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Past Prologue

by Matt Burns


Mamoru stood up from the couch and stretched. He had been reading for the past hour and was beginning to feel stiff. Usagi looked up from the history book she was studying and regarded him with curiosity.

"I'm going to get some water," he said. "Do you want anything, Usako?"

"No, I'm fine, Mamo-chan. Thank you." She smiled at him and returned to her reading.

Mamoru had to smile at the sight of her studying so intently. Usagi was so much more mature these days, it was almost hard to believe that she was the same girl who had consistently ignored studying in favor of more frivolous pursuits just a few short years ago. She still had her frivolous side, to be sure, and probably always would, but she had become much more responsible. Mamoru was glad for the change.

He put his book down and walked into the kitchen, turning on the light as he did so. Night had fallen while he had been reading.

Mamoru looked back into his living room at the girl sitting on the couch. She had matured - there was no doubt about that. He had definitely noticed a difference after he had been brought back to life by her defeat of Chaos. Back when he had first met her, she had been much like a child, albeit one he loved with all his heart, though he didn't know it at first. Now, she was a young woman... And he was much more comfortable about their relationship.

There was one exception, however. It bothered him to think about it, but...

It had been not long after she had defeated Chaos. After his return, he had cancelled his year of studying abroad - he had missed a good portion of it anyway - and returned to Tokyo University. Usagi couldn't have been happier at his decision. They had begun dating more frequently than before, and one night... They had found themselves back at his apartment, and they made love. He was gentle with her, and they both enjoyed their first time immensely. After all, they were fated to be together by destiny, so their love life should be great.

And, for a while, it had been. But lately... Their lovemaking had settled into a sort of routine. It wasn't fresh anymore. He wasn't enjoying it as much, and he could tell Usagi wasn't either.

It troubled him, but the fact was he had no idea what to do about it. He honestly didn't have much experience with sex. Before Usagi, he had had only one other lover, back when he was in high school, and they hadn't stayed together very long. Even then, he was looking for his princess.

Neither of them had said anything about it yet. Mamoru wasn't sure how to broach the subject and Usagi probably had the same problem. They would have to talk about it at some point, though, and he wasn't looking forward to that... He had no answers to give her.

Mamoru shook his head. It did him no good to brood about this. He took a glass from a cabinet, put some ice in it, and went over to the sink.

He had just finished filling his glass when he heard it - a rustle. It sounded like silk. He looked around, but couldn't see anything that could have made the sound. His clothes were light cotton - it was still fairly hot in the early fall - that couldn't have been it. Usagi was still seated out in the living room, and she wasn't wearing silk either.

He shrugged and walked back into the living room when he heard it again. A rustle, followed this time by a soft giggle. The sounds seemed to come from inside his head.

Mamoru had a fairly good idea what was happening, now. This was one of his old memories from the Silver Millennium resurfacing. They popped up every so often these days, recollections from his past life as Endymion. For the most part, he welcomed them, as long as he wasn't involved in something important when it happened. He had always been curious about the sort of man he was in his past life.

He looked at Usagi and saw that she had a faraway look in her eyes. That probably meant that she was remembering something, too. If that were the case, it was probably the same thing. That happened every once in a while - if the memory was of a time and place when they had been together, they would remember it at the same time. It seemed to work that way with the other senshi as well.

The sounds were growing louder now, and Mamoru sat down in one of the light cushioned chairs next to him, across from the couch - it was never good to be moving when this happened, as he had found out after a few bumps and bruises. He barely had time to set his drink down on the table next to him before the memory took him completely.

It felt strange, the way he viewed these memories. He was in Endymion's body, and he saw and felt everything as if it were taking place in the present, in his own body, but it was as if he were a passenger, with no control over anything he did. It was someone else moving his body, someone else speaking with his voice.

He was in a bedroom, a very opulent bedroom. A large, elegant, four poster bed draped with silken curtains was positioned along one wall towards the center of the room. The bed was flanked by ornate nightstands, and there was a vanity, a chest of drawers, and a couple of cabinets in the room as well, all intricately carved with various designs. A set of large glass doors opened onto a balcony outside, and a soft light shone in through them, the only source of light in the room at the moment. They had been left open slightly, and a soft breeze blew in through them, causing the curtains on the bed to sway slightly. Mamoru could see the Earth hanging in the dark sky outside.

Mamoru realized that he - or rather, Endymion - was in a bedroom in the Moon Palace. Judging from its size and splendor, it was probably on one of the upper floors in the royal family's wing.

Ahead of him, visible in the light of the Earth, was a figure he instantly recognized as Princess Selenity. She was dressed in a formal dress of white silk, which rustled as she walked forward into the room. She giggled softly and turned to face him.

