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I wrote this after years of sating myself on the great-grandchildren of the Cream Lemon series, Maria-sama ga Miteru and Strawberry Panic. It seemed a natural fit for me to write some kind of conclusion to the story which, in the original novel at least, was left with no real resolution.

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Scherzo in Blue


"Rie, mail." The deep, resonant voice was followed by a quick, cursory knock on the door. The door opened before she could respond.

"Come in," Rie answered pleasantly, smiling up at her manager, who had entered waving a pile of envelopes. She set aside the incomplete sheet of music, laying it to one side of the desk. She would come back to it later when she felt more like composing.

"There's at least a few offers here that I'd like you consider. We finally received the formal invitation from Milan..." Robert spoke as if they had been in the middle of a conversation and he was just continuing from where they had left off.

Rie could hear him speaking, but the words faded away as her eyes were drawn to the letters he was now tapping slightly for emphasis. In that pile was an envelope that held her gaze transfixed.

It wasn't extraordinary on the surface. A delicate shade of blue and, she knew, a light scent. Nothing special. But, as soon as she saw that envelope, everything else ceased to be of interest. The scent would be floral, feminine, the handwriting delicate and practiced.

Her manager was still speaking. A concert tour, Milan, he kept saying, a good career move. His voice droned on; his pleasant, musical tones an annoying buzz in her ears. She found herself agreeing with him, hoping to cut the conversation short; paying the barest attention to his words. Her eyes remained riveted to that envelope.

"Robert," it took everything Rie had to keep her voice calm, as soon as there was a lapse in his monologue. "Can I ask for a few minutes alone to look over the mail? I'll call you when I've gone through everything."

Robert looked surprised at the request. "Of course, Rie." Laying the envelopes on the desk, he put a hand gently upon her shoulder. "I'm sorry if I've been pressuring you. I know that this is a lot to ask, spending an entire season attached to a symphony." His voice dropped sympathetically. "Take as much time as you need, and decide. I want you to know that all I want is for you to be happy." He squeezed her shoulder lightly and stepped away.

Rie smiled at him in thanks. It was fine if he thought that she was concerned about the Milan offer. Because right now, she didn't want to consider her career at all. Right now, all she wanted was to hold that blue envelope in her hand. As if she were plucking a flower, she reached out with two fingers, gently separating the envelope from the rest of the mail. She held it to her nose. The lightest lavender scent. She held it in her hands, barely keeping herself from shaking with anticipation.

Robert took the door handle in his grasp, looking back over his shoulder at the young woman who sat there looking so preoccupied. Perhaps, if she had looked up at him, she might have seen the look upon his face at that moment and, having once looked at another with that same expression, she might have labeled it "love."



"Dearest Rie,

It is with the greatest joy that I read of your continued success as a concert pianist. It is a daily pleasure to follow you through reviews of your performances. I content myself with reading and dreaming of the day that we can meet once again.

For myself, Paris continues to suit me. I have secured a place as an assistant to a manager of a chain of clothing and accessory boutiques. My experience as the Student Council President seems to have paid off - as I am sure you have also felt - as the mistress of your own career. My mentor Clara is the founder of the company, and she is very generous with her advice."

Rie allowed herself a moment of jealousy, imagining Clara as an attractive middle-aged woman; Naomi-oneesama bringing her coffee in the morning. Which she was more jealous of, she could not say.

"I am sorry that I have not contacted you sooner, but my reasons have not changed. I love you, Rie, and cannot stand to be apart from you. If I were to ever give in to my desire for you, I am sure I would be lost forever. Please forgive me.

But I cannot control myself any longer. Upon hearing that you were coming to Vienna, I had to see you. I must see you, my beloved Rie. I must. Forgive me for that, as well."

Tears welled up in Rie's eyes. "Naomi-oneesama...." What was there to forgive? Every day that passed, she longed to see her beloved Onee-sama again.

"I must go, but promise that you will give your best performance tonight - I shall be there. I will see you soon.


Rie's hands shook as she folded the letter and crushed it to her chest. Tonight? She would surely fall apart knowing that Naomi-oneesama was there.

