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Love and Beauty

Chapter 1


Makoto stared down at the textbook, trying to concentrate on the math problem. Her eyes just could not seem to focus on the numbers. She sighed in exasperation, and closed the book.

"Are you okay, Mako-chan?" a concerned voice broke through Makoto's thoughts and she felt a warm hand slide over her own. She looked up to see blue eyes, concerned and a little teasing, watching her.

Makoto broke away from the intense gaze and looked at her own hand, covered by Minako's well-manicured one. The blonde had begun to rub her thumb along Makoto's thumb. A little thrill ran up her spine and Makoto had to make an effort to pull herself together and her hand away.

"Yes, I just don't think I can concentrate today." Mako-chan looked around the table, including everyone in her statement. "I think I'll go home now and rest." She gathered up her notebooks and books, making a hasty pile that she scooped up as she stood.

Ami looked up from her notebook, "You do look tired, Mako-chan. We've been studying hard and you need rest to study properly."

Makoto nodded, "Thanks Ami-chan." She smiled at everyone in turn, noting that Usagi had her mouthful and had to be content with waving. At this sight, Makoto's smile widened and she said goodbye.

Usagi could be heard to swallow audibly, then, "Thank you so much for making the steamed buns! They're my favorite!"

Makoto turned around to wave and saw Minako staring intensely at her. She broke off the eye contact, and said lightly, "I like making them for you, Usagi-chan." She turned again and slid the door aside.

As she stepped out she heard Minako's voice follow her, "Maybe you can teach me to cook them one day."

"That would be nice," Makoto heard herself answer.


The door slid closed. There was a moment of near silence, punctuated only by the cawing of crows, and Usagi chewing. Rei almost laughed out loud at the profundity of the moment. She looked across the table and locked eyes with Ami. Her friend's dark eyes had a peculiar glint to them, that Rei was sure she felt in her own eyes as well. "What does it mean?" Rei wondered. Just then Usagi pounced on Ami with a shriek, startling Rei out of her reverie. Rei turned to concentrate on her own studies and then looked up in surprise. Minako was sitting, still staring at the door that Makoto had passed through a moment earlier. Rei shook off a sense of....intensity and turned back to her studies.



Chapter 2

The next few days passed without any odd occurrences. Which was an odd occurrence in itself. For three whole days the five girls had been able to study without interruption. No demons, monsters or other supernatural threats manifested, no one seemed to need the energy of Tokyo denizens. Not even bad weather punctuated their lives.

It was driving them crazy.

Rei laughed. "Who would have thought that three peaceful days would make us all so cagey?"

"Who're you calling cagey, Rei-chan?" Usagi complained, while trying to filch another cookie from the plate in the center of the table. Rei slapped her hand and the two tussled as they had so many times before.

Ami sighed audibly. "I think we need a day off. I proclaim tomorrow a holiday! We will do anything else, except study." She was a little abashed at the enthusiasm of the cheers. "But then right back to work..." she threatened.

Everyone nodded. Minako practically bounced up and down where she sat. "After a day off, Ami-chan, we'll be so refreshed, we'll be even better at our studies!" The rest of the girls nodded emphatically in agreement.

With this incentive before them, the rest of the afternoon passed quickly and studying was concluded with great fanfare.

"Usagi-chan, you'll probably go to the Crown tomorrow, right?" Ami turned to their leader, who was helping clean with more enthusiasm than skill.

"Yes and I'll meet Mamo-chan for a date!" Usagi's voice overflowed with joy. "I haven't seen much of him lately - he's been working so hard."

"Well, why don't I meet you there and we can go shopping together?" Ami asked shyly. Everyone stopped and stared at Ami.

"You're going shopping?" Minako asked.

"You're not studying?" Rei spoke at the same time.

Ami blushed prettily. "I need some new shoes and I know how much Usagi-chan likes to shop..."

Rei laughed, "I'll come along! I need new shoes too!" Usagi began to protest, but then agreed when Rei offered to take them to a new restaurant for lunch.

"How about you, Mako-chan? Will you go shopping for shoes too?" Minako turned to the taller girl.

Makoto shook her head. "I'm not in a shopping mood. I thought I'd make a picnic lunch and go to the park."

