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Present Tense

by Erica Friedman and Matt Burns


Autumn Interlude

The fall day was cool, with the chill of winter just beginning to set in. The park was an island of nature in the middle of the city, and many people were out enjoying the clear afternoon. Occasionally a small child would stop and point at a bird or squirrel, bringing smiles from his parents before they continued their leisurely walk. The sky was a deep, rich blue and the sun was shining brightly. The trees cast their great shadows down over the whole area.

Mamoru sat on a railed bench underneath a large red maple tree. He was early he knew, but the day was so nice, he hadn't wanted to be inside any longer than he had to. He leaned back, looking at the brilliant red leaves above him. Taking a deep breath, he savored the clear air.

When he looked back down, Usagi and Rei were standing in front of him, as if by magic. Usagi was wearing a soft, fluffy sweater and a long, light blue skirt, and Rei had on a red jacket and her black leather pants. They looked exceptionally attractive in autumn ensemble, Mamoru thought to himself.

He stood up to greet them. "You're early," he said. Neither of them made any move to sit down.

"So are you," Rei pointed out.

"I just wanted to be outside... It's such a nice day."

"We thought the same thing." Usagi replied, smiling.

Usagi took a step toward him, and Mamoru realized what she was waiting for. Which meant that Rei was probably waiting for the same thing. He glanced around. There were people everywhere. None were looking directly at them, but even so...

He stopped himself. So what if anyone did see? He was a bit surprised to find himself thinking that, but then he realized that he had loosened up quite a bit over the past few months. Well, he had certainly had good reason to...

Mamoru leaned towards Usagi, meaning to give her a quick kiss. When his lips met hers, however, she leaned forward slightly. She did not open her mouth, but her lips lingered on his for a second or two. Then she pulled away, a smile lighting up her face.

Turning towards Rei, Mamoru leaned towards her, and they shared a kiss, with Rei also lingering for a second or two. After they broke off, Mamoru felt himself begin to blush. Maybe he hadn't loosened up quite as much as he'd thought. In private, there would have been no problem, but here...

Rei looked at his face and said, "You're so cute when you blush." She and Usagi began to giggle, and with a start Mamoru realized that they must have planned this between them to elicit just that reaction. After a moment, he began to laugh too.

Rei and Usagi each took one of his arms and they sat down on the bench. They chatted for a few minutes, but their conversation soon tapered off into a comfortable silence. It was far too nice a day to clutter with small talk. They sat for a while, simply enjoying the day and each other's company.

Eventually, Mamoru spoke, looking up at the sky. "I'm sorry I haven't been able to see you very much this week. With school, and work, I've been really busy."

"It's okay, Mamo-chan." said Usagi.

Rei said, "Yes, we know you've been busy. Don't worry about it. We’re just glad you could be here now."

Mamoru smiled. Rei was correct. Right now was what was important.

They sat a few moments longer, watching the sun just beginning to set, when the silence was shattered by Usagi's stomach growling.

Mamoru and Rei both began to laugh. "I guess it's time we had dinner..." said Rei, looking pointedly across him at Usagi.

Usagi began to laugh too. "Well, I skipped my snack today, so you can't blame me." she said.

Rei said, "Oh? You skipped a snack? Are you feeling okay?"

"Hey, I only have snacks when I'm really hungry!" said Usagi, looking back at Rei.

The two began to argue, but there was no danger of it turning nasty. Indeed, Mamoru reflected, their fights had changed quite a bit recently. Now, whenever they argued, there was always a hint of a smile on their faces, a bit of a light in their eyes... Very different from the shouting matches they had once had. It was one more change among the many he had already noticed, in himself and in the two women with him.

They must have noticed the smile that crept onto his face, because they stopped arguing and gazed quizzically at him. "What's so funny?" Usagi asked.

"Do you have any idea how cute you two are right now?" Mamoru replied, looking at both of them in turn.

They seemed a bit taken aback at this. Mamoru had always hated being caught in the middle of one of their fights before. Soon, however, they were both smiling along with him.

"Come on. Let's go to dinner," he said. They stood and began a leisurely stroll out of the park.



Winter Prologue


Mamoru blew into his hands and chafed them together, trying to bring some warmth to his fingers. If there was one thing he had been looking forward to on his trip to America, it had been the idea of central heating. He shrugged internally and pressed his feet closer to the heater below the table.

