel swinging free, blocking Touya’s entrance to the room. The scene inside was driving Touya wild, on more than one level, and he longed to end it, but this boy, this annoying boy, barred the way.

"If we stop them it’ll cause too much damage!" Lee had screamed. "Currently she’s about 16 years old, he’s in his twenties. If we go in there the Cards might be scared off and they will remain these ages. What if we can’t capture the Cards?! If we can keep them here until midnight I can use the Time Card and turn all this back to before the Lust Card found her, and stop the Age Card as well! They’ll never know any of this happened, and neither will you."

"But I will," he finished to himself.

Lee and Touya had found them almost at the same moment. Lee, with his Lasin board, and Touya, wheeling Yukito’s bike, had converged on the house at the moment Sakura’s kiss with Yukito had turned passionate. Lee had understood in an instant what was happening, what the ramifications were, and while his mind raced away with all sorts of imagined horrors, he had seen the logic of waiting.


It was killing him. The moans from the bedroom were like knives. How could they? But, in his mind he knew they were under the influence of the Cards, that they were not in control. But he also knew, even more deeply, that this was what Sakura, and Lee himself, truly wanted. Thank heavens he had to keep his back to them. He felt he couldn’t drop his guard for a second or Touya would charge the room. The image of the two lovers becoming aware of what was happening caused his stomach to roil. He swallowed hard, and tightened his grip on the sword.

Touya, for his part, had already shouted himself hoarse, and exhausted himself against the barrier that Lee had somehow put in place. He could see the glowing Lasin board, and understood it was part of the problem, but how to get at it was beyond him…literally. His eyes again came to rest on the pair, and his growing desperation made his mind explode again. Throwing himself against Lee he felt the sword's energy force him backwards.

"Why?!" he demanded again, panting. "Why won’t you let me past?!"

"For their sakes! What do you think will happen if Sakura suddenly becomes aware of what she is doing?"

"Come up with another question you little jerk!" Touya screamed, hammering on the sword. But it had no effect. Touya’s eyes came back to them, profiled and framed by the doorway. He stood staring a long moment before a sob escaped him and he sunk to his knees.

Sakura’s hands had finished unbuttoning Yukito’s shirt and had slipped it down over his shoulders, but her actions had been arrested by the softness of his skin. She stroked up and down his back, and she did not resist as his hands slid under her buttocks and pulled her in closer. His hands moved to his pants, and in a moment Sakura felt the true heat of another body. With a small, almost inaudible gasp her hands dove between his legs and the ecstatic look on his face let the world know that her hands had found their quarry. Yukito’s head fell back in pleasure, and still holding his erection, Sakura’s mouth and tongue stroked the length of his now exposed neck. His hands, which had fallen limply to the floor, found a second life and began working their way up her body, stoking her thighs, the curve of her waist, and then up her back, causing a shiver to ripple through her. His head came up then, and as their eyes met some unspoken longing spurred her into motion.

Rising to her knees she helped him remove her last vestige of clothing, her panties. She waited breathlessly as he positioned her carefully over his throbbing penis. The fingers of his hands, deeply imprinted in her hips, guided her, and she, almost lifelessly, allowed him to move her. He felt her smoldering heat, poised over his own urgent need, and as he pushed down on her thigh her tightness and slickness against the seemingly raw skin of his exposed head made them both cry out. Her velvety lips slipped around him, spreading over him a fire he had never imagined. He leaned backwards, pushing deeper into her, and she responded by pushing down. Her legs unwound from beneath her and she locked her ankles behind his back.

They sat there, gently rocking, for what seemed to the viewers a long time. Lee had taken advantage of Touya’s little break down to cast a glance back over his shoulder. The brief glimpse was enough to allow a whimper to escape from his throat. The lovers, almost motionless, locked in an embrace that spoke volumes. That their hair was longer somehow managed to register in his numb mind. He could only assume the Cards were enjoying watching too much to move on. What then? What if one of them did leave? What could he do? He looked down the hall that he and Touya stood in. The shadows had lengthened a great deal since their arrival, but midnight was hours away. His arm, long since cold and lifeless, wouldn’t last that long. Touya began to stir at his feet, and he looked down at the bowed black head. He knew that if Touya did get into the room the Cards would no doubt…no doubt…effect him as well. The image of the three of them made him bite his lip. No, no matter what, Touya could not be allowed into the room.