Minako laid a hand on her arm and asked quietly. "Can I join you? You can show me how to make the steamed buns and then we can take some with us."

Makoto swallowed in a suddenly dry throat. Not trusting her voice, she nodded. She watched Minako-chan's eyes light up with an unfamiliar fire.

"Great - I'll see you then!" Minako laughed lightly and tripped away down the temple hill, catching up with Ami and Usagi, grabbing them by the arms and dragging them neatly down the steps. Makoto shook her head at the emotions about to overwhelm her.

Rei watched from her window, smiling to herself. "She's about to be hit by something stronger than her own Supreme Thunder." Speaking the words, "Senshi of Love and Beauty" just barely audibly, Rei turned away.



Chapter 3


Makoto found herself wandering the streets of Tokyo, with no clear destination. She felt that she needed to get some advice, but couldn't think of someone to ask. Lost in thought, she felt herself stopping before a tall, impressive building. She looked at it for a long moment before she realized she was staring at the building Haruka and Michiru lived in.

She looked up towards the rooftop aquarium, then down to the pavement. Steeling herself, she entered the building.


Haruka answered the door, dressed in fawn-colored suit and black t-shirt. She looked surprised, but not unhappy to see Makoto standing there.

"I'm sorry to come unannounced, Haruka-san, but I need some advice." Makoto licked her dry lips.

"Please come in, Mako-chan. It's no trouble. Can I get you some tea?" Brushing off Makoto's protestations of being too much trouble, Haruka led the younger woman into a sparsely furnished room. Mako-chan sat stiffly on a chair, while Haruka moved into the kitchen. Makoto could hear sounds of cups and water, but couldn't focus her mind on them.

Haruka entered with a tray. She served Makoto and, taking a cup for herself, arranged herself languidly in the window.

"What do you need advice about?" Haruka asked.

Makoto looked around her, a little uneasy. "I'm very sorry, but I just don't know who else to ask, and..." she tapered off miserably. Haruka waited in silence, letting the younger woman speak at her own pace.

Makoto took a deep breath. "It's about a woman," she finally managed. She couldn't bring herself to meet the older woman's eyes.

There was a long silence. Finally Haruka spoke. "I see." she said, barely hiding the smile in her voice.

Makoto could feel herself blushing and it made her angry. "I don't know what to do!" she raged.

Haruka swallowed more tea, allowing the cup to mask her grin. "And you thought I might be able to help you?" she asked.

Makoto had no idea what to say. Yes, you're the only lesbian I know? What can I say? She looked up and found Haruka smiling openly now. Makoto thought to herself that she had not seen Haruka smile that openly, that often.

The older woman looked at her watch. "Michiru is out swimming, but she'll be home soon. Why don't you stay for dinner? This way you can get the benefit of her wisdom, as well." Makoto blushed even more deeply, but smiled with relief. Haruka understood, even if she *was* teasing her.

Haruka moved out of the window and began to refill their cups. "So, Mako-chan,do I know her?" Her voice was smooth, uninflected.

Makoto nodded. "Minako-chan." she said simply.

Haruka nodded. *I'm not terribly surprised,* she thought.  "Well, then, what advice can I offer you?"

Makoto thought about it. "What do I do? I mean, what do I say?" She stopped speaking, breathed deeply, then said. "I want her to see the real me, but I also want her to be attracted to me. I know she likes you, but I don't want to pretend to be something, someone else."

Haruka looked at Makoto, noting her powerful form slumped in an uncomfortable chair. "Then just be yourself." She pointed to a low sofa. "Why don't you sit there? We only keep that chair around for people we don't like." Mako-chan looked up and smiled, happily.

I guess that means we're friends, Makoto thought, as she moved to the much more comfortable cushions on the sofa. Pulling her legs underneath her, she snuggled into the cushions and held her cup tightly in both hands. Haruka smiled at this. This was the same motion Michiru made just before she said something profoundly moving and completely non-sequitor.

"I'm sorry about punching you, about before, Haruka-san." Makoto stared at a painting on the wall, of a stormy ocean. "We got off so badly and then there was never time to talk about it..." Her voice faded. "I'm very sorry."

