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The lights below her glittered and pulsed in a pale reflection of the stars, whose cleaner glow they drowned. The city at night was in its own way beautiful and awesome - but never as awesome as the vast expanses of space.

Ami rested her head on her crossed arms and watched the flickering lights, content to dream of that measureless void. For tonight she had a prior engagement. Or at least, she thought she did. Her brows furrowed as she once again ran her mind over her calculations. For the past 9 months or so, there had been an amazing irregularity in these reawakened memories. Her calculations had shown her a statistically significant chance that a memory would occur tonight, but she couldn’t be absolutely...her mind wound its way through the familiar paths of constants and variables. With a self-deprecating laugh, Ami found herself reaching for her computer, ready to recheck her results. She didn’t want to distract herself from the main attraction. Leaning on her arms once more, she though of this, her guilty pleasure, and closed her eyes.

*A guilty pleasure indeed,* she thought pleasantly. *Just like Mercury of the past. We’re not so very different, she and I.* Ami thought of the first memory that had come to her, standing with Mercury, alone in the observatory but for the beauty of the brilliant stars. The first memory had been a shock in so many ways. When the magnificent silence had been shattered by that well-known voice, Ami was not sure whether it was her own shrinking horror, or that of her past life that she had felt. The three of them had violated her space with their passions and both she and Mercury had been repelled. Intially. Then they had been drawn to them, like moths to a flame. The three had glowed with such fierce spirit that Mercury and she came back, time after time, to witness their meetings and to enjoy their company, albeit vicariously.

Ami remembered the day she realized that her friends, the present incarnations of the royalty of the past, were not unaffected by those memories. She sat, as was usual, in Rei’s room at the shrine. She and the others studied for the most part quietly, sharing a difficult problem every once in a while. All was the same as it had been for years. Its very sameness was why they held onto this ritual, long after the neccessity was gone. Their study sessions were a port in which they could be at peace, regardless of the storm outside. And so they had sat, and studied, and been comforted.

Heaving an enormous sigh, Usagi had thrown herself backwards onto the floor. Putting her hands behind her head, she spoke to the ceiling, "If you could, at this moment, have anything you wanted, what would you have?"

Ami’s head had snapped up at that, but only Rei reacted to the comment. Minako closed her eyes to answer the rhetorical question, while Makoto puzzled at a difficult piece of translation, and had missed the exchange entirely. Only Ami saw the look that passed between Rei and Usagi - and only Ami could have known what it meant.

The night before, the memory had been an intense one. Their meeting, though short, had left them all breathless and sated. Their love was no less powerful for the brief time they spent together. And when they all lay together, lost in the glow that comes after passion, the Princess had spoken, as she always did. "If you could, at this moment, have anything you wanted, what would you have?"

And the Senshi had looked long at the Princess, then the Prince and had responded. "I already have everything I’ve ever wanted."

Ami saw then, the look that passed between Usagi and Rei and recognized what she should not know...for them, the memories were not merely recollections of the past, but a key to a new relationship, one that echoed the old. And as Ami watched from under lowered lids, Rei said quietly, "I already have everything I’ve ever wanted."

Ami had said nothing, had simply turned her eyes back to her book, not wanting to intrude upon their moment. Just as she and Mercury did not intrude during their meetings in the past.

Now Ami grinned, thinking how absurdly simple it had been to determine the day when Minako had joined them. She was not privy to the memories, but still...body language was eloquent and no one had ever accused Minako of being subtle. And how happy she had been for Makoto when she too had been drawn into their love. Only she had remained apart. Along with her past self, she was apart, but in her own way she shared in their joy.

*Still,* Ami wondered, *I wonder why my estimates aren’t more consistent - there must be some factor I’m not accounting for...* After nearly 9 months, she was pretty sure when she could expect a memory. They seemed to coincide with Earthrise on the Moon, something that had allowed her to date, with a fair bit of accuracy, just how long ago the Silver Millenium existed. It appeared to her, second-hand bystander that she was, that nearly every Earthrise there were festivities that included a formal ball. It was after these dances that the three would meet in the Observatory. She and Mercury were sure they met at other times and places as well, but she was content to wait for their appearance in her own place of refuge, not seeking them out at any other time.