Regardless of the temperature, this research paper needed to get done. He placed his fingertips on the laptop keyboard and, ignoring his protesting digits, began to type once again.

The urgency of the paper waned however, and Mamoru’s mind began to wander to the experiences the past few months had brought him. He immediately thought of the two beautiful women with whom he now had the most glorious rapport.

"Two women," he spoke out loud, remonstrating with himself, "whom you told not to come over tonight, so you could finish this stupid paper! Get to work!" But he did not. Instead, he stood, stepped into the kitchen and began to make himself a pot of tea.

Sitting down some minutes later, Mamoru resigned himself to the inevitable, sipped from his cup, cracked his knuckles and once again began to type. That was when he heard the sound. A resonant, yet cheerful, tone. It repeated. Almost like a chime, he thought, and was suddenly overwhelmed in a warm sensation. "Another memory..." He smiled broadly, anticipating what this remembrance might bring.

He leaned back and found himself in bed. A soft bed, silk-covered and padded with cushions and coverlets of a fine, soft material. The clear tone of the chime or bell rang throughout the room. It was a pleasant enough sound, but piercing. A third tone pealed, then the sound died away.

Mamoru, now Endymion, blinked sleepily against the light that penetrated the lacy curtains. He moved to shield his eyes, but found his hand clasped firmly by a sleeping figure curled up next to him, her face pressed softly into his chest. He smiled down at the blonde hair, the face slightly slack with sleep, lips swollen and dark after, presumably, Mamoru thought, a night of intense passion. She was snoring ever so slightly, as beautiful as ever.

Endymion turned his head to one side, trying to catch sight of the light source, to see how high the sun had risen. His cheek brushed the pillow he lay upon, and found it warm. He looked closer to himself and saw that he lay pillowed on Mars’ lower abdomen, her long legs splayed away from him, her body above his head. He could not turn to see her without awakening Selenity.

Endymion closed his eyes with sheer pleasure. He turned as far as his head could move comfortably and placed a light kiss on the flesh that presented itself to him. Mars stirred slightly, but did not awaken. It would be no difficult thing, he thought, to stay here forever. Mamoru, experiencing this with Endymion, was inclined to agree. Once again Mamoru laughed at his own sense of outrage and shock when the first of these memories had surfaced. Now....now things were surely different.

Endymion could feel Selenity stir, her breathing changed and slowly, blinking against the brightness in the room, she looked up at him. He smiled at her, knowing the that grin that would pass over her face in a minute would surpass even the sun for brightness. There it was, and he was right. She lifted his hand and released it from her clasp, kissing it lightly. He could see her eyes light up with mischief and he knew his own returned the look.

"Is she still asleep? Lazy thing." Selenity’s voice was soft, rough with sleep. Endymion was unaccountably excited by it. Her voice held an irony Mamoru could not share, but thought he could guess. Last night must have been something.

"I think she deserves it, don’t you?" Endymion laughed lightly. Once again Mars stirred, as if she knew she was being discussed. She settled down again into deep, rhythmic breathing. Endymion watched as Selenity sat up, her naked body alabaster white in the sunshine. She squinted at the window, as if trying to conjure up a memory.

"Wasn’t there something I was supposed to do today?" she thought for a moment more, then looked down at her lovers, the one asleep, the other awake and regarding her with heavy-lidded eyes. "It can’t be that important, I suppose." She lay down again, this time in the crook of Endymion’s arm. "What I need to do is sleep." she yawned, which set Endymion yawning as well. He let his eyes droop.

He must have fallen asleep again, for when Endymion once again opened his eyes, Mamoru could see that the light in the room was softer. Later in the morning, he supposed. Endymion blinked and looked around the room. Something had woken him....he could feel Selenity shift, also alert. He began to turn, looking over his own head, when a light, chipper, almost mocking voice stopped him dead.

"I bring a message from the Queen to her noble daughter." The voice was laughing at them, Endymion could tell. "She says that as today is a rest day, and she knows the Princess’s duties are burdensome," the voice became heavy with irony, "Her Majesty understands you missing the early meal, but does request that you attend the midday meal. If you remember, there is to be a delegation from Mercury that her Majesty has bid you attend." There was a pause while Endymion unfroze his muscles and began to sit up. His stomach was cold with fright and he could see shock mirrored on Selenity’s face as they both turned to face the speaker.