Naomi-oneesama. In Rie's mind, the epitome of beauty and grace. She could remember so clearly the first moment she had seen Naomi-oneesama, welcoming the incoming class at St. Azaria Academy, how the lights played upon her dark hair and how, despite the uninspired uniform of the school, Naomi's body stood straight, tall, proud and magnificently feminine. Instantly, Rie had known instantly that that beautiful upperclassman was everything she sought in a lover.

And although they had spent only a few months together at school, and had not met again in years, Rie knew, with every fiber of her being, that no one would ever replace Naomi in her heart. She could feel herself breathing hard, remembering the feel of Naomi's hands and lips on her. Never, never, would anyone make her feel the way Naomi did.

Pulling herself together, Rie smoothed out the letter and replaced it in the blue envelope, then put it into her pocket. Quickly, she scanned the remaining mail, before calling for Robert.

The young man entered, smiling gently. "Have you had a chance to look through everything? If you need more time..."

"Thank you for your patience, I've made up my mind. I would like to accept the Milan offer. I think a season touring Europe could be fun. And," she smiled up at him. "As you have said, repeatedly, it would be a good career move"

Robert didn't hide the relief he felt. "I'm so glad, Rie."

Rie pushed herself away from the desk, then stood. "And now, I had better get ready for the concert tonight. I need to look my very best."

"Yes," her manager agreed brightly. "There will be representatives from several of the major orchestras attending."

Rie nodded, but those hoary old men and serious businesswomen were the furthest from her mind. There was only one person in the audience about whose opinion she cared.



The lights beckoned. Rie stood in the wings of the stage, looking out at the concert hall. Filled with light, it called to her. The hushed voiced of the audience, poised to hear her play. There was nothing like this, nothing else in the world. The lights went down, the noise subsided. She took a deep breath.

Her name was announced. She stepped out onto the dark stage, illuminated by the spotlight. Her aura of light accompanied her unerringly as she strode out towards the waiting piano, to the sound of welcoming applause. The crowd was hers, and she was theirs. For a little while, at least, Rie knew exactly who she was and what she was capable of.

She curtseyed briefly, taking her place in front of the keyboard. Closing her eyes, she gathered herself together, then laid her hands gently across the keys. With a brief exhalation, she lifted her hands and brought them down upon the keys firmly. The resulting sound exploded into the concert hall. Rie smiled. She was known for her gentle touch upon the keys, her ability to coax lyrical beauty from them, but not tonight. Tonight she would show them, show Naomi-oneesama, her passion. Tonight, she would leave the audience breathless.


Robert was in the stage wing, waiting for her, flushed with admiration. "My god, Rie!" he breathed, taking her hands into his. "That was exquisite." He paused, his head cocked. "Listen - they're calling for you."

Rie squeezed his hands and moved away, trying to calm the beating in her chest. Would Naomi understand the message in her music? Would she hear how much she had been missed, how much she was desired? Rie stepped back onto the stage to thunderous applause and cheers in many languages. Smiling, Rie accepted bouquets from the front row, and from the little girl that brought her bunches of flowers almost as large as herself. She looked out into the audience, past the blinding lights and smiled, for Naomi.


The dressing room was crowded. Rie endured the congratulations of strangers, the compliments of those business-like women and stodgy men upon whose goodwill her career was built. Robert glowed with pride as he introduced her to persons of importance and she was as gracious and welcoming as she knew how to be. But through it all, her eyes strayed repeatedly to the entrance.

At last her patience was rewarded. A voice, long unheard, but immediately familiar called out "Rie! Rie! Brava!" Immediately Rie broke away from the people to whom she had been speaking to welcome her dear school friend. Immediately, she slipped into Japanese.

"Midori! It's been so long. How are you?" The real question remained unspoken.

"I'm very well. Attending graduate school, did I tell you?" Midori smiled coyly. Rie grinned back, taking her former classmate in hand and leading her to a seat.

