Looking for a Web to Weave


Shuttle and cock, Shift key, CAPS LOCK,
the click and clack fills the frame
I tighten the weft with a quick <align="left">
and glance once again at my screen

I'll add a <meta> tag to my bag
of tricks, or maybe a

for fun

An infinitesimal change in the hexadecimal range
Won't entirely unwind my skein

Will a gif animation of a priestess' libation
make my site sticky enough for you?
All I ask is that you give a clickthrough
or two before you leave my domain

My tale is told through silken scripts
And style sheets that cascade
Words to the wise are not always in code
Write a few on the guestbook before you leave

For I am Arachne and this is my fate
where there is a web...I must weave


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