A long-legged blonde woman, with laughing blue eyes and a wicked grin returned their gazes. She waited as her appearance brought the viewers obvious relief, then, even more obviously, renewed panic. Venus laughed outright as they both tried not to look at the third occupant of the bed, the still somnolent Mars. Mamoru was surprised that she had not yet awakened, Mars was the Senshi most sensitive to danger, yet she slept on, her face blissful in repose. Whatever had occurred the night before, Mamoru thought, Mars must have been exhausted. Or, perhaps, no intimation of danger disturbed her slumber.

"I wish you could see the looks on your faces!" the blonde nearly collapsed with laughter. At this Mars awoke, grumbling about the noise and the light. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, like a child, then glanced at her Prince and Princess. At the looks she received from them, she sprang to immediate attention and concern, her senses alert for trouble. She bolted upright, unconcerned that she was naked. As soon as she sat up, she received a light shove from Venus, who bade her lay back once again. Mars, a little pale and shaken, did so, with an audible exhalation.

Venus was clad in a magnificent yukata, as blue as her eyes, with golden phoenixes woven throughout. The gold glinted in the morning sun, as did Venus’ hair. Mamoru could feel Endymion’s body tense, his breathing rapid and shallow as the threat of scandal reared its ugly head.

"Venus?" Selenity’s voice was unsure and a little scared. "How did you find us?"

The Lady Venus smiled disarmingly at her Princess. "Oh, you know, I hear a thing, I see a thing, a rumor comes to my ears. I put it all together." She looked at the faces of her comrades and her own face grew serious. "I won’t tell, if that’s what you’re all worried about!" Her face became cunning and in Endymion’s mind one word surfaced...blackmail. "No, I was just...jealous."

There was a profound silence as Endymion and Selenity processed Venus’ words.

When Mars spoke, Endymion jumped. "Jealous? Of whom?" Mamoru couldn’t help notice that Mars did not seem as shocked, or scared, as Endymion or Selenity appeared to be. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying this situation. As if to confirm this, a teasing smile came to Mars’ lips. Mars sat up and still smiling, tugged lightly at Venus’ yukata.

Venus, smiling beatifically, backed away from the bed, and undid the obi that held her yukata in place. The silken robe fell away revealing an athletic, long-limbed body clothed in a sheer, short-skirted chiton. Endymion felt his breath catch in his chest as she moved. He could see the gentle swell of a breast push at the material, the shift of the soft cloth over buttock and thigh, and despite himself, he could feel his body responding to the intense sexuality that Venus exuded.

Venus approached the bed once again, and shooing Mars over, she sat down, her legs tucked demurely underneath her. Mars, now completely over the initial shock of being discovered in dishabille with the Prince and Princess was remonstrating with the blonde. Her tone of voice made it plain she didn’t consider Venus’ behavior at all shocking. "Venus! Don’t you believe in knocking...?"

Her voice was muffled as the blonde leaned in and silenced her with a kiss. Mars seemed to respond automatically, and returned the kiss with a passion that surprised Endymion. Mars gently touched Venus’ cheek as they separated. She turned to Selenity and smiled. Endymion realized that this was Mars’ way of reassuring Selenity. He relaxed at last.

"I told you, Mars, I was jealous. And impatient." Venus pouted adorably and Endymion couldn’t help but smile at her. Venus ran one hand along Mars’ mussed hair, then down along one shoulder and to her hand, which Venus picked up and kissed.

Endymion seemed content to wait for this scene to play out. He lay under a light blanket, now propped up by several cushions, watching the women around him.

Selenity was not completely reassured, however, and she stirred. Venus looked at her from under lowered eyelids. Endymion could hear Selenity’s intake of breath as the full force of Venus’ personality and allure came to bear upon her Princess. He watched with growing interest as the Senshi of Love simply looked at his beloved, and Selenity’s breathing grew faster, more shallow, her face flushed. A spark of interest ignited in Selenity’s eye, then flamed, full of intrigue and possibilities. With a brilliant smile Venus released Selenity’s gaze, turning now to the Prince. Her eyes sparkled. She reached out one hand and Endymion leaned forward to take it and kiss it gallantly. She leaned in further and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He caught a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage and the scent of lilacs. A light in Venus’ eye told him he had seen exactly what she wanted him to.