"No, you didn't. I haven't had a letter from you in ages. Tell me everything." Rie shot Robert a look, which he immediately understood; calling out that Rie was tired and wished to be left alone. As her manager herded the gathered press and personages towards the door, Rie grasped Midori's hands tightly.

"How is she?" She whispered, breathily. "Is"

"She was. She told me that she had to leave early." Midori's expression did not change from the well-remembered appearance of "I know something you don't know." "But, she continued, "she said that your performance was magnificent - and she asked me to bring you an invitation."

Rise could feel her heart thump loudly in her chest at this.

Midori stood. "A car will come for you tomorrow night after the concert. You have the day after free, unless I'm mistaken."

"Yes," Rie jumped. "Yes, I do."

"Au revoir, Rie. Until tomorrow night."

Until tomorrow. An eternity from now.



The driver pulled up in front of the hotel. The hotel was everything one thought of when one thought of a Vienna hotel. Grand, palatial, magnificent.

The lights were dazzling.

Rie had eyes for none of it, as she thanked the bowing doormen and passed into the lobby. She had the number of the suite, she needed no assistance. It was all she could do to not fly up the stairs, pushing her way past the grandly dressed staff and guests.

Her stole swung out behind her, and her evening dress billowed as she moved as quickly as possible without running. She didn't want to keep Naomi-oneesama waiting for even a moment.

Breathlessly, she stood in front of the suite door. Raising a hand to knock, Rie paused, trying to calm her raging heart.

The door opened before she could lay a hand on it, and she was whisked through the opening by an irresistible grip.

"Rie!" Her name was spoken in a sultry whisper as lips unerringly sought her own.

"Onee-sama," she murmured against the kiss. "Onee-sama." Tears of joy began to flow as those much loved, often remembered hands took her into a strong embrace.

When the kiss ended, reluctantly, Rie allowed herself to be held at arms' length, to be spun in place and to be appraised.

"My god, Rie. You look even more magnificent that I could have imagined."

"Onee-sama..." Rie blushed.

"Call me Naomi. We're both adults, now."

"Naomi-onee.., Naomi. You look gorgeous." Rie tried out the unfamiliar name.

She hadn't lied. Naomi's classic Japanese beauty stood out even more now in these opulent surroundings and clad in the highest fashion.

"Naomi?" a voice like warm honey came from the interior. "Is she here?"

"Yes, Clara."

"Well bring her in! I'm simply dying to meet her."

Naomi smiled at Rie. "There's someone I want you to meet." Taking both Rie's hands in her, Naomi gripped her tightly. "I know you'll love her as I do, Rie. Come."

With her heart pounding, and her eyes filled with unsightly tears of joy, Rie allowed herself to be half-led, half-dragged into the next room.

There was a fire lit, and little other light. Thick curtains blocked the lights that lit the hotel's opulent exterior. The room was warm, but not stuffy. What Rie could see of the room was decorated in light colors and earth tones. An ochre sofa faced the fireplace, an ornately carved chair sat to one side.

"Come here, child." The voice flowed out once again, and Rie found herself stepping forward without another thought. She could feel Naomi holding one hand tightly, as she moved into the light of the fire.

"Naomi, she's as beautiful as you said." The woman named Clara was not, as Rie had expected, an older woman, with steel-gray hair in a chignon. Instead she was a statuesque beauty in her late twenties or early thirties. Her ash-blonde hair was long and radiant in the firelight. As Rie approached, Clara waved her over. Clara reached out to take Rie's free hand in her own, while Naomi stood to one side proudly.

"This is Komatsusaka Rie, my darling little sister. Rie," Naomi turned slightly to address her. "This is my employer Clara."

Rie forced herself to stop staring at the elegant beauty before her and bowed slightly. "It's a pleasure to meet you," she began.

"I feel as if we have known each other for years," Clara said after the introductions were complete. "Naomi has told me so much about you." She smiled "Please, have a seat," she waved the two other women to the sofa. "I know you two have much to catch up on. Midori, my sweet?" She lifted her chin on the last words.

"Yes, Madame," came the familiar sharp tone from the darkness.

"Bring us some wine."

