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Maria-sama ga Miteru fanfiction Marimite fanfic from Worldshaking Fanfic

Before you read any story, please read the description of my lily rating system.

whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Forests of Thorns -  A series of stories that looks at the soeur system at Lillian throughout its history
1: Words to Remember (200X)
2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985)
3. Chronicle of a Revolutionary Girl (1972)
4. Still Life With White Sheet (1958)
5. Songs of Victory, Songs of War (1946)
6. Snapdragon (1926)
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) What Would She Think - In the small hours of a moonlit night, Yumi and Sachiko remain wakeful
Year Without A Yamayurikai - How important is a Student Council, anyway?
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Parler Coeur Ouvert - Sei and Shimako are soeur, each with a secret. Will sharing bring understanding, or rejection?
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Distance is What Makes Love Possible - Yumi and Sachiko face a crisis, while more experienced voices have their say.
One Girl's Story - A look at Lillian from inside.
blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Double Fantasy - Kei and Sei celebrate the end of finals with reminiscences about love and sex (Clicking this link is an affidavit of being 18 years or older.)
White Roses, Red Petals - When Youko, Eriko and Sei get together after years have passed, important things might be shared. Or not.
blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Roman Holiday - Shizuka has an unexpected, but not unwelcome, surprise encounter while in Italy (Clicking this link is an affidavit of being 18 years or older.)
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) The Pirates Are Coming! - The lovely ladies of Lillian as pirates. Why not?
Autobiography - Every generation at Lillian has a story. This is one. 
Until We Meet Again -  In the aftermath of long-ago crises, the women of Lillian reach out to one another for healing
Until We Meet Again: 1 - Forgiveness and reconciliation are worth waiting a lifetime for. 
Until We Meet Again: 2 - After many years and many miles, Sei and Shiori come face to face once again.  
Until We Meet Again: 3 - Kasuga Seiko meets her Saori at the end of her own Forest of Thorns  
True Confessions: Yumi Side -  In her quest to learn about her friends, Yumi learns WAY too much.
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) The Truth About Yoshino - Yumi wants to get to know Yoshino better, but she gets way more than she bargained for!  
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Too Much Information - Yumi's plan to to learn more about Yoshino has backfired, so to be safe, she's brought Shimako along...  
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) The Problem With Sachiko - Yumi's got a few problems with Sachiko, and they are all Yoshino and Shimako's fault!

True Confessions: Sachiko Side -  Sachiko doesn't mean to pry, but some secrets are just...obvious.
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) What about Yumi? - It's the day after graduation and everyone's a little why is Rei smiling?
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Never Enough - When Noriko runs into Sachiko, literally, a true confession can't be far behind.
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) All of a Sudden - Sachiko learns that, even when you think about someone for a very long time, everything can change quite suddenly.
whitelilysm.gif First Kiss Incident - A seemingly harmless prank has major consequences. It will take strength for Noriko and Shimako see their way past their differences.
Morning After - The morning after meeting Shizuka, Sei has something she needs to tell Kei. A sequel to Roman Holiday.
Pizza - Pizza Hut and Marimite, is there a less obvious combination? In a weak moment, I answered the question, what kind of pizza would the Yamayurkai order?
Beloved - The Rosa Chinensis family has a *strong* tradition of discipline. A side-story based on Sean Gaffney's Touko-chan in Wonderland.
A Happy Accident - There was nothing different that day between Rei and Yoshino, nothing at all. It was all just an accident.
Picture Book - Tsutako and Shouko have been sharing their lives with one another for years, but there's still something they don't know about each other.
A Little Advice - Yumi stops by to see Sei, and ask her an important question.New!

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