A soft breeze lifted her bangs and Ami sighed as it warmed her face. She opened her eyes and was met with the sparkling of thousands of points of crystal clear light. Tokyo at night no longer lay spread before her. Now she stood gazing up into a night sky that could not be seen anywhere on her Earth.

Looking down at herself, Ami felt a small pleasure that once again her prediction had been correct. Mercury was dressed for a formal dinner and dance, wearing a simple gown the color of her eyes. The night was warm, but Mercury held about herself a gauzy wrap, a slightly darker blue, woven with tiny stones that glittered in the dim light like the stars above her. The wrap covered her shoulders, which were bare but for slight straps, while the skirt moved softly against her legs in the breeze

Ami felt, as she always did, the bizarre sensation that Mercury was aware of her. She tried to focus on her past self, but, as always, she was unable to make any contact. Instead she became more aware of Mercury’s thoughts.

Mercury was, of all things, going over her calculations. She was certain that tonight they would come. Ami enjoyed the sensation of feeling herself running over the basic math that would bring about a prediction of likelihood. And she thrilled when Mercury mentioned the one factor she could not identify - and it was so obvious. Of course! Ball there might be, but these three would only meet when all three were gathered. If Endymion could not come to the Moon, no rendezvous would take place. Ami sighed internally with relief and resigned herself to the place of watcher.

Tonight they would come. Already the time was past midnight, and the reception wound its way down, with the Queen saying her farewells. Mercury had left as soon as it had been possible. Her carefully cultivated reputation as the Senshi who least enjoyed parties gave her a precious advantage. She was freer to come late and leave early, trusting that the Queen would never force her to participate in what was truly anathema to her.

Mercury sighed, and as always, Ami was surprised to hear her own voice come from that throat. It was hers, and yet, it wasn’t. Older, definitely. Wiser? Perhaps. And in some sense, more alone. Ami could feel these things, and she sympathized with her past self. She knew that sensation all too well.

They waited. Time passed and faintly, voices could be heard outside the dome, and once or twice passing the door. Mercury stood gazing at the stars, content to wait, as she was content to watch.

At last, voices could be heard futilely hushing each other and giggling loudly, giddy with wine and anticipation. As the door to the observatory opened, Mercury shrank back into the shadows. Ami watched as the three of them; Prince, Princess and Senshi came in, locking the door behind them. As the latch clicked raucous laughter sounded.

"I still cannot believe what an incredible idea this was! Endymion, why didn’t you have it sooner?" Selenity’s voice was breathy. "Reserving the Observatory for Royal observing! You are too clever!" She caught his face and kissed him as Ami watched. Selenity’s beauty was, as always, breathtaking. As she fused herself to the Prince, Ami could feel Mercury clench one hand.

Mars laughed low behind them and impatient, pulled them apart, spinning the Princess towards her. Leaning in, she kissed Selenity deeply. When they broke apart, the two women stood embracing, but Mars turned towards the Prince.

"Endymion, why *didn’t* you anticipate our needs and do this sooner?" The Prince laughed at the well-worn joke, and embraced the two of them, leaning over to kiss Mars. The Senshi of Fire was resplendent in scarlet, her hair bound and woven into itself. As Selenity’s hands began to undo the complex weave, Ami could feel Mercury’s breath shorten, as if she herself were being touched.

The three undressed, partially stripping each other, partially in play, until each stood naked in the middle of the floor. Endymion drew aside a screen and pulling out the cushion it hid, then gestured to the ladies to precede him.

"How kind the astronomers are to leave this here for us." Mars giggled.

They lay down, as they always did, under the dome itself, allowing the bright stars to witness their passion. And as she always did, Ami forgot herself in watching them, sharing their fire and their lust. Mercury’s body responded to the sight of the three and Ami reveled in it. She would return to her own body later and sate its desire, a pleasure in itself. The tension of muscle, the warmth between her legs, the thrill that traveled through her, all were part of this unique joy. The anticipation of her own release and the replay of this scene in her mind were a part of this entertainment. Mercury smiled at that thought, but allowed no sound to escape her lips.

The three lay now, entangled, cuddling, stroking each other and sharing news of themselves. They spoke of dreams and hopes and fantasies. At last Selenity, almost ritualistically, asked her question of them.

"If you could, at this moment, have anything you wanted, what would you have?" Selenity’s voice sounded clear in the empty observatory. Mars sighed, but did not answer. Selenity turned to Endymion, but he was lost in thought. Turning back to Mars, Selenity laid a hand on the Senshi’s cheek and asked her question again.