"Yes, Madame." Midori moved into the light, carrying a tray. It was impossible to ignore the fact that she was completely unclothed. Rie looked up at her with surprise, blushing as Midori leaned down to offer her a glass of white wine. She was not embarrassed to see Midori nude, it was that she only was unclothed, while the rest of them were dressed.

"It's been a long time since we last shared a bed, hasn't it, Rie?" Midori smiled broadly. "And even longer with Naomi-oneesama."

Naomi nodded, smiling. She took a sip of the wine, turning to Rie. Without a word, she took Rie's face in her hands and kissed her. Naomi moved against her until her mouth opened slightly, sharing the wine in her own mouth with Rie.

"It has been a very long time." Naomi said, licking gently at the corner of Rie's mouth where some of the liquid had escaped. Breathless from the kiss, Rie could say nothing.

"Midori my sweet, come sit by me." Clara called out and Midori moved off to kneel at the older woman's side. Clara's hand stroked Midori's hair, cheek and back of her neck. Midori's eyes closed as she laid her head upon the older woman's knee.

Rie found her gaze moving back to the woman in front of her. "Rie," Naomi's voice was husky. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, Naomi-one...."

"Rie." Naomi's lips came closer, possessing Rie's. Her tongue was scented with the wine, but it was her skin and hair that were intoxicating. They kissed for a long time, reacquainting themselves with each other. Naomi's tongue was insistent. Rie allowed Naomi to take control of her, to press her back against the sofa, to force her mouth to open wider and take as much of her tongue as possible, as deeply as possible. Rie moaned into Naomi's mouth. It had been so long since she had been kissed this deeply. It had been so long since...she gasped as Naomi's hand moved across her chest, brushing her nipples through her dress.

Naomi took her breast in one hand, the other stroking Rie's leg under the dress. Rie's head fell back onto the sofa arm as Naomi tugged on one nipple, and began to pull at the other with her teeth. The feel of the material scraping across her breasts, and Naomi's insistent pulling, while her hand softly stroked the inside of her thighs, made Rie's mind go blank. Her thoughts had no room for words or memories, just the immediate sensation of Naomi's weight upon her and her demand for Rie to be subservient to her desire.

Rie's head rolled from side to side, squirming uncontrollably at Naomi's touch. She could see glimpses of Clara, Midori on her lap, Clara's long fingers kneading her pale breasts. Midori's eyes were open, fixed upon Naomi and Rie, as she stroked herself openly. Rie smiled internally - Midori always enjoyed watching and now, it seemed that she had found someone to join her in it. For a moment, Rie was happy for Midori, but then, Naomi once again claimed her attention, roughly pulling her panties aside, and thrusting into her with something thick and cold.

"Onee-sama!" Rie gasped, forgetting Naomi's earlier request in the moment.

"Now, Rie," Naomi chided her gently, "I'm sure you remember your friend. It missed you," and then the switch was turned on the big black vibrator Naomi had always loved to use on her. Rie couldn't hear anything past her own moans. She flailed, grasping for Naomi's body, aching to feel her skin and inhale her scent. Naomi leaned over her, her dark gaze boring into Rie's.

"Can you feel me in you?" Rie's answering nod was lost in the groan the followed it, as the vibrator moved in and out of her slowly. Naomi's weight was heavy, crushing her into the sofa. She could hear another voice moaning, and with effort, she turned to see Midori, pushing herself back against Clara's chest, as long, white fingers moved in and out of her.

"Ma...dame..." Midori gasped. ""

Naomi claimed Rie's attention once more, pulling her face roughly forward and kissing her deeply. "Tell me Rie, how do I feel inside of you?"

"So...good." Rie panted. "Naomi...I...want..."

'What?" Naomi demanded. "Tell me what you want?"

"More," Rie breathed, "I want you in me deeper," then words were impossible as Naomi pushed into her harder and harder, and with a background of Midori's grunts and pleading, Rie came, screaming Naomi's name over and over until she couldn't make the sounds make sense.

Naomi crushed them together in a tight embrace, as her entire body trembled, waves of long sought after ecstasy filled her, and she opened up to her lover like a newly awakened blossom greeting the sun.



