Welcome to the Revolution!


This is the first issue of what we hope will be a quarterly journal from the Fanfic Revolution. We're aiming for a content-rich 'zine, full of essays, interviews and random thoughts. 

To start off, we've got an interview with one of our earliest members, Adam Jones; and a thought-provoking essay by Chris Davies.  I've added a piece of my own that discusses the impetus to write fanfic. And while this ezine is starting off by profiling our own members and their non-fiction writing, we hope that in the future there'll be a place for interesting articles and interviews about anime/manga fanfiction.

For a better idea of what we hope to accomplish, check out the Editor's Note and feel free to email us with your thoughts!


Editor-in-Chief: Erica Friedman
Editor: cheebs!
Webmaster: Adam Jones

Contributing Writers: Chris Davies


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