"Mmmmm." Mars mused. "I know what I want, but you’ll think it funny."

Selenity gave her a look so reproachful that Mercury and Ami both could barely keep from laughing out loud.

"Well, then," Mars gazed up at the sky as she spoke, "I would like to have Mercury."

The silence was instant and profound. Ami could feel her borrowed body stop breathing, the muscles tense and the bewilderment in Mercury’s mind. Mars continued to speak, but Mercury’s thoughts were wild with confusion and embarrassment.

"She is so very beautiful…" Mars breathed.

Endymion agreed. "I would like to have her join us as well."

Selenity sat up, her hair glistening like quicksilver in the light. "You too, Endymion? She took his hand. "And what would you do with her once you had her?"

Endymion thought for a moment. "I’d want to strip her of her reserved surface. She seems so cold and remote, but sometimes, under that aloofness, I can sense a deep well of passion and intensity."

Selenity sighed at this. Mercury forced herself to breathe, but her thoughts still wheeled with chaotic abandon. Surely they must mean someone else? Ami was less sure, but still, she wondered if…

Endymion continued. "I don’t know why, but I want to find the woman within her. She seems so distant, but then, if you watch her, listen to her speech, you can see that inside she has so many dreams, so many hopes…I believe that she has a passionate soul. And what I’d like to do is strip her of her cold surface, one layer at a time. I could remove one barrier along with each layer of clothing, until all that remained was the true woman underneath."

Before Selenity had time to respond, Mars spoke up. "No, no. That’s not right. I mean, it’s not the right approach. That reservation isn’t just a defense, it’s a way of thinking. She’s apart because she can see no other way to be. Stripping her," Mars grinned at Endymion, "while a lovely image, isn’t the right way to break down her barriers." Ami smiled internally, Rei had always been the most perceptive of them, clearly she had this in common with her past life as well. "No, what I think, what I want…well, what I want to do… is to kiss her." Again Ami could feel the body whose thoughts she shared stiffen. And this time, she could feel the jolt of electricity that shot through her at this simple statement. And she could feel the desire build within her as Mars spoke quietly but clearly, her voice slow and rich in the night.

"I would kiss her, softly and slowly. I would kiss her eyes, her cheeks, then her mouth...I want to keep kissing her until, at last, her eyes closed and one small, soft moan escapes her lips."

Her voice died away and the night filled the corners of the dome with its small sounds.

As if speaking to herself, Mars repeated softly, "I want to kiss her."

Ami never knew, at that moment, which of them did it; whether it was she or Mercury… but before either could stop it, Mercury’s mouth shaped one word and her breath blew through it, giving it life.


The word, so soft, so small, ricocheted through the chamber like a bullet. The three who had lain so peacefully, now stood. Endymion reached out and unsheathed his sword, while Mars scanned the gallery for the unwanted intruder. But Selenity stood up, unconcerned with her nakedness and called out gently.

"Show yourself."

Fists clenched to her chest, breathing hard as if she had been running, Mercury forced herself forward until she could be seen in the wan light.

"Mercury!" All three voices exclaimed. Ami could feel Mercury’s face burning, her heart pounding, but neither of them could deny that, for all they had been caught, there was still excitement, still hunger within her.

Mercury gazed down at the three and met their eyes.

"Please come down from there." Selenity commanded kindly. Mercury walked down the stairs, her footfalls light on the metal. Endymion had resheathed his sword, but now he stood stiff and formally, unsure of what to do. Mars, her body conveying irritation and embarrassment, had crossed her arms across her chest as Mercury advanced.

Selenity stepped forward to take Mercury’s hand and gazed into her eyes, a smile not quite on her lips.

"How long have you been there, Mercury?" Selenity’s voice teased.

Mercury forced her voice to remain calm, while her thoughts whirled and dove like birds around a high tower. "Since before you came tonight." There was a moment of silence, until Ami thought Mercury would snap under the pressure. "Since before you first came to this place."

"What?!" Mars snapped out. Her voice echoed off the dome and disappeared into the night sky. Then, in the silence came the strangest of sounds. Endymion began to laugh. A moment later Selenity joined him. Abashed, but then, with true gaiety, finally the Senshi of Mars joined them. Their voices were a bit hysterical at first, but as the tension eased, their laughter became more natural and then, at last, genuinely happy. Mercury stood all this time, a bemused smile upon her lips.