The room became quiet, with soft panting and little movements. Rie moaned, as Naomi removed the vibrator from inside her. When she was once again taken into a tight embrace in the older woman's arms tears, which had been so long held back, began to flow.

"Rie, my Rie," Naomi whispered into her ear. "How I have longed for you."

"Naomi-oneesama" Rie sobbed, tightening her arms around the other woman, as if she were afraid she might disappear. "I missed you!" The tears fell, hot and wet down her face. "I missed you so much!" Rie cried.

A musical laugh interrupted this scene, as Clara gently removed a limp Midori from her lap and deposited her gently into the chair. Sleepily, Midori curled into the fabric. Clara walked over to the sofa, kneeling before the two women. Kissing Naomi's cheek gently, she stroked Rie's face.

"She's delightful, Naomi, just as you said." Clara smiled beautifully at Rie, who found herself smiling back. Leaning close, Clara placed soft kisses upon each of Rie's wet cheeks, the licked the tears delicately from the corner of her eye.

"Are you hungry, my dear?' Clara asked.

Rie nodded, surprising herself. She laughed as she shifted so that she was sitting up, but kept her hands linked with Naomi's. "I ran out after the concert."

Naomi laughed. "Just like old times."

Blushing, Rie nodded. It was true; when they were in school she had often forgotten meals in her haste to attend Naomi.

"Well, we've got a lovely dinner all set. Come," Clara stood, her hands out to help Naomi and Rie stand. When they were on their feet, and had straightened their clothes, Rie was able to see just how incredibly tall Clara was. She towered over Rie, and was a good head taller than Naomi. Clara moved smoothly back towards the chair where she had been sitting, and Rie realized that she had been welcomed from a seated position so as to not to intimidate Rie with her height.

Clara leaned over Midori, muttering quietly, while the other woman opened her eyes slowly, then stood and reluctantly walked out of the room, returning a few moments later, wrapped in a silk robe.

"Come, food is laid out." Clara clapped her hands lightly and led them to a table that had been hidden in the dark recesses of the room. Midori turned a switch to allow some light over the table, then walked around lighting candles. The flames sparkled off a fairytale setting of silver and crystal that mesmerized Rie. Naomi seated her gallantly, then took a chair for herself. Midori seemed pleased to be in attendance for all three, pouring wine and serving food.

Over dinner, Rie was, at last, able to learn a little bit more about Clara. A self-made businesswoman, who began life with little and had parlayed nothing but solid common sense and an eye for beauty into a line of boutiques.

For her part, Naomi had been discovered quite accidentally, as she had worked part-time in one of the boutiques. "Clara walked in, but I didn't know who she was. I came over with a dress that I thought would suit her." Naomi laughed, embarrassed. "I insisted that only she could wear the dress - as if it had been made for her."

Clara laughed, as well. "The truth was - the dress *had* been made for me. It had been mistakenly sent to that store." Her lips quirked as she remembered the day.

"It was awful," Naomi reached out to take Rie's hand in a tight grip. "The manager roasted me over hot coals, then fired me for incompetence."

"I came back the next day, learned that Naomi had been let go, and fired the entire staff." Clara clicked her tongue against her teeth in annoyance. "Such idiots. But instead of giving her her old job back, I gave her another offer completely. If she would be my assistant, I would teach her everything I know of business."

Clara's accent, Rie decided was really very elegant - like everything else about the woman. She could understand Naomi-onee-sama's interest. Jealousy flared again, but was cooled instantly as Naomi squeezed her hand, looking at her with eyes aflame with desire.

"Rie," Naomi's voice dropped, "I've been following your career and," she nodded towards Midori, "I've been kept up to date on what you are doing. I even bought all your recordings!"

Rie laughed, embarrassed. "Robert insisted I go into the studio. I didn't like the idea - I prefer to perform in front of people," she ignored Midori's juicy laugh at that.

"Robert?" Naomi's face darkened slightly and Rie thrilled at the idea that she might be jealous, even a little.

"My manager."

