"The Revolution will not be televised."1


Jazz singer Gil-Scott Heron was, of course, wrong. "The Revolution," if it should by some chance arrive as a single significant historical event, or even a series of events, would be broadcast on radio and television, webcast through streaming media and WAP-capable appliances. People would read about it, hear it, see it, email about it, create newsgroups about it, and chat online about it.

But the revolution will never come. Not like that. Not really. In this part of the world the revolution comes in little things, new technological applications, the appropriation by mainstream culture of cutting-edge and fringe fetishes, and the assimilation of what was seen as strange five years ago into our daily lives now. "The Revolution" is not coming - because it is already here, happening every day of our lives in a million little ways. And in truth, it's up to each one of us to keep the Revolution happening.

So where does that take us - what does that actually *mean*? Well, for us at the Fanfic Revolution, it means that fanfiction, a notoriously lowbrow form of literature, doesn't have to suck. It means we can beat Sturgeon's Law. It means that otherwise intelligent, creative and thoughtful people can write scenes where two completely fictitious characters make love, and not have it seen as more examples of Internet pornography. For us, the revolution involves treating each other with integrity, honesty and a strong editorial pen. And that brings us here, to Revolution!, our new e-zine.

Here at the Fanfic Revolution, we don't just write about anime - we actually think about it, talk about it, ocassionally write essays or reviews about it. And because we are all writers at heart, and fanfiction is just something we do for fun, we have all accumulated a vast number of non-fiction articles about the hows, whys, and wherefores of writing fanfiction.

There are already a number of perfectly good "How to Write Good Fanfic" guides around the Internet - Revolution! isn't one of those, although some good tips might appear on our pages from time to time.   Nor is Revolution! a place where we do yet more reviews of anime shows you've already seen. No, what we're attempting to do here is give ourselves a place to highlight some of our authors' non-fiction musings on the act of creating fanfiction. We're starting off with an essay by Chris Davies - an analysis of the drive to create fanfiction, and an interview with our webmaster, and acclaimed author, Adam Jones. I've thrown in a companion piece to Chris' essay, another take on the act of creating fanfic.

As time goes on, we hope to highlight more of our members in interviews, and give you some thought provoking essays about anime in general, and about fanfiction in specific from the members of the Fanfic Revolution. Because we genuinely enjoy talking about this stuff - and we genuinely hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Let us know what you think at revolution@fanficrevolution.org


1"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," from Pieces of a Man, 1971, Gil-Scott Heron. While the slightly different phrase "The Revolution will be televised" is commonly attributed to Nike, the sneaker company, in fact it was MTV, publicizing Heron's song that changed that critical word, thus completely altering the meaning of the sentence.