"Oh my goodness!" Selenity spoke, as she wiped tears from her face, "You cannot imagine…well, actually I guess you can…" she broke into a further peal of laughter, squeezing Mercury’s hand reassuringly.

Their renewed laughter echoed through the observatory and fled into the night.

The scene dissolved abruptly, throwing Ami into some confusion, as a jarring noise interrupted her thoughts. What was that noise?

Ami looked around the room groggily, trying to place herself. Was she still in the memory? No, this was her room. The phone wasn’t ringing, she had turned it off for the time being. Not the front door…

Ami stood up and stepped a bit unsteadily towards the door of her room. She could still feel her body running hot and cold with excitement. She looked around once more, thinking that if only her memory hadn’t been interrupted…the sound came once more and this time she identified it. It was her communicator!

Reaching for her bag, she pulled out the communicator Luna had given her so long ago. As she activated it, in the small screen she could make out the slightly distorted features of Rei and Usagi.

"AMI!!!!" Their voices sounded over the small speaker. She held the communicator away from her, as if distance would somehow modulate their tone. They both were speaking quickly, and at the same time. With her own thoughts still jumbled, Ami could not make out anything they said, but she could clearly see the scene they had all just left. Her face flamed with color at the memory. This seemed to have a remarkable effect on the two women. Immediately they quieted down. Ami could not help seeing them, or at least their past selves, naked under the clear light of the stars, embracing, kissing….

Apparently her face was more eloquent that she might have liked, because Usagi turned beet red as well. When finally she spoke she sounded embarrassed and disconcerted.

"Ami, well…ahem…how long have you, that is, have you, I mean did you…?" Usagi seemed unable to keep herself composed long enough to frame a question.

Ami felt sympathy, but wasn’t any surer how to answer than Usagi was to ask. "I…I’ve know about you from the beginning." She hoped that didn’t sound as lame to them as it sounded to herself.

"Since autumn?" Usagi’s voice was bordering on shrill.

Ami’s face screwed up in confusion. "Autumn? No. I’ve known about you since last summer."

"What?!" Rei’s voice sound *exactly* like that of her past self. She pushed Usagi out of the screen. "But how can that be? We only…I mean…oh – you know what I mean! Anyway, it’s only been since the fall." Ami could hear Usagi giggling a bit in the background and she smiled at the infectious sound.

"Well," Ami replied firmly. "The first memory I had of you was last June or July." She could hear Usagi laughing harder now and the smile on her own face spread.

Rei’s anger seemed on the verge of collapse, but she tried once more. "You mean you knew about us before *we* did?"

"It seems so." Endymion’s, that is, Mamoru’s, Ami corrected herself, voice was soothing, calm and not a little giddy itself.

"Oh for pity’s sake!" Usagi’s voice sounded over the speaker, as she wrested the communicator out of Rei’s hands. "Ami, can you come over here?"



Ami found herself sitting on the sofa next to Usagi, while Rei sat across from them on the floor and Mamoru bustled in and out with drinks and snacks. Ami couldn’t escape from the feeling that he wouldn’t quite meet her gaze. It saddened her, but she couldn’t blame him. She wasn’t sure how she was going to explain her actions. She wasn’t sure they needed explaining.

Rei brought it up first. With her characteristic sharpness she came right to the point. "What did you mean by the fact that you’ve know since June? And why did you keep watching? Didn’t you think it was rude?"

Ami’s face blazed with heat, but she kept her voice even. *I really am like Mercury of the past,* she thought. "I meant, simply that my first memory of Mercury watching the three of…them, occurred in late June or early July. And I didn’t choose to have that memory. I, I mean Mercury, was sitting in the observatory, like she always did, enjoying her solitude, looking at the stars. She didn’t ask to be interrupted!"

"But why didn’t you…" Rei’s voice petered out, as she realized the absurdity of what she had been about to say. Her cheeks colored and she looked away.

"And she wasn’t watching, were you, Ami?" Usagi jumped in to defend her. "It was Mercury and you can’t help what Mercury did."

Ami began to feel something within her build. It was an unusual feeling and it took some time to identify it. She was getting annoyed at her friends.