"He's in love with Rie," Midori added fuel to the fire. "But she only has eyes for you Naomi."

"It's true," Rie admitted. "He's asked me to marry him, but when I told him that I loved to perform, and loved music more than anything else, except one person, who he could not replace...he's been very kind to me, but he's never asked again." Rie looked into Naomi's eyes, willing her to believe her. Her hand was squeezed once again, confidently, and Rie relaxed. Naomi being unhappy with her was the only thing she would not be able to bear.

The doorbell rang.

"Ah," Clara said, "Our guest has arrived. Midori?" But the other woman was already up and moving towards the foyer.

They could hear the door open, and voices. Rie looked at the two women, wondering who it could possible be? Clara's face gave nothing away, but Naomi wore a small smile as if she was in on a joke that only Rie had been left out of.

"Rie? Oh my god, Rie-oneesama, it is you?" the voice rose as it grew closer. Rie had barely had time to recognize the speaker before she had her arms full of the other woman.

"Arisa?" Rie asked, in disbelief. "But, how?" She looked at a face she had not seen in years but was as familiar to her as her own. Overcome with delight, Rie leaned forward to kiss her former protégé from her schooldays. Arisa's lips were cold, but her kiss was warm with desire. Rie's body heated up as their tongues touched, and she remembered the many hours of passion that they had shared.

"Arisa-chan," Rie soothed the trembling girl when their kiss broke off. As if suddenly remembering where she stood, Arisa moved out of Rie's embrace, and curtseyed uncomfortably. Rie took the lead with the introductions. "Arisa-chan, you remember my Onee-sama, Naomi, and Midori, of course." Arisa bowed to Naomi and Midori with polite greetings. "And this is our hostess Clara."

Clara raised a pale arm to shake hands, as she had with Rie. "I am so glad you could join us."

Arisa shook her head. "No, it is entirely my pleasure." She laughed a little, shaking her head again. "I'm afraid that I never really believed Midori-sempai until now."

"Did you come all the way from Japan to be here?" Rie asked suddenly.

"No, well, yes." Arisa laughed again. "I was coming to Paris to meet an aunt who was returning from overseas, and in the airport, suddenly I heard my name being called. I looked around and was amazed to see Midori-sempai! She told me that you were coming to Vienna and could I join you all. After I spent a dutiful few days with my aunt...I can't believe I'm really here - and that you're really here!"

Rie laughed giddily.

"Arisa, my dear," Clara stood, gesturing at the empty seat that had somehow appeared between Rie's seat and Midori's, "come join us. You are very welcome."



It was late. Rie felt overwhelmed with wine and the company of the two most beloved partners in her life. And yet, she was not at all tired. In fact, if anything, it was the complete opposite. The later the hour, the more energy she felt. Watching Arisa eat, Rie found herself obsessing about the younger woman's mouth, the taste of her tongue, the feel of her teeth. When Naomi's hand touched her thigh, she would feel the warm wetness between her legs. And every time Clara spoke she could not take her eyes off those long, slender fingers and wonder how they would feel on her skin.

The air around the table was heavy with expectation. Midori was quick to refill glasses of wine, making her way around the table, stroking a hand that held the glass, or running her fingers through hair at the back of the neck. The room smelled of sex and alcohol.

It was Clara who broke the tension. Standing once again to her full height, she left the table without a word, heading towards the bedroom. When, after a moment, no one else had moved, she turned to look back over her shoulder. "Well?" She asked, and immediately four chairs were pushed back from the table.

The bedroom was luxurious in the way that 18th century European hotels define luxury. The chairs were upholstered with thick, soft, decadent-looking fabric. The bed was wide, but not long, the headboard ornately carved. Tall, thin windows were cut off from the outside world by thick, dark curtains. The furniture was heavy, with feet shaped like animal paws.

Before she entered the bedroom, Rie was caught and held for a moment by Naomi.

"Naomi-oneesama," Rie breathed, hyperaware of the other woman's nearness.

"I've never asked you for anything, Rie."

Shaking her head, Rie agreed. "No, you've taken much, but never asked for anything."