"Come in, my prince." she said, and giggled again as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "Won't you join me..." she said, running her hand over the sheets next to her.

Endymion walked forward, and Mamoru realized that he was clad in a tuxedo. They must have just come from one of the formal balls that were so often held back in the Silver Millennium.

"Aren't we being a bit hasty?" he heard Endymion say. "We promised..."

"I know what we promised." Selenity interrupted him. She stood and walked over to him. "But now that we're finally in private, I find that I don't want to wait any longer." She wrapped her arms around him and stood on her tiptoes. Endymion leaned down and kissed her, a long kiss that seemed to linger forever.

After a moment, Selenity broke their embrace. She reached inside his jacket and slid it down off his shoulders. He responded by reaching around the back of her dress and beginning to open the buttons there. Selenity started in on his tie and collar.

Mamoru was impressed. It took an eternity to remove a tuxedo, but Selenity was making quick work of his. By the time she was standing only in her shift, he was nude to the waist and she had just pulled off his belt. They moved over to the bed and finished undressing each other there.

Mamoru was becoming very aroused. This was certainly a very erotic memory - much more so than any he had before.

He was kissing her again and pulling her close to him when he heard the door to the bedroom open, then close again softly. He heard the sound of a lock being engaged.

A figure stepped into the light, and Mamoru, the observer, was shocked to the core. Endymion, however, did not act surprised at all. He said, "We were wondering when you'd get here."

"I got away as soon as I could - those balls drag on forever, don't they?" The senshi of Mars looked down at them and smirked, her long black hair shining softly in the light from the Earth. "You promised you would wait for me." she said.

"Did anyone see you? If anyone found out about us... The scandal..." Selenity said.

"Of course not. I was careful - I always am." Mars replied, as she opened the buttons in the back of the peach formal dress she wore. She stepped out of it, standing now only in the white shift she had worn underneath.

She slowly pulled the shift up over her head, exposing her well-shaped legs, her taut stomach, her firm breasts. She held the shift off to one side, showing off her nude body. The soft white light accented her pale skin perfectly. Endymion's eyes ran up her body, tracing her curves. She was a vision of beauty.

Mars discarded the shift and looked down at them and smiled, a mischievous light twinkling in her eyes. "You both looked delicious at the ball tonight - I wonder which of you I should taste first?" she said.

She hesitated only a brief moment, then slid into the bed next to Selenity. Mars wrapped her arms around Selenity and kissed her, and the princess responded by embracing her, pressing her body against the dark-haired senshi's. Endymion only watched, apparently not wanting to intrude in their moment.

After a moment, they broke off their kiss, and Mars turned to him. Endymion smiled and said, "You always did like her better."

"But that doesn't mean you aren't special to me, as well." Mars said, and moved over towards him. Endymion reached for her...

And that was where the memory ended. Mamoru abruptly found himself back in the present, back in his own body, in his living room. He looked over at Usagi on the couch, and he was sure the expression of pure shock painted on her face mirrored his own. There was no doubt she had just experienced the same thing he had.

And he had been wondering about the sort of man he had been.

Mamoru couldn't believe it. For one wild moment he thought it might have been a hallucination, but he knew that wasn't true. He had remembered things from his past life before, and this had felt exactly like all the other times it had happened. There was no doubt - this was a true memory.

A long silence hovered in his apartment. Usagi had not moved from her seat on the couch. She was still starting off at nothing.

Finally, Mamoru couldn't stand the silence any longer. "Did you..." he began, then trailed off.

"Yes." Usagi replied absently, not looking at him. "We were on the Moon... In the Silver Millennium..." she said, sounding far away.

"We were together... In a bedroom..." said Mamoru, forming the words slowly. He took a deep breath. This was the hard part. "And Rei... I mean, Mars, was there..."

"And she kissed..." said Usagi, speaking that last word barely above a whisper.

The shock was beginning to fade now, and Mamoru didn't quite like the feeling that was replacing it. All his life, he had tried to be a good person. He had tried to be moral. Usagi had been fourteen years old when he had fallen in love with her. He had been tempted, several times, to make love to her back then. But he had resisted. He had waited until he was sure she was ready for it.

He had always assumed that he had been the same way in his past life. All the memories that had resurfaced before had seemed to confirm this. To suddenly discover that Endymion had been so... different... was very distressing to him.

He was also, if he was being honest with himself, incredibly aroused. The sight of Mars, naked in the light of the Earth... Her sliding into bed with both of them... Mamoru found himself wondering what it would be like to be with both of them now.