Haruka nodded, her face serious. "It was my fault. I should have never allowed it. I should have never...well, that's all old business." She waved the topic away.

"You are strong though. I was very impressed." She watched the color rise to Mako-chan's cheeks. "I don't mean that as an empty compliment - or as a way to label you. "Mako-chan, the 'strong' girl," you know. I mean it as one Senshi to another." Her voice lowered with intensity. "I know you are part of the Inner Senshi, but your planet is considered an outer planet in the solar system. It is the largest planet and has the most powerful gravity, except for the Sun. And it is named after the most powerful Roman god. You are like an Outer Senshi. You are the strongest of the Inner, almost as if one of the Outer Senshi needed to be with the Inner, to protect them and watch over them. I have always considered you one of us." Haruka turned to look out the window.

When she spoke, Haruka's voice was soft, troubled. "I'm sorry I treated you badly when we met. What we did to probably seemed like we were using you as bait. We didn't mean to do that and I'm sorry."

Makoto stared at the older woman, realizing for the first time how deeply Haruka had been conflicted by that episode. What had they gone through? And then realizing that they had the talismans all must have been like despair.

"No, you were right. And you were right that we are different, weaker in some way." *We, us, its still Outer/Inner. Will we never just be Senshi?* Makoto protested, but Haruka shook her head, her eyes bright.

"No, we were *wrong.* You are not weaker, not in any way. And you," Haruka smiled again, the intensity of the moment lost, "you are the strongest of the bunch. It's not everyone that gets through my defenses. Remind me never to get you mad." Makoto giggled.

"So, now," Haruka slapped a hand on her leg. "back to your "problem...." "

Makoto sighed, relieved. It seemed that a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She felt...light. Coming here was the best thing she could have done.


Chapter 4


Makoto looked around her, checking her small apartment one last time. Everything was neat, as (mostly) always, there was food in the refrigerator and ingredients for steamed buns with sweet red bean paste out on the counter. She glanced over at the mirror again to appraise her own appearance. She had on a tailored shirt the same color as her eyes, brown slacks and a tie of the same shade. She had decided to leave her hair in its usual ponytail, after hours of trying to find a more attractive style for it. Fed up, she put it into the ponytail and admitted, reluctantly, that it looked just fine.

The buzzer rang, setting her heart racing. How was she going to explain her clothes? This is *not* what you cook in, she thought desperately. The air seemed thick and hot in the room, but now the buzzer sounded a second time and she had to say something....

"One moment, please!" she called and looked around wildly. Nothing obvious...nothing that would give away...what? Her true feelings? They were appallingly obvious, unfortunately. Quivering with nervousness, Makoto walked towards the door. This is just Minako-chan, Aino Minako, a friend of yours for years - just chill out! she yelled at herself, but it didn't help.

She gripped the door handle and almost passed out. Breathe you dolt! her mind called and she did, deeply, as if she were about to face an opponent. Then she jerked the door open...

Minako stood up stiffly, as if she had been leaning against the doorjamb. Makoto stared at her, open-mouthed. Her hair looked as soft as the finest silk and her dress matched her eyes perfectly. It was a deep blue, cut Hong Kong style, with a gold brocade pattern and trim. Red and gold designs chased over and through the blue, catching the light.

When Makoto's eyes finally rose to take in Minako's face, she caught her breath. Venus, indeed, she breathed. They stood for a moment, silent, locked in a battle of mutual appreciation. Finally, Minako reached out and lightly picked up the tie. Makoto held herself rigid, trying not to flinch from the electricity in Minako's touch.

"It suits you." Minako said. "No pun intended." There was a pause and both girls began to laugh.

As if that had broken the tension, Makoto moved back from the door and asked Minako to enter. Minako looked around, curiously.

"Have you ever been here?" Makoto asked, moving to the comfort of the kitchen.

Minako, walking around the room, nodded. "Once or twice." She followed Mako-chan to the kitchen area and insisted on helping with making tea. Makoto couldn't be sure, but she was sure Minako was watching her from under lowered lids, whenever she wasn't looking. There was, no doubt, however, that she was brushing her body against Makoto's at every opportunity. Her hand, lightly brushed a sleeve, her hand, a leg. Even Minako's hair was wielded as a weapon, sliding lightly across Makoto's arm at every turn.