Naomi laughed. "Oh god, Rie. You are the best I ever, ever loved."

"And you are the only one I'll ever love."

They kissed gently, but Rie pushed herself away. "I know what you want to ask. I'll give you to her, to your Clara. But...I have one condition - you may not tell me that this is farewell. Not this time, not ever. I'll give you to her, but I'll never give you up." Rie leaned in for a much harder kiss, then took Naomi's hand and led her into the bedroom.

Clara lay on the bed, naked, while Midori was carefully undressing Arisa.

"She tells me that she was your graduation present once." Clara smiled, gesturing at Arisa. "How I would have loved to see that." Her eyes narrowed suggestively.

Rie stood defiantly in front of Clara, still gripping Naomi's hand tightly. "Not until I see how you treat Onee-sama. I won't leave her with you, unless I know you'll take good care of her."

Clara laughed long and loud at that. "My dear! How wonderful you are. But of course I treasure your beloved aînée." She reached out to Rie, taking her free hand. "May I show you?"

Rie nodded, handing Naomi over to Clara.

Clara took Naomi's face in her hands and bestowed light kisses upon her cheeks and brow, then gently turned her around to face Rie. Clara's white fingers showed through Naomi's long hair, as she bent Naomi's neck to one side and took the soft skin between her teeth. Naomi gasped as the pain hit, grabbing Clara's arm to remain upright. With her other arm, Clara peeled Naomi's clothes off, assisted by a willing Midori, without need of command. Naked, Naomi was more magnificent than when she was clothed. Her figure perfect, her skin glowing in the low light. Clara's slender fingers teased her, stroking her, drawing out moans and pleading for more. One hand moved in between Naomi's legs from behind, while the other gently moved across a breast, stroking the nipple.

Clara looked up from Naomi to catch Rie's eyes. "Come, Rie" she whispered, into Naomi's ear. "Attend to your aînée."

Moaning, Naomi's eyes rolled back in her head, and moaning, Rie fell to her knees before Naomi. The cleft in front of her, so perfect, open, full of nectar, the scent of Naomi filling her nose, Rie moved in to pleasure her onee-sama.

When they shifted to the bed, Rie did not know. She felt hands upon her, and was vaguely aware that Arisa was behind her. Moving against her. Her mouth was locked on Naomi, while Onee-sama was busy kissing Clara. Midori lay between Clara's legs, mirroring her own attention to Naomi.

Arisa moved in between Midori and Rie, sucking and fondling their breasts. When she took her attention away from Naomi, Rie gently moved her hand between Arisa's legs, moving the wetness around, enjoying the slick feel.

Clara broke away, to retrieve a few items from the closet. She smoothly handed one of the double-sided dildoes to Naomi and kept one for herself. Repositioning herself over Arisa, she nodded to Naomi to take her place over Rie. Once again, Rie felt herself filled by Naomi-oneesama, while Midori took her place behind the two women, licking first one, then the other, making contended sounds as she did.

"You love Naomi?" Clara said, as she moved inside Arisa.

"Yes," Rie said, looking up into Naomi's eyes.

"And you love this child?"

Rie smiled, leaning over and kissing Arisa deeply. "Yes."

"Then, let us share this night of love, the five of us." And with no more words, Clara focused her attentions upon Arisa, until the girl was panting. Midori moved around, seating herself above Arisa, and kissing Clara, while fondling her breasts. Clara's passion began to peak as Midori pulled at both her nipples. Watching this, Rie began to approach climax. "Onee-sama, come in me," she said, and Naomi moved harder above, her, grunting with effort. Arisa's voice began the crescendo first, followed quickly by Midori, when Rie reached over to stroke her gently around the edges of her ass, and Clara soon after as Midori's attentions to her breasts became more painful. The Naomi leaned forward and said, "I'm coming" and Rie forgot that there was anyone else in the entire world except for her and Onee-sama.



The night passed in lovemaking of all kinds. When they were tired, the five lay together, curled into each other's bodies, reveling in the warmth and companionship. Rie was able to join Naomi in bringing her mentor to climax, and was later thrilled to be able to enjoy Arisa's body once again. It was the most perfect evening she'd had in many years.