The growing heat that had seemed to cool for a moment flared suddenly. Yukito’s hand came up from beneath her buttock and began to fondle Sakura’s breasts. They were fuller he noticed, smiling, as he pinched a nipple. The instant response from the woman in his lap was a sharp intake of breath and a contraction deep within her. At the sudden pressure on his penis he also gasped with pleasure. He began sucking and gently chewing on the hardening flesh in his hands, cultivating the sensation. With each squeal from her, and each internal squeeze, his mounting desire became more urgent. The gentle rocking became increasingly harder thrusts of his hips. She responded, both voluntarily and involuntarily. Muscles she had been unaware of massaged and caressed him deep within her. The heat coming from him rose in waves, and she felt herself drowning in the warmth, the smells, and the sound of his breathing. She moved closer to him, as if an inch was too far to be away. Her head dropped onto his chest, and her hands came up to his nipples. She brushed her fingertips against them before catching them between her thumbs and forefingers. She squeezed, experimentally. At the new sensations of electricity coursing through him Yukito put his arms around her, lifting her and then lowering them both onto the mat. Sakura, her legs still wrapped around his waist lay beneath him, her hair a cape around her. He took a second to gaze at her before she tightened her hold on his nipples. With a deep-throated growl he gripped her around the waist and dragged her upwards, meeting the motion with a thrust of his hips. Sakura cried out in pleasure, almost laughing. Encouraged he began pumping into her with a steady rhythm that began a little awkwardly, but soon settled down into a pace that pleased them both. Her arms flung backwards over her head Sakura gave herself over to him, trusting him, helping him.

It wasn’t long before his desire to kiss her drew him forward, placing his hands on either side of her head. Her hair was silky under his palms. Gently he lower his weight onto her, maintaining his stroking all the while. She unlocked her ankles and opened her arms to him. Smiling he scooped his arms under her shoulders and using her for leverage began pumping harder. Sakura clung to him, moving in time to his rhythm. All external sound faded in the measured panting from the bedroom.

It flashed across Lee’s mind that he was jealous, and he tried to force the images this thought brought with it from his mind. Unbidden he saw himself alone with Yukito, and after a moment alone with Sakura. His stomach lurched again. Both images were familiar to him, but the reality of the scene behind him made them suddenly repulsive. Midnight could not come fast enough. His free hand wiped his face, and it came away wet. Was he crying?

Touya stood next to him, his eyes upon the lovers. Lee noticed that he too was crying. Lee had an urge to comfort him, but knew he would not be welcome too. What a waste the Time card suddenly seemed.

But why was Sakura being affected by it? The thought made him gasp, and he threw his mind back. The first time they had encountered the Time card, Sakura was as aware of what was happening as he had been. What had changed? And where was Cerebus? Why wasn’t he with her when she went after the card? Or, had she not gone after the card but happened randomly into its path? That seemed unlikely, but would it explain her seeming indifference?

He snorted to himself, "Indifference!" But how else to describe what was taking place in the next room. He thought about it for a time and had to conclude that she did not have the Key on her. As a ‘mere mortal’, not a Card Captor, she would be open to the card’s suggestion. No, there was something wrong with this reason as well, as he was sure that she always had the Key on her. Had something happened before she had come to Yukito’s? Something that made her lose the Key? That had to be it. He thought about stopping time, but what would that gain him? Even if he did find the Key and restored it to her he would be no better than Touya and all his good intentions. She would become the Card Captor and know what was happening. What was happening. He shook his head. He would have to get Touya bound somehow, use the Time card to speed up time to midnight, and reverse the day. With a sigh he pulled out a card and prepared to drop the protection spell. Maybe some day he would be able to do more than one thing at once, he mused.