The tea-making process took forever, but neither girl seemed to be in a rush. At the last moment, Makoto added a few sweet dumplings to the platter and then, almost tripping in her haste to sit, praying her legs wouldn't melt under her, led Minako to the sofa.

"May I pour?" Minako asked sweetly. Makoto nodded, completely bewitched by her friend's movements, the way her body made the dress sway and cling.

Minako reached across the tray and with surprisingly delicate motions, poured two cups of tea. She also picked up a bun and held it in one hand. Turning to Makoto, she smiled. "I know we said we'd go on a picnic, " she commented quickly, "but it's not so nice out...why don't we stay here today?" Her question was ingenuous and Makoto laughed.

"Well," she admitted, "I don't think either of us are really dressed for a picnic..." she watched, fascinated, as Minako-chan bit into the bun she held, exposing the bean paste center. Minako looked into Mako-chan's eyes and slowly, with one finger, scooped some of the bean paste out of the dumpling. Without taking her eyes from Makoto's, she slowly licked her finger with the tip of her tongue, then even more slowly, inserted it into her mouth, savoring the bean paste. Makoto thought she would pass out with pleasure.

"Now it's your turn," Minako stated and scooped up more of the bean paste. Her finger approached Makoto's lips and automatically, the taller girl opened her mouth. At the touch of the blonde's finger to her tongue, Makoto's head seemed to explode. Instinct took over and she rolled her tongue over the finger in her mouth, watching Minako's breath become shorter and shallower.

Tantalizingly, Minako took her finger back, scooped up more filling and once again, ate it sensuously. Makoto had to remind herself to breathe. This time, though, Minako-chan left some of the filling untasted on her tongue. She opened her mouth slightly and Mako-chan felt herself being drawn, inexorably towards Minako's lips. No thoughts entered her mind, except the driving need to kiss Minako and taste her. Minako melted her body against her friend's and their lips met. Makoto felt the pressure of Minako's tongue on her teeth and she parted her own mouth, allowing the sweetness of the bean paste to be accentuated by Minako's own essence. Minako's hands clasped Makoto's shoulders tightly as they kissed for the first time. Makoto pulled the smaller woman into a strong embrace.

There was a deep silence when they final broke off their kiss. Minako lowered her head for a moment and Makoto was able to breathe in her scent. She lowered her face into Minako's hair and inhaled. Minako looked up into sparkling green eyes.

"I knew you were strong, but I had no idea...." Her hands stroked Makoto's shoulders, then ran down along her upper arms, then back up to the shoulders and down onto Makoto's chest. Makoto stiffened for a second, then quickly relaxed.

"Are you comfortable with this?" Minako asked as she played with Makoto's tie.

"Yes." Makoto said simply. "Are you?"

Minako smiled coyly. "I *am* Sailor Venus...." She let the thought linger as she began to kiss and nuzzle the area just above Makoto's collar. Her hands stroked along the buttons on Makoto's shirt, feeling the muscular, yet surprisingly soft body beneath.

"I know this sounds silly, but I never thought of that." Makoto laughed, then caught her breath as a hand brushed a nipple, which instantly hardened.

"I have." Minako said softly, then took one of Makoto's hands and placed it on her own leg.

Makoto felt a moan wrenched out of her throat. The stockings Minako wore were silk. Between that sensation of a leg in silk and the touch of hands and mouth, any reservations Makoto had was gone. She stroked the leg beneath her hand, reveling in the feel of silk and skin.

Minako began to loosen her tie. "This is my favorite part," she admitted. "It's like unwrapping a present." Makoto let her head loll back with pleasure and gasped as lips, tongue and teeth fastened themselves to her throat. Her moans became growls when Minako bit her and she pushed the blonde back on the sofa, burying her own face in Minako's neck.

"Ahhhhhhhh..." Minako purred, which made Makoto smile. She busied herself with unfastening the first stay of Minako's dress, and familiarizing herself with the flesh it contained. Short work was made of the next few fasteners. Makoto let out a low groan as Minako arced her back, surrounding her with pale, soft breasts. Makoto thought she could very well stay here forever. One hand was placed upon a breast and it automatically began to fondle the skin beneath it.