He shook his head. Whatever had happened on the Moon, it was in the past. In another life. It didn't have anything to do with the present. He shouldn't be worrying about himself, anyway. He had no idea how this might have affected Usagi.

He stood and walked over to the couch. He sat down next to Usagi and put his hands on her shoulders. "Usako, are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes... I'm fine, Mamo-chan." She looked a little flushed, but other than that, she seemed normal. "I just couldn't believe..." She looked past him and her eyes widened. "Look at the time! I told my mother I'd be home half an hour ago. We'd better go."

They walked down to his car and he drove her home. The short ride passed in silence, and soon Mamoru stopped in front of her house, though not in direct view of it. Usagi's father still wasn't entirely comfortable with her dating, even though he realized that she had grown up.

"Good night, Usako." said Mamoru.

"Good night, Mamo-chan. I'll see you tomorrow." She leaned forward to kiss him goodnight.

Mamoru leaned in to give her a quick kiss, but that was not what ended up happening. As his lips met Usagi's, she pressed forward, leaning into the kiss. Her tongue slowly, almost tentatively, probed his mouth in the way it usually did when they shared long kisses. Mamoru was surprised, but he kissed her back. This definitely was not their typical goodnight kiss - it was long and full of passion.

After some time, they broke off. Usagi smiled at him, quickly wished him goodnight again, and got out of his car. She ran up the walkway into her house. Mamoru pulled forward, watched her go inside, and then drove back to his apartment.

He tried to read for a while longer, but found himself unable to concentrate on the book. His thoughts kept going back to the memory he had seen, no matter how much he tried to think of other things. Eventually, once it became obvious that he wasn't going to get any reading done, he put his book down and decided to go to bed early.

It was some time before he finally fell asleep. He couldn't shake the images from his mind. Also, he wondered about the way Usagi had kissed him goodnight... How did she really feel about this?


The next day, it happened again.

It was early evening, and Mamoru and Usagi were sitting at the kitchen table in his apartment. Usagi had brought dinner from a takeout restaurant on her way over. She had even managed to save some for him.

They had just finished eating when he heard the sound. This time it was a soft splashing of water. It was so soft, at first, that he wasn't sure he had really heard it.

He turned to Usagi. "Did you hear that, Usako?" he asked her.

She looked at him, the blue shade of her blouse mirroring her eyes. "Yes, but I don't..." Then she stopped as the sound came again, louder. It was clear what it was, now - the beginning of another memory.

Mamoru had been half hoping, half fearing that this would happen. When memories resurfaced this close to each other, it could mean only one thing: It was about the same thing. This meant that the memory that had returned yesterday was only the first of several he would recover about... this. They would keep recurring over at least a few more days. Mamoru didn't know quite how to feel about that prospect.

His emotions must have showed on his face, because Usagi looked at him and said, "Don't worry, Mamo-chan. It's okay." She smiled at him and held his hands.

Mamoru couldn't help but feel reassured at the sight of her smile and the warmth of her hands. He smiled back at her... And then he was back in the Silver Millennium.

This time, he - Endymion - was standing in a bath chamber. The floor was tile, worked in complex patterns in all sorts of different colors. The air was quite warm and filled with the scent of perfumed soap, though not so much that it was cloying. He was facing the center of the room, where a large depression filled with water rested, from which faint wisps of steam wafted upwards towards the ceiling. A railing wound around about half of the bath, near the steps that rose out from it.

He was holding a light blue towel in one hand, and with a start Mamoru realized that he was naked. He must have just finished drying himself off.

Abruptly all other thoughts were driven from Mamoru's mind. The water in the bath splashed softly as Mars stood up from it, her long black hair trailing behind her as she left the water. She gripped the railing and climbed out of the bath, facing him as she did so. Drops of water fell from her naked body. She ran a hand through her wet hair, leaning her head back and pushing her chest forward as she did so.

Again Mamoru felt himself becoming aroused, and he noticed that Endymion already was. Mars looked at him and smiled slightly. "Did I do something?" she asked, somehow managing to sound innocent.

Endymion ran his eyes up her body. "You're beautiful." he said simply.

"She certainly is." Selenity said, as she walked past him carrying a couple of white linen towels. She was naked as well, and her hair was down in a cascade that dragged along the floor as she walked. She walked over next to Mars and turned around... And Mamoru felt his mind reel.

Both women stood in front of him, gloriously naked. Selenity's golden hair contrasted stunningly with her alabaster white skin. Her blue eyes reflected the smile on her face, and as Endymion met those eyes, Mamoru felt that he might fall into them. Her legs were slender, smooth, and supple, bespeaking her grace far better than words ever could. Her hips were almost perfectly round. Her small frame made her breasts seem fairly large, and Endymion's gaze lingered on them briefly before moving over to the woman next to her.