"That’s true," Mamoru agreed. "It's not like we can control what our past selves do, even if it seems a bit…"

"Rude?" Ami interrupted. "Perverted? Is that what you were going to say?" The three of them turned to her, startled at her tone of voice. "May I ask…" she gave an icy edge to her voice, "why what Mercury did, what I did, is any more perverted that what you three did in the past, or what you are doing now?" She reined in her annoyance, and finished, with a voice that shook only slightly. "As I said, Mercury came to that place for solitude. It was an observatory, not a boudoir. But the three of you, of them, came there for other reasons."

The three sat, abashed at their own lack of manners. Rei looked up first. "You are absolutely right, Ami. There is no difference. I guess I was just really embarrassed at the thought that I was being watched."

"Or that we weren’t so clever after all." Usagi added. "In fact, we’ve pretty stupid about this all along."

"Yes, we are sorry." Mamoru took Ami’s hand and met her gaze with his own. She smiled up at him and squeezed his hand. Usagi threw her arms around Ami and gave her a hug. When she separated herself from Usagi, Ami looked over at Rei and found herself the object of the most piercing gaze she’d ever seen.

Rei shook her head a little and laughed, chagrined. "I’m sorry, I was just thinking about…about what Mars said. In the memory."

Ami felt the heat creep down her neck again. She closed her eyes against the self-consciousness and unexpected desire that remark had sent through her. When her eyes opened she looked up to see, not Rei, but Mars staring at her. The Senshi’s arms now hung at her side, no longer crossed defensively.

Mercury looked down at her hand, still clasped by Serenity, then back at Mars, whose eyes now flickered with an unfamiliar light.

Mercury and Ami within her felt a wave of sexual tension break across them. Selenity and Endymion moved aside, leaving the two Senshi facing each other. As if they two were alone in the room, Mars approached Mercury, one hand outstretched.

"You heard what I said?" Mars voice was soft, suggestive. "About you?"

Mercury nodded, her mouth dry, her tongue cleaving to her palate. She started slightly when Mars’ hand touched her shoulder, sliding under the wrap, then under the strap of her dress.

"You are very beautiful…" Mars said softly, close to her ear. No one had ever said that to her before, and it unnerved her. Stroking along her shoulder, Mars touched her fingertips to Mercury’s skin, raising goosebumps where she passed. Ami felt like passing out. It was too overwhelming, too real…she was only supposed to watch…

Mars’ hand reached up and slid around Mercury’s pale neck, and pulling her forward, Mars leaned in towards her. Mercury said nothing, did nothing. Her mind, always her most treasured quality, had fled, leaving behind this quivering body, whose needs were screaming for release.

Softly, ever so softly, Mercury could feel lips, cool and soft, then warm, pressing into her. Ami stared in fascination out of Mercury’s eyes as Mars took her face in both her hands, and kissed her. Mars’ lips crossed her own, stroking them. She felt Mars press into her, then release, placing her lips to eyes, cheeks, neck, jaw. Ami felt Mercury’s hand rise, almost of its own volition, to draw Mars back in, to drown in the sensation of soft lips against her own.

Mercury stiffened when she felt the first probe of Mars’ tongue, startled by the unfamiliar sensation. Instinct took over and her mouth opened to let Mars in. And with that, Mercury gave in completely to Mars, closed her eyes and let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Mars sighed happily in return, then broke the kiss and pulled away, smiling. Looking into Mercury’s eyes, Mars leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "Thank you," she said breathlessly.

"Magnificent." Selenity’s voice was also breathless. She once again took Mercury’s hand. Looking carefully at her Senshi, Selenity asked, "Please, Mercury, we would be so honored if you would, at least for this one night, join us."

And Ami, together with Mercury, spoke the word.


Endymion stepped forward. Mercury had seen him naked many times before, but never so close. She blushed despite herself. He leaned down and placed a kiss close to her ear, then worked his way down her neck, to its base. Her body responded as he knew it might, despite her reservations. So many times she had seen this man bring these two women to peaks of pleasure. A gentle flush swept through her, followed by an incredible desire to give herself to him, to all of them.

Lifting his head, Mercury brought her lips to his, then placed his head carefully at the lowest point of her neck. Endymion took the wrap gently from about her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Mercury closed her eyes. Still kissing her neck softly, Endymion slid one hand under her dress strap, then let it drape itself off her shoulder. Moving to her shoulder, he kissed it, sliding his hand under the second strap. His strong hands moved around her, enfolding her, and embracing her as he kissed her lips, lowering his hands along her arms, drawing with them the dress she had worn.