And then several things happened at once. In the bedroom, the lovers reached a climax that made them both cry out. Screaming in fury Touya charged Lee, who, turning towards the bedroom in surprise at the cry, felt the full force of Touya’s rage hit him in the back. Lee staggered under the onslaught but never once doubted his shield and flung the card into the air. Touya was once again thrown back and fell to one knee. With amazing swiftness Lee dropped the protection shield and stabbed his sword at the Clow Card before him. "Bind this man and don’t let him move," he said coolly, and reached for the Time card. Touya found himself suddenly surrounded by a blue light that swirled for a moment, and then contracted around him like a straight jacket. Helplessly Touya fell to the floor, and lay there watching Lee with unmasked hatred. Lee threw the new card out and stabbed again at it. "Time," he cried, "speed your course to midnight, then turn back this day to begin again!" Standing aside he watched the shadows advance, melt into night, and reappear in the moon’s glow. And then Time reversed.

Lee stood and watched in awe. He saw himself defending the lovers, saw as Yukito carried Sakura, her true age again, backwards into the room. Quickly, Lee halted Time, located the Age card and resumed the backward motion of the day. Yukito rushed by and Lee followed them to the side street where a group of boys menaced Sakura. Lee saw how their attack on her had caused the Key to fall from her pocket. Rushing forward he scooped up the item and slid it into his pocket. Again he halted Time, located and captured the Lust card, and then allowed the rest of the day to dissolve into night until it was once again midnight.

With a sigh, Lee turned towards home. He was tired, his arm ached and he was sick at heart. He knew that Sakura and the others would have no idea what had happened, but the idea of carrying those images with him for the rest of his life was not a prospect he relished.


Startled Lee whirled around. Cerebus floated a few feet behind him, regarding him with a strange air.

"Lee-kun, I saw what you did." Cerebus said gently.

Lee hung his head. "It was the right thing to do," he said plaintively, and flinging the sword down, sunk to his knees, buried his face in his hands, and cried as if his heart was breaking.

Cerebus drifted closer, "I’ll take the Key back now," he said, extending a paw.

Angrily, Lee swatted at him, but Cerebus didn’t heed him. "Give me the Key," he repeated softly, but firmly.

"Where were you?!" Lee demanded, failing out again. "Why weren’t you with Sakura?! Do you know what I’ve been through? What we’ve all been through?"

"Yes," Cerebus replied, "Which is why I want you to give me the Key."

Beaten and weak, Lee sagged. Reaching into his pocket he drew out the Key and held it out towards Cerebus. Cerebus floated over and caught Lee’s hand between his paws. Startled Lee looked up, and the Seal Beast looked down at him. Lee tried to withdraw his hand but Cerebus held on.

"Lee," he said, "look at me. Look at me, and forget."

Suddenly Cerebus’ whole form began to glow, and the glow traveled down Lee’s arm and spread over his body until he glowed as well. Lee’s eyes closed against the light.

They stayed like that, not moving, until Cerebus finally picked up the Key from out of Lee’s hand and flew back a few feet. He watched as the glow gradually faded, and Lee was left kneeling, eyes still closed, in the darkness.


Lee’s eyes flew open and he looked around himself in surprise. Hastily he rose to his feet.

"Cerebus?" he began, "Where are we?"

Cerebus dropped into the usual tone he took with Lee. "You were looking for a card, but it seems to have gone."

Lee, bewildered, looked around, "Where is Sakura?"

"She is on her way home, as you should be. It’s too late for both of you to be out. You seemed tired for a moment so I thought I would make sure you went home. So go home."

With a flick of his tail Cerebus turned away as if to leave. When Lee made no attempt to go Cerebus turned back. "What do you want?" he demanded.

Lee looked at him hard. "What card was it?"

Cerebus scowled down at him. "We never saw it. It was a false alarm. Now go home!"

Lee shrugged, picked up his sword and turning, headed for home. Cerebus flew higher and watched until Lee was out of sight. Turning a circle in the air from sheer relief he smiled broadly.

"Good work kid."



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