Mars was slightly taller than Selenity. Her legs were more muscular, as were her arms and shoulders. Mamoru felt almost dizzy as Endymion's eyes traveled over her body. Her dark eyes twinkled as she observed him looking at her, and there was the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. Her skin was also pale, perhaps slightly more so than Selenity's. Her breasts were about the same size as Selenity's, though her nipples were slightly darker. Mamoru found himself wondering what they felt like, what they tasted like...


"You're both beautiful." said Endymion, echoing Mamoru's thoughts perfectly at that moment, though Mamoru thought that he had a gift for understatement.

They both seemed to like his simple words, however, and they smiled at him. "Come help me dry her off." Selenity said, holding out one of the towels to him. Endymion dropped his towel and walked forward. He took the new one, and Selenity began gently running her towel over Mars' body, drying up the droplets of water.

Endymion walked around behind Mars and began to dry her hair. He squeezed it gently with the towel, causing more water to drip on the floor. He ran his towel through it, all the way down to the end. He then started drying her back, using the towel lightly, pressing just hard enough to pick up the water. Selenity knelt on the floor and dried Mars' legs.

"You're too good to me." said Mars, smiling.

Selenity smiled, and looked up at Endymion. "Let's show her how good we can be, Endymion." She then discarded her towel.

Endymion dropped his towel as well, and wrapped his arms around Mars' waist. He leaned over and kissed her neck. Selenity lowered her mouth to one of Mars' breasts as Endymion moved one of his hands upward and began to caress the other. A soft moan passed Mars' lips...

And the memory ended. Mamoru was again sitting at the kitchen table in his apartment, his hands clasping Usagi's, who was looking at him and blinking as she came out of remembrance as well.

For a while, neither of them said anything. Mamoru looked down at the table, in front of him. He took deep breaths and forced himself to think about anything besides what he had just experienced. His heart was racing and it felt ten degrees hotter in his apartment now. He was glad that the table hid the most obvious evidence of his arousal from Usagi's view.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he began to calm down. Idly, he wondered how long all of them had been together back in the Silver Millennium. Everything in their attitudes together suggested a relationship of fairly long standing. He had no idea when it had started, or when it had ended, or even if it had ended before the attack on the Moon by the Dark Kingdom.

There was no way to know. And, he realized, it really wasn't important now anyway. He and Usagi were going to have to talk about this. This wasn't something they could just pretend never happened.

But Mamoru had no idea what to say. He was still thinking about it when Usagi spoke up. "Mamo-chan..." she said, "There's something I need to tell you."

"Yes, Usako... What is it?" He looked up, glad for any reprieve, however brief it might be.

Usagi's blue eyes met his for a moment, then she looked down at the table, where their hands were still clasped. "Last night... After you dropped me off at my house... I talked to Rei-chan about what happened."

Mamoru was glad he was sitting down at that moment. As it was, he felt as if his stomach had turned completely over. "You talked to her?" he asked, amazed at how calm his voice sounded. But then, he realized, he had a lot of practice at hiding his feelings. "What do you mean? Did you see her?"

"No... I wasn't sure that would be a good idea, after what happened..." Usagi replied. "But I called her... I had to know if she saw the same thing we did."

There was a moment of silence. "Did she?" Mamoru finally asked.

"Yes, she did. From her point of view, of course... Mars' point of view." Usagi was still looking down at the table.

Mamoru nodded absently. There had been no reason to think that Rei wouldn't have had the same flashback they did. After all, she had been involved every bit as intimately as they had. She had probably had this recent flashback, as well... He wondered if he would ever be able to face her again.

"So we decided that we should talk about it." Usagi continued. Mamoru nodded. He had been thinking that he and Usagi would have to talk about this, so it was a good idea for Usagi and Rei to talk about it as well. They needed to get it straightened out between them. As for him...

"So I asked her to come over here today so we could." Again Mamoru nodded. That made sense. Rei was...

Mamoru didn't remember moving, but he was suddenly standing up in front of the table. His hands were no longer holding Usagi's, having been pulled away as a side effect of his standing. Usagi looked up at him in surprise. "Mamo-chan?" she said. "Is something wrong?"

Was something wrong? He suddenly felt light-headed. Rei was coming over here. Today. Presumably soon. She was coming here, where she would be alone with him... and Usagi.

This was bad. This was very bad. He didn't know if he could trust himself with them. If they knew... If Usagi knew how those memories had made him feel... What would she think of him? He suddenly realized he was pacing back and forth. He stopped himself.

"Usako... Why didn't you ask me about this first? No. Never mind. That's not important right now. Can you call her? Tell her not to come here?"