Her eyes were closed, and she lost herself in the sensations that assaulted her. Ami could feel other hands undoing clasps and freeing her of her last layers. When she once again opened her eyes, she was as naked as they. Selenity stood now in front of her, smiling happily at her.

Mars took one of her hands, Selenity the other, as they led her to their couch under the dome of the night. Mercury laid down, her hair stroked by Serenity, while Endymion lay on one side and Mars on the other.

Ami found herself wondering if Endymion had been right. Was there a deep passion within her? She had known desire before, of course, but was there a true intensity within her? The thought disappeared completely as Prince and Senshi lowered their heads to her, each taking one breast in hand, each licking her gently across her nipples. The last shred of doubt in herself disappeared with a burning need to feel these people, to taste them. Mercury lifted her head slightly and looked at Selenity with longing.

The Princess smiled, but shook her head. "Not yet," she whispered in answer to Mercury’s unspoken question.

Mercury cried out as hands moved across her skin, teasing her, drawing her out. She found her legs parting to let Endymion in, found his weight warm and comforting. She squeezed him hard as her entered her, pulling him into her. Her open mouth was covered by Mars’ warm lips and questing tongue. Mercury began to moan loudly as the fire within her built, but her cries were muffled by Mars, who drew them into her, returning only more need, more desire.

As Endymion moved above her, her legs slid slowly around his, capturing his lithe form. One hand gripped the Prince, digging her nails into his shoulder, as the tension within her began to build. Tightening her legs around him, she began to move, slowly at first.

Mars’ hair flowed across her chest and Mercury ran her other hand along it, then, as her passion crested, grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled Mars to her, crushing Mars’ face to her own.

When Mercury could stand it no longer, she let the wave crash upon her, screaming into Mars’ mouth and hair. Endymion, she drew into her, while she thrashed beneath him, raking her nails across his skin. Her climax swelled and rippled through her like her own Shiny Aqua Illusion.

Mercury laid back, spent with passion, while Selenity stroked her hair and whispered soft comments to her. She could hear nothing except the beating of her heart and the pulsing of the blood in her veins. Endymion smiled down at the blue-haired Senshi, then thanked her gently. Mercury smiled at him, and at Mars.

Her eyes were closed, but she was not asleep. Mercury and Ami within her were once again replaying the union she had just experienced. And together they were laughing at themselves for only watching for so long.

Time passed as they lay there, speaking quietly, enjoying the silence and the soft night sounds. Finally Mars rolled over and looked down at Mercury, who looked up at her with bright blue eyes.

"You know…" Mars began.

Mercury did know. "Before you found me, you were discussing what you would wish, if you could have a wish. There is one person here whose wish was not stated."

Selenity laughed gayly. "Oh, that’s fine. I’ve had so many wishes come true…" Mercury put one finger up to her lips to quiet her.

"Your Highness," she couldn’t keep the laughter out of her voice, "If you could, at this moment, have anything you wanted, what would you have?"

And laughing, the Princess told her.



She hesitated outside the Princess’s room for a moment, unusually apprehensive. Her ability to focus on the critical facts, her analytical abilities, seemed utterly useless on this occasion. The fact was, she was entirely out of her depth and she knew it. She lifted a hand and found, to her surprise, that it shook slightly.

The Senshi laid her hand on the door, breathing deeply to calm her trepidation. If out of her depth she were, then for once she would plunge in head first, recklessly. This time she would see what allure the depths had to offer. And she was well aware of just how dark and deep they were…

She knocked softly, feeling her yukata sleeves drift across her skin. The door opened almost noiselessly and she found herself looking up into shining blue eyes. The Prince bowed, greeted her with great solemnity, and moved aside to let her in. As she stepped forward, the Senshi inclined her head slightly, reminding him subtlely that she too was a princess, and not to be treated too lightly. He nodded in response, but as his head rose, she could clearly see a roguish smile on his face. Oddly comforted by this familiarity, the Senshi found herself smiling in return.

Entering the room, the Senshi found herself awaited by one of her sister Senshi and by a fretting Princess. The royal in question was quite obviously pacing back and forth, an anxious look on her fair face. The dark-haired woman behind her gave the Senshi a grimace of amused impatience, a look that they both knew well.