"You three slept right through sunrise, you know." Venus teased them. Mars blushed. Sunrise on the Moon did not happen every day, as it did on Earth. It was a special occasion and one that marked a rest day. And sunrise was usually attended to by the Princess and her court.

Selenity threw her hands up into the air. "That was what I was supposed to do today!" she exclaimed, disgusted with herself for forgetting.

Venus’ laugh was light and friendly.

Selenity turned wide eyes on her friend. "If you know about us..." she began tentatively.

Venus waved away her concern, which set her anatomy moving pleasantly under the nearly transparent chiton. "No one else knows. This is my, umm, my purview, my area of expertise, shall we say?" She turned to Mars, who sat smiling appreciatively. Venus’ eyes traveled the length of Mars’ body, then turned and did the same to Endymion, who once again, could feel himself stirring, stimulated by both look and touch of the blonde. At last, Venus gazed longingly at Selenity. The Princess held her gaze, reading it for deceit or harmful intent. She found neither. Then Selenity’s eyes lit up with understanding.

"Venus! You and Mars...?" Mars’ blushed and Venus’ light laugh trilled in their ears.

"You mean you didn’t tell them?" Venus looked reprovingly at Mars, but never, thought Mamoru, did a look of reproof speak so eloquently of pleasurable punishment.

Evidently Mars thought so as well, for when she spoke her voice was low, suggestive. "I suppose I’ll have to be punished?"

At that moment, something in the air changed, Mamoru could feel it. No longer worried about being caught, there was now an air of shared adventure, of shared sensuality. Endymion and Mamoru with him, found himself growing hard, as the room became charged with a strong sexual energy.

Venus did not break the mood when she spoke. "I brought you all breakfast, but I forgot to bring platters..." the suggestion was palpable, hanging in the air. Selenity turned to Mars and with a wicked smile said, "I believe Endymion owes us a little for last night."

Mars returned the smile with a feral grin of her own. She turned to Venus. "We have a platter already." Venus giggled and with a smooth motion that shot a bolt of electricity down Endymion’s spine, rose and fetched the fruit she had brought with her.

Mars and Selenity, as one, turned to Endymion, and stripping him of his blanket, pressed him backwards onto the bed. Selenity held out a hand, Venus handed over some slices of melon to her, bobbing to allow Mars to select a few pieces from the tray, draping them lightly on Endymion’s chest. Endymion, prepared for cold fruit, was surprised to find that it was all room temperature. He smiled with pleasure as Mars dragged a slice of melon along his torso, the juice running down his side.

Selenity put a grape between her teeth and leaned forward. Endymion took the proffered fruit and the lips that held it. He could feel another mouth on one nipple, licking up the juice that ran down his chest. He felt himself jerk as a set of hands, surely Venus’, touched his now raging erection. He could feel the slickness of a strawberry run along his hardness, then swallowed, along with him, into a soft mouth....

Mamoru gasped as the memory cut out abruptly, leaving him dizzy with its loss.


Across town, in a gym at Juuban High School, a volleyball whizzed across the net, right towards the star forward Aino Minako. BAAAADUFF! the ball slammed right into Minako’s head as she stood, dazed and bewildered, blinking, then slowly sank to the ground. Her teammates rushed forward to lift her and escort her off the court.

"What happened?" one girl asked.

"The ball hit her! She didn’t even try to block it!" was the response.

"Its almost like she was daydreaming or something..."

"Is she going to be okay?"

"I hope so - we have a big game coming up."

The voices buzzed all around her as Minako sat, lost in a time and place far away from this one.


Mamoru sat up, rubbing his once again chilled hands and thrusting them into his sweater for warmth. His head shook slightly as he processed this new memory. It was a good thing he wasn’t doing anything that demanded concentration when it had come. It could have caused all sorts of complications.... He rose, a little shakily, and moved to carry the now cold pot of tea into the kitchen. As he reached the table where the phone sat, it rang, as if on cue. Picking it up, he answered automatically, "Moshi, moshi. Chiba desu."

The voice on the other end was laughing and giddy. "Mamo-chan?" He could hear the expression on Usagi’s face. "We’ll be right over." and then he could hear the giggling of not one, but two voices. A grin grew upon his face as he put the phone down. Oh well, he mused, he really didn’t want to type today anyway.



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