"I told her to come over after dinner. She's probably on her way here now. Besides, Mamo-chan, we need to talk about this... We shouldn't put it off." Usagi stood up, walked over to him, and looked him in the eyes.

Mamoru realized that it was probably too late to do anything about this. It was probably best for all of them to talk it over, now that he thought about it. These just were not the circumstances he would have picked. He took a deep breath. He was a good man. He was moral. He could handle this.

There was a knock at the door, and he choked.


Rei stood in the doorway, dressed in her pink overalls. Underneath, she wore a plain white shirt. The short sleeves left her arms bare, and Mamoru found his eyes running along them before he noticed what he was doing and stopped himself.

"Hello, Mamoru-san." she said, and looked up at him. Her eyes met his, and she blushed slightly, but didn't look away.

"Hello, Rei. Come in." Mamoru was sure that he was several shades redder than she was.

Rei walked into his apartment, and Mamoru was careful to give her a good deal of space as she walked past him. She stopped in the entryway and removed her sandals. Mamoru waited until she had entered his living room before he closed the door behind him and followed her in.

Usagi was seated on the couch in the living room, and she looked up as Rei walked in. Their gazes met, and they stared into each other's eyes for a moment. Mamoru suddenly realized that this was probably the first time they had seen each other since the memories had begun resurfacing.

They both looked away at the same time. Rei quickly sat down in one of the chairs across from the couch. Usagi's face was red as she looked out the window at the setting sun.

This was, quite possibly, the most awkward situation Mamoru had ever been in. Still, it didn't stop him from being a good host. "Can I get you anything to drink?" he said, looking over at where Rei was seated.

"No... No thank you. I'm fine." Rei replied. Mamoru nodded and walked over to the couch. He sat down next to Usagi and put a hand on her shoulder. He squeezed it reassuringly. Usagi looked over at him and smiled.

"Well," said Usagi, "I guess there's no point in making small talk. We all know what we're here to talk about."

Rei nodded, although she said nothing. Seeing that neither of them seemed inclined to talk, Usagi spoke again. "Apparently, we... All of us... Were lovers back in the Silver Millennium."

They already knew this, of course, but it had to be said out loud. Mamoru was just as glad that he wasn't the one who was doing it.

Usagi continued. "The question is... Are we okay with this? Is this something we can live with? Rei-chan?" She looked across the room at dark-haired girl. "Mamo-chan?" Usagi turned those deep blue eyes on him. "How do you feel?"

Mamoru sighed. He had been afraid this would happen. Still, he couldn't lie to Usagi. "Usako..." he began. "I have to be honest. I know you probably won't like this, but... I have to tell you."

He took a deep breath and looked downward. "These memories... I find them exciting. It's been all I could think about since yesterday. And the one today... I'm sorry, Usako. I hope you aren't too angry with me."

Usagi was silent for a moment. Then she said, "Mamo-chan... Is that all? From the way you were making it sound, I thought you were about to tell me something horrible."

Mamoru looked up, and met Usagi's eyes. He saw nothing there that even remotely resembled anger. She smiled at him reassuringly. "Mamo-chan, I could never be angry at you for feeling that way. You'd have to be blind, and deaf, and... and whatever the word is for someone without a sense of touch not to be excited by what we saw, and heard... and felt."

Mamoru was surprised. This was not the reaction he had expected from Usagi. He was trying to think of something to say, when suddenly, she started laughing. Mamoru heard Rei begin to laugh as well. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, Mamo-chan." Usagi said, as she caught her breath. "The look on your face... It was priceless."

"Yes, he must have thought you'd be really mad at him, Usagi." Rei started to laugh again. After a moment, she stopped. Her face suddenly turned serious, and she stood up. She walked towards the couch, pulling her chair behind her. She stopped when she was a few feet away and sat down.

"Mamoru," Rei began, and he noticed the lack of a -san after his name, "you remember the day we had our first date, right? You remember how I got you to go out with me?"

Mamoru nodded. "Yes, of course. It's hard to forget a thing like that. You threw yourself at me - literally, in fact."

Rei leaned forward in her chair. "I had never been that forward before in my life. All I knew was that I wanted to be closer to you. When I looked at you, I felt something... I didn't know what it was, but it was very strong."

Mamoru thought for a moment. "Yes, I felt something when I was around you, too... I didn't know what it was back then. After we remembered who we were, I'd always assumed it was because you were so close to Usako. But now..." He trailed off.

"Now, everything is different." said Rei. She looked at him, her dark eyes seeming to see inside him. She said, "Before these flashbacks, I would have sworn on my life that I was over you. But I don't think that's true, anymore."