Upon seeing her, the Princess ceased her motion, and smiling broadly, turned to greet her guest. "We are very glad that you’ve come." Her voice was slightly shaky and there was little of the royal "We" apparent. At this moment she was simply a young woman, tense with anticipation and excitement. As her eyes met those of the Princess, the last of the blue-haired Senshi’s tension fell away from her, leaving her free of all concerns and thoughts. This time, she would not think at all, she would allow herself to simply feel, to act. In the light of that smile, she would allow herself to be completely free.

The blue silk of her yukata lapped softly against the Senshi’s legs as she bowed deeply, her obeisance graceful and natural. When she stood, she faced her Princess then, smiling just perceptibly, spoke. "As you know, my planetary system is not well known for its goods, or its raw materials, but our worth is something beyond measure. We have no diamonds, or rare gems, but we have little need for these things. On behalf of my planet, I have come to offer you the finest and most precious thing we have." She paused, while the Princess absorbed her words.

"I have come to offer you…myself." And with that, she untied the belt that held her robe closed. The blue silk ebbed downwards leaving her body naked behind it. There was a profound silence as she faced her Princess, defying her to reject the offer. The pause lengthened and the Senshi had to remind herself to breathe. She would not reject what was given freely, would she? The Senshi’s tension returned, a small voice that told her to leave, to run, to hide. The doubt slid away when she saw the delight, the sheer pleasure, that filled the Princess’ face. But still the silence lengthened. The Senshi began to blush as she realized exactly what her princess was doing. She had placed herself on display for the enjoyment of her liege, and in return, the Princess was indulging in that pleasure. The Senshi could feel the blush creep down her neck. Still, she stood her ground.

At last the Princess sighed audibly. "I accept," she said, held out her hands and drew the blue-haired Senshi into a soft embrace.

Relief flooded the Senshi, then sensation of a different sort, sensation brought on by full lips covering her own and skin, hot and smooth under her hands. The Senshi could feel these things and could only marvel at the miracle of her Princess.

The Princess lowered the Senshi to the bed and breathed slowly, trying to calm her heart. Of all her desires, this might be the most fragile. As if reading her mind, the Senshi smiled up at her and touching her gently on the cheek said, "Please take care of me." The deep waters of her eyes beckoned the Princess to enter.

Giving into the desire that now filled her, the Princess kissed the Senshi deeply, savoring her, experiencing her with every sense. Ears, eyes, neck all were covered with kisses, softly stroking fingers, teasing tongue.

The Senshi slowly clasped her arms around the Princess’ neck, drawing her deeper, closer - their passion building with each kiss. An urge to please her Princess filled every nerve and fiber of her body. What was this, but one more way to serve? There was no doubt left in her, the Prince *had* been correct, there was a deep well of intensity and desire within her, one from which she intended to drink deeply.

The Princess moved her lips to the Senshi’s throat, drawing a growl out of the blue-haired woman. Her head was thrown back, gasping in the too-rich air, and with what little of her reasonable mind remained, she noted the passion possessed by her Princess. A passion she had always shown for every pleasure life had to offer, including this. Including her. The Senshi nearly laughed as giddiness swept through her, sweeping all her concerns before it in a tsunami of desire.

The Senshi reached out and brought her hands to the hair she knew so well, whose very scent had filled her thoughts for many long years and she placed a gentle pressure on her Princess.

Drawn by desire, pressed upon to please her Senshi, the Princess moved downwards, leaving caresses and kisses in her wake. The Senshi’s skin was on fire from her touch and she was in awe at the change that had overcome her. She ached to be touched, to be tasted and she would not be denied.

When the Princess’s lips touched her lightly just above her hairline, the Senshi moaned loudly, the sound torn from a deep place within her. It surprised her still, after all that had happened. There was so much about herself she had yet to learn. And then she nearly blacked out from the sensation. The Princess softly parted her center, and running long fingers along her, causing the Senshi to stop breathing. Her head tossed back and forth as the Princess stroked her, and the Senshi saw vague images of Prince and Senshi watching. Was this what it was like, she wondered, for them? All those times she had watched them…was this…?

Another moan ripped itself from her throat and she pulled the Princess to her, as tongue replaced fingers, teasing her, stroking her, entering her.

