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Yuri Shoujoai Anime Manga Fanfiction from World Shaking Fanfic

A page for random scribblings of mine, from various series. Consider it a halfway house for one or two stories, before the series get their own home - if they ever do.

Before you read any story, please read the description of my lily rating system.




Hayate x Blade

bignew.jpg (2626 bytes) Where's There's Smoke There's Fire - Sid and Nancy spend a relaxing afternoon in the park barbecuing - what could possibly go wrong?

Cream Lemon: Escalation

blacklily - adult situations Scherzo in Blue - Rie is united after many years with her beloved Naomi-oneesama. Some things will never change - and some things will. Clicking this link is a legal affidavitthat you are 18 years or older.

Ichigo Mashimaro/Strawberry Marshmallow

white lily story - mild Yuri Admission - Chika comes home to find a distraught Miu, and a reason to face a situation she'd been avoiding for a long time.

Transistor ni Venus

redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) Treasure of the Elgabaal - When super-spy April Enus arrives on a planet to find the Treasure of the Elgabaal, chaos is sure to follow.

Silent Mobius

redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) In the Still of the Night - The night is unquiet, filled with the demands of the dead. Can Rally face Rosa and prevail? Clicking this link is a legal affidavitthat you are 18 years or older.


I Am Here - Yun takes in the consequences of her fateful choice.


A Single Red Flower - After the Festa del Boccolo, what does Alicia do with all those roses?



whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) On the Road to... - Madlax and Rimelda have survived the war. Can they survive the peace?


Kaleido Star

Coda - Sora has disappeared and now it's Layla's turn to bring her back to the Kaleido Stage.


(Hatsu)Koi Shimai

whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) A Kiss and a Promise, Part 1 - A lot of things can change in two years - will a promise made be remembered?
redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) A Kiss and A Promise, Part 2 - Akiho has many choices ahead of her, and the toughest one may be her next. (Clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years of age or older.)


Yokohama Shopping Log/Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou

In Your Eyes - Alpha learns what love really looks like


So Close

Even Closer - The events that led up to their meeting brought Sue and Kung So Close. Can the future bring them closer?

Weather Woman (aka Weather Report Girl)

blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Nice Weather - Michiko's dream vacation turns into a real nightmare. Can there ever be a happy ending for this forlorn ex-weatherwoman? (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older)


YajiKita Gakuen Dochuuki

After Hours - Reiko can't understand what they see in her, at all.


Azumanga Daioh

Memory - Kaori meets Sakaki-san, and tells a tale of love and loss.


Digimon Tamers

whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Overwrite File Y/N? - Ruki lost Renomon as a child. Has she found her again as a woman?


Kekko Kamen

redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) The Return of Kekko Kamen - Kekko Kamen meets her match. Can she still save Mayumi? Does Mayumi want to be saved?



20 Mensu ni Onegai (20 Masks)

whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) The Velvet Mask - Akira finds out more than just where 20 Masks gets his charm.


Jubei -chan

Ouroborus - Mikage faces her inner darkness, and finds Jubei in the light.


Amakusa 1637

Sounds in the Night - Night time in 1637 is both too quiet and too loud for Eri to sleep. (As far as I know, this is the first-ever fanfic for this series!)


Please Save My Earth

Point of View - When Issei's world is falling apart, he turns to the only person he's ever trusted completely. Secrets are revealed and his life will never be the same


Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

bignew.jpg (2626 bytes) blacklilysm.gif Dragon and Phoenix - Gentoku is taken over by the dragon and Kanu succumbs to its power.(Clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older)




gsclogo.jpg (5467 bytes)

redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) Back in the Saddle- Rally meets a woman who can match her speed for speed and shot for shot. It's never easy for this gunsmith.
redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) A Fair Fight - Cowboy returns and once again Rally's life is thrown into the middle of a gunfights, car chases and chaos.


whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Goodbye Kiss - Ryomou learns that being a Fighter means more than just fighting.
blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Lessons Learned - Ryomou Shimei serves a new mistress, one who can teacher her about more than just fighting. (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older)


Read Or Die/Read or Dream/ROD The TV

Opening Gambit - After everything that's happened, Yomiko still believes that Nancy can be saved.
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Rooftops, With Moon Obscured - Nenene and Yomiko look back on their time together


Air Master

redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) Something Special - Mina wants to make Maki's brithday special, but so does an enemy from Maki's past.
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) A Day And A Half In The Life - What does wrestling champion and street fighter Sakiyama Kaori do to relax?


HanaLogo2.jpg (7835 bytes)HanaLogo1.jpg (5946 bytes)


  Hana no Asuka-gumi



whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) New Year's Resolution - Asuka seeks to find, if not love or happiness, then at least closure, with Yohko.
In Mourning - A member of the Zenchuu Ura tells us tales of Asuka


Devilman Lady

blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Afterword - In the aftermath of Asuka's mad dreams, Jun tries to piece her life back together.   (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older.)
Heaven and Hell - Asuka projects a calm demeanor, but there's turmoil under the surface.



Continued - A new enemy threatens not only Noir, but Mirielle and Kirika's friendship.

blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes)

In Perfect Silence - Kirika and Mireille find each other in the dark. (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older.)


Battle Athletes Victory

blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Ripples in the Water - Mylandah finds herself obsessed with a new (?)goal. (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older.)
Bittersweet Chocolate - Akari looks back a life full of joy and sadness.



blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Love's Labor Lost - Lts. Kanuka and Kumagami run into each other again, years after their first, unpleasant meeting. (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older.)
Compare and Contrast - Capt. Shinobu is out on a date, but is easily distracted.

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