"And you..." Rei said, turning to Usagi. "I've always had strong feelings about you. I may even have been a little attracted to you. After all, you're our princess. Who wouldn't want to be as close to you as they could possibly get?"

The words hung in the air. Rei was blushing slightly, but her eyes did not leave Usagi's. "Rei-chan," she said slowly, "I had no idea. I mean, we were at each other's throats so often, it never even occurred to me."

It was then, in the silence that fell after Usagi's words, that Mamoru heard a sound. This time, it was a moan. Usagi and Rei both looked as surprised as he did - neither of them had made the sound. Then he heard it again.

"Another flashback." Mamoru said, not realizing he had spoken aloud until he saw Rei nod.

"I wonder what this one will show us..." she said. Mamoru looked at her. Was it his imagination, or had she sounded eager? He was still trying to decide when he fell into memory again.

Endymion was standing in a bedroom, in front of a large four poster bed. He was in the process of removing his tunic and breeches. For a moment, Mamoru thought that it might have been the same bedroom from his first flashback, but then he noticed differences in the way it was arranged. Not that he was paying much attention to that.

Selenity and Mars sat on the end of the bed. Both of them were naked, their clothes sitting in a pile on the floor next to the bed. Mars moaned as Selenity ran her tongue across one of her breasts. She responded by reaching out and pinching one of Selenity's nipples softly.

Selenity playfully slapped her hand away. "You'll get your turn later." she said, a smile slowly creeping onto her face. "For now, I'm taking care of you." They moved up towards the head of the bed, where Mars laid down on her back, resting her head on the pillows piled there. Selenity opened Mars' legs and knelt down between them.

She kissed her way down the dark-haired woman's chest, past her breasts, down her stomach. She caressed the insides of Mars' thighs with her fingers. She lowered her face between Mars' thighs, and licked around the outside of her lips, bringing forth another moan from her.

Endymion finished undressing and knelt behind Selenity on the bed. As Selenity probed more deeply into Mars with her tongue, he slowly entered her. Mamoru became lost in the feeling...

And he found himself back on his couch. He almost cried out at the loss of the sensation. Would these memories always tease him so?

Usagi and Rei both sat where they were. They looked extremely flushed and they were breathing heavily. For a moment neither of them said anything.

Then Usagi spoke. "Well..." she said, "Since you both were so honest, I'll be honest with you." She looked at both of them and took a deep breath. "The truth is, I want to be with both of you... The way we were then, in the Silver Millennium."

Mamoru couldn't believe his ears. "Usako, do you know what you're saying?" he asked. "This kind of thing is dangerous. It could ruin your friendship with Rei, or our relationship. It... It's dangerous." he finished.

Usagi looked at him. "Mamo-chan, you worry too much." Usagi looked over at Rei. The dark-haired girl nodded slowly in answer to the unspoken question.

Usagi turned back to him. "Mamo-chan?" she said.

"I... But what if you get jealous, Usako?" Mamoru stopped. Why was he fighting this? He'd been called a prude before. Was it true?

"I won't get jealous, Mamo-chan." Usagi kissed him then. Her lips met his and her tongue probed his mouth in that gentle, tentative way of hers. Mamoru felt his inhibitions begin to melt away and he kissed her back, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She reached down to his lap and held his hands.

After a moment, they stopped. Usagi cupped one hand under Mamoru's chin and turned his head slowly to face Rei. She then took her hand away, leaving him looking into Rei's eyes.

That simple gesture spoke louder than words ever could. She was letting him know that she was okay with this, but she wasn't pushing him anywhere. It was his decision.

Mamoru realized then that he wanted this, quite badly in fact. He could no longer think of any reasons not to do it... He leaned in towards Rei, who scooted her chair closer to the couch. She leaned forward... And then he was kissing her.

It was a bit awkward at first, but they soon got over that. There was nothing at all tentative about Rei's kiss. It wasn't exactly forceful, more... determined. She explored all over his mouth with her tongue for several seconds before pulling it back. Mamoru ran his tongue over her lips, noticing that her lipstick tasted faintly like cherries. He moved his tongue forward into her mouth, and she bit it gently.

Mamoru's eyes opened in surprise, and he saw that Rei was watching him with laughter in her eyes. He moved his tongue forward again, tasting the inside of her mouth. He noticed Usagi watching them intently, but that didn't bother him the way he thought it might have. It actually made it more exciting.

Soon they broke off, and Mamoru caught his breath. He was becoming very aroused - he could feel himself beginning to grow hard. He turned to Usagi and said, "Are you sure you don't feel jealous?"

"It's turning me on." Usagi confessed. Rei laughed softly.