Stars, the stars of a Silver Millenium night, filled her mind. Then the day broke over her, the sun’s heat washing her night away in waves of warmth. Waves that crashed within her and caused her to gasp, then yell out her Princess’s name.

"Usagi!" Ami cried, as the final spasms passed through her and she relaxed backwards. Slowly her hands released their hold on the golden locks they had been clutching, and began to stroke that same hair gently.

When Ami looked up, she could see Usagi regarding her seriously, her eyes sparkling with emotion. Ami simply stared, unwilling to release herself from this state, this experience, back into a world less filled with passion. She smiled unashamedly at her Princess, her friend and now, her lover.

"Ami!" Usagi let the tears flow as she threw her arms around Ami’s neck, pressing her close, embracing her tightly. Ami hung on, making soothing noises, knowing that this would pass quickly. She too was overwhelmed, and at the moment envied Usagi her emotional nature.

"Thank you, thank you." Usagi’s voice was muffled by Ami’s neck, and she pulled herself away, sniffling a little. Her eyes were still wet, but they smiled along with the rest of her, as she regarded her friend. "I don’t know what to say," She leaned close and kissed Ami gently on the lips, one hand cupping her cheek. "So, thank you."

Ami covered the hand that touched her. "You don’t need to say anything, Usagi." And she smiled at the tear that trickled down Usagi’s cheek. "And I should thank you."

They sat, still and content in each other’s presence, for one more moment not acknowledging the others in the room. At last Ami broke the tableau and turned towards Mamoru and Rei. Shifting slightly she held her hands out to them. As one, they advanced and took her hands in theirs.

Leaning forward, Ami drew Rei down towards her and with great care and deliberation pulled the dark-haired woman into a deep kiss. Sliding her hand into the thick mane of dark hair, Ami ran her tongue across Rei’s lips, until they parted and allowed her in. The kiss continued until Rei, panting heavily, broke away. Ami let her go with a laugh.

"Now we’re even."

Turning to Usagi, Ami grinned a little crookedly. "And now it's your turn." Pulling on Mamoru, who still held her hand, Ami pointed to Usagi. "Help me?"

Mamoru agreed gladly. As one, the three turned to the blonde, and pushed her back on the bed.


Many hours later, Ami stood in the doorway, once more clad in her yukata and once again facing the three. Rei stepped up and with a small, soft kiss on the lips, bid her a good night. Stepping back, Ami looked up at Mamoru, who smiled, rather shyly, to her surprise. He clasped her hand tightly, then let go, but said nothing.

At last, it was time to face Usagi. The blonde stood, her hair in disarray, her face pink with exertion, her lips full and red, and Ami had the surprising thought that she had never looked more beautiful.

Ami searched for words that could express what she felt, but despite the music that sang in her very blood, there was nothing that would not diminish the moment. The two faced each other once again, as silent as they had been earlier, while their eyes expressed everything that had been, and would be.

Ami, with the grace of a Princess of Mercury, and a Senshi of the Silver Millenium, bowed, then turned away and retreated into the darkness.




Author’s Notes: I’d like to thank Matt, once again for being the editor I need and for sticking with me through this story. I can no longer judge whether this story is good or bad and I’m glad its been born, so I can move on.

  • Ami says "Please take care of me." In Japanese this would be rendered as "yoroshiku onegai shimasu" a phrase which has a multitude of applications. Translations are varied, as well, but I’m fairly sure that this is what she’d say in the situation that I’ve created.

You may have noticed that I use little or no Japanese in my stories, this is merely a personal preference. I am studying it, but generally unless a word seriously has no English analog, or the idea is very foreign or the English word is wrong or awkward, I prefer to use my native tongue. There are quite a few writers that seem to want to use Japanese every sentence. Frankly I think that’s silly. But that’s my own opinion and I’m not trying to change their minds. But in all honesty, I think it ruins the "scan" of a story if you don’t know what they are saying, because you have to constantly scroll down to a glossary at the end. I do know what they are saying – I currently read nearly fluent common (and anime-specific) phrases but since when has "suki da yo" become more powerful than "I love you?" I don’t think it has. To conclude this rant, I did use the word "yukata," because our words for it, "robe, housecoat, kimono" are either silly sounding, out-of-place or in the case of the latter, incorrect. So there you go.

If you liked this story, it would be nice to tell me, because I really burned out on writing it. Email me anytime.


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