But eventually, morning came and they could not stay like that forever. When she woke, She found Naomi already up, standing by the window, her nude form glowing in the early morning light.

"Onee-sama?" Rie asked, joining her.

"Call me Naomi. You’re no longer my kouhai," she said in soft Japanese. "You're my sister, my pride and joy, my lover."

"I leave town tomorrow," Rie said, laying her head against Naomi's shoulder.

"And we leave tonight."

Naomi turned to Rie, her kiss gentle, but insistent.

"I'll miss you." They both said at the same time. They laughed a little.

"This is not sayonara," Rie insisted. "You said that once and it almost killed me."

"You're going to take the contract with the Milan orchestra?" Naomi changed the subject. When Rie nodded she said, "It's almost autumn now."

Rie was silent, letting the warm sunshine paint them both in rose hues.

It was almost autumn. Then winter would come. Where would she be in spring? And where would Naomi be? In Paris, in Clara's bed? Tears sprang to Rie's eyes.

"Rie." Clara's voice came from the bed, where she had Arisa and Midori each tucked under an arm.

Rie looked over, wiping the tears from her eyes quickly. "Yes?"

"Fashion Week in Milan is held every spring."

Rie stared at the woman for a moment, before she understood. The tears she had dashed away returned, this time from joy. Not bothering to wipe them away this time, she turned back to Naomi. "Really?"

Midori yawned and sat up. She looked from Clara to Naomi, then Rie. Her smile looked exactly that that of a cat who had gotten into the cream.

"Rie, don't you remember your French from school?"

"My French?" Rie asked, at which Arisa laughed.

"Rie-oneesama. I think you need to take a refresher course."

Naomi took Rie's hands in hers and turned to face her. "This isn't sayonara, Rie."

And Rie understood.




Robert held the letter out for Rie. "Another one from your friend," he said smiling.

"Not my friend, Robert." Rie scolded him gently. "She's more than that to me."

"I know, I know," a flash of chagrin passed across his face. "But if I admit that, then I admit that I have no chance, so..."

"Robert," Rie's voice cooled. "I adore you. But you have no chance." She pulled the letter opener from the desk drawer. "Please don't force me to be cruel to you." Waving the letter opener, she gestured at the letter. "Naomi is the only one I will ever love that way."

"You wound me either way!" Robert cried out, feigning a stab through the heart. "I'll leave you to read it, but my heart will always be yours." He reeled backwards, then closed the door behind him, with a small bow and a sad face.

Rie had already opened the letter and was reading when the door clicked closed.

"My Dearest Rie,

Where do I begin? Every day, I hear more about you in the press. They say that your playing has never been more skilled, that it seems inspired by the angels. Of course, you are an angel yourself and inspire others with your skill.

Business here is fascinating - every day is a new challenge. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I left Japan to come here. Clara sends her regards, but she has told me that she will not be able to go to Milan this year, as she is launching a new line in New York just after that."

Rie's hands began to shake. Clara was not coming. Did that mean....?

"You understand what it means don't you? I will be coming to Milan by myself. We are not showing there this year, but if the New York show is successful, next year she tells me I may represent her there. In the meantime...."

Rie laid the paper down on the table. The characters blurred, they looked more like black notes upon a page of music, than words. Naomi would be coming to Milan. Naomi was coming to Milan!

When she could breathe again, she took up the page.

"I don't have much time to write, there are many things to do to get ready. All I have left to say to you then is this. Au revoir, my dear Rie. Till we meet again."

As she picked up a pen to write a response, Rie looked at the flowers upon the desk. The pink petals were soft and fragrant, reminding her of Naomi, open beneath her. She wrote a short note, addressed it and laid it aside, then pulled out the piece of lined music paper that she had set aside some days ago.

She took up the pen, staring at the piece she had been composing. A new piece - a piece that she would play when she was once again with Naomi.

She drew the title across the top of the page with a flourish, then became to compose in earnest.

Au revoir, Onee-sama.




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