Usagi turned and locked eyes with Rei. Slowly, almost shyly, they leaned in toward each other. Their lips barely brushed each other before they pulled back slightly. They kissed again, longer and more deeply. After a moment, Rei cupped Usagi's face in her hands, as though she was drinking deeply from her.

As Mamoru watched them kiss, the last of his inhibitions vanished like wisps of smoke before a strong wind. Finally, the two of them stopped, and sat back. Mamoru stood up, walked over to the window, and closed the curtains.

As he walked back over to them, Rei and Usagi both stood. He moved up behind Usagi and wrapped his arms around her waist. She leaned backward slightly as he did so. He reached down and pulled the bottom of her blouse up over the waistline of her skirt. Rei began to unbutton it.

After all the buttons had been opened, Mamoru put his hands on Usagi's shoulders and slid the blouse downward. It fell to the floor between them, revealing the pink satin bra Usagi wore.

Rei slowly reached out and ran a hand over the fabric covering Usagi's breast. Usagi shivered, and Rei slowly smiled. Mamoru busied himself opening the clasp at the back of Usagi's bra. Usagi reached over and unhooked the straps of Rei's overalls, throwing them back over her shoulders as she did so.

Mamoru slid the straps of Usagi's bra down her shoulders, and that garment fell to the floor as well. Rei leaned over and flicked her tongue across one of Usagi's nipples. The blonde moaned, and Rei began to nibble on it slightly. Mamoru slipped his hands under the waistband of her skirt and panties and knelt down to slide them down her legs.

Rei pulled her face back from Usagi's chest. Usagi smiled and said, "It's your turn now." She took hold of the bottom of Rei's shirt and pulled it upward. Rei lifted her arms above her head to allow Usagi to remove it completely. Mamoru moved over to her and slid her overalls the rest of the way down. Usagi stepped around behind Rei to unhook the white lace bra she wore.

Mamoru looked up, his eyes travelling the length of one of Rei's legs. He was still crouched, which put Rei's breasts right about eye level. He smiled and lowered his mouth to one of them, tasting the sweet flesh. Rei moaned and pressed her chest forward. As he began to suck gently, he saw Usagi lean in to her other breast and do the same, which caused Rei's moans to turn to gasps.

After a moment, Usagi removed her mouth and stood back up. Mamoru did the same, and Rei shivered a bit and slowly exhaled. Usagi ran her hand slowly over the black patch of hair that was visible through the white lace of Rei's panties. Then she put her hands on the dark-haired girl's hips and slid them downward.

Mamoru looked at the two girls who were now naked in front of him. No, not girls, he corrected himself. They were definitely not girls anymore. They looked almost exactly like the women he had seen in his flashbacks. They were unquestionably younger, but they were just as beautiful.

Usagi and Rei both noticed him staring at them, and they smiled. Usagi turned to Rei and said, "Help me undress Mamo-chan." They both stepped over towards him, and Usagi knelt down and attacked his belt with a vengeance. Mamoru was surprised - she wasn't normally this aggressive when they made love. Rei's presence seemed to make her more bold.

While Usagi opened his belt and yanked it quickly through the loops in his slacks, Rei grabbed his shirt at the top, near the collar. Apparently not wanting to take the time to open all the buttons on another garment, she simply yanked downward, and the shirt was ripped open, the buttons flying everywhere. She then pulled the blue shirt down his arms and threw it down on the couch. She slid her nails down his bare chest.

That had been Mamoru's favorite shirt... And he realized that, at the moment, he didn't care about it one bit.

Usagi unzipped his slacks and pulled them downward, leaving Mamoru standing only in his briefs. She slowly slid them down his legs, and his erection sprang to life, finally freed from the confines that had been holding it.

Usagi stood up, took him by the hand, and led him into his bedroom. Rei followed closely behind. Usagi stopped in front of the bed, turned around, and kissed him. Her kiss was not tentative this time - it was full of fire. After several seconds, she broke off and turned to Rei. She stepped forward and kissed her, and the two embraced, pressing their bodies together. Mamoru stepped behind Rei, pulled her hair back, and began to nibble on her ear.

After a moment, they stopped kissing. Usagi put her hands on Rei's shoulders and guided her towards the bed. Rei laid down on the bed and Usagi followed her, crawling towards her on all fours. She stopped when she was between Rei's legs. A smile slowly crept onto her face. She turned and beckoned to Mamoru.

Picking up where the memory had left off? Mamoru wondered.

It seemed fitting somehow. As Usagi lowered her head between Rei's legs, Mamoru knelt behind her and slowly entered her. She was wet enough that he slid in easily, and soon he was surrounded by her warm flesh. She moaned and began to lick between Rei's legs with long, slow swipes of her tongue.

