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Revolutionary Girl Utena Fanfiction from World Shaking Fanfic

Stories from Revolutionary Girl Utena/Shoujo Kakumei Utean

Before you read any story, please read the description of my lily rating system.

Reunion - Juri returns to Ohtori to see what has become of her schoolmates - and herself.
Once Upon A Time - There's more than one fairy tale with princes and princesses.
redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) The Power To.... - Life at Ohtori after Utena is better, right?
Burning Question - How long does it take before the pain of the past goes away?
blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Anima - Anshi returns home to find a distraught Utena (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older)
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) A Special Case- After ten years of searching, Anshi has hired a detective to find Utena. But exactly who will the investigator find at the end the search? Illustration of the Investigator, by Angie Karagounaki added 1/23/03.
redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) The Tale of the Wedding Guest - A chance encounter leads to a magical tale of loss and love Added 1/19, an illustration for this story, by Sabriel Natrioni
Step Away From Glory- Shiori explains what happened
This Rose is Our Destiny : A pretentiously titled Utena/Sailor Moon crossover parody play fic thingy by myself and Stirling Twilight
The World's Shell - Juri has to face her desires. What is it she truly wants?
Stress Fractures - When a carefully constructed lie begins to fall apart, maybe a little magic can leak in. Illustration by Sabriel Natrioni - added 1/19/01

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