Rei began to moan as well, and she reached down and tangled her fingers in Usagi's hair. Mamoru began thrusting into her slowly, and she moved one of her hands upward and parted Rei's lips with them, giving her tongue greater access.

They continued that way for several minutes, with Usagi's tongue continuing to probe Rei's depths, and Mamoru thrusting steadily faster. Rei began to gasp and shudder, and Usagi entered her with two of her fingers as she moved her tongue up to lick the sensitive place above her opening.

"Usagi..." The name came out of Rei's mouth as a half moan, half shout. She gripped the blonde's hair tightly and clamped her thighs around her head. Mamoru saw her whole body tense as she came. This apparently pushed Usagi over the edge, and she came also, gripping him tightly.

It was all too much for Mamoru. The tension that had heightened over the past day, the two flashbacks he had had today, the sight and sound of Usagi bringing Rei to orgasm, the feel of her clenching tightly around him... He came inside Usagi, in what was unquestionably the most powerful orgasm of his entire life. Waves of intense pleasure shook his body, waves that seemed they might never end, but rather sweep him away completely.

Eventually, the sensations abated, and Mamoru reluctantly pulled out of his lover, feeling himself softening as he did so. Rei relaxed her hands and thighs, allowing Usagi to free her head and slide up the bed next to Rei. Mamoru moved up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

He slowly caught his breath. Usagi rolled over to face him, and she kissed him. He tasted Rei's juices on her lips and tongue.

"Usako... That was wonderful." The words seemed such a poor description of what had happened, but it was all Mamoru could think of to say.

"Yes... It was wonderful." said Rei, and Usagi turned to face her. They shared a kiss, and then Rei said, "Now... Let me return the favor."

Usagi rolled over and Rei slid over on top of her. She kissed Usagi's neck, and shoulders, and chest, down to her breasts. She licked the soft flesh and kissed each nipple before continuing downward. She kissed down her stomach and finally stopped between her legs. Mamoru reached over and entered Rei with his fingers, moving them around easily in her wetness.

She began to lick Usagi the way the blonde had licked her - slowly, at first. As Usagi began to respond, she increased her pace. She moaned, and Mamoru felt himself growing hard again.

Rei noticed this out of the corner of her eye. She sat up and looked at him. "Usagi..." She gestured towards him with her head. Usagi sat up, smiled, and moved over toward him.

Rei pushed on Mamoru's shoulder and he rolled onto his back. She positioned himself over him. Looking into his eyes, she slowly lowered herself onto him.

The feeling was exquisite. Again Mamoru was enveloped by soft warmth. Rei began to move up and down on him, bringing a new round of sensations to him. Usagi knelt above his face, and Mamoru obligingly began to lick her.

After several minutes of this, Usagi and Rei were both moaning again. Rei increased her pace, and she soon tensed, and Mamoru could feel her juices running down his length. She did not stop afterwards, however, but kept going. She threw her head back, her long black hair cascading down behind her and tickling his thighs. A few minutes later, she came again, gripping him tightly, and Usagi joined her, her juices flowing onto Mamoru's face.

Mamoru was able to last much longer this time, and Rei and Usagi had had several minutes head start on him, so he was only beginning to feel that he might be getting close to orgasm when they had theirs. Rei got up off of him and looked down at his erection. A wicked smile slowly made its way onto her face.

"Usagi... He seems to think he can show us up. Let's show him how wrong he is."

Usagi smiled back at Rei and moved down to join her. Rei took the top of his erection in her mouth. Usagi bent down and began to lick around the base.

Mamoru couldn't suppress a gasp. Usagi had gone down on him before, but that had been nothing compared to this. It seemed as though their tongues were everywhere at once. The combined sensation of that, as well as Rei's lips moving up and down his length, quickly brought him to the edge.

He held back as long as he could - he didn't want it to be over - but it was a losing battle. He managed to say, "I'm... about to..." in between incoherent gasps and moans. Rei's eyes met his, and he saw a definite gleam in them as she continued to suck on him.

All too soon, he came, his seed shooting into Rei's mouth. A bit of it trickled downward, past her lips, and Usagi cleaned that part of it up with her tongue. They kissed again before moving back up and resting next to him.

Again Mamoru found himself at a loss for words. "That was... incredible. Thank you."

They both looked up at him. "I hope you don't think we're done." said Rei.

Mamoru felt himself smile. "No, of course not." he said.


They made love long into the night. Once, while they were resting, Rei and Usagi called their homes and told their respective elders that they'd be spending the night with friends.

Mamoru's last thought before he fell asleep, tangled together with both of them, was of something that Rei had said... And how true it was.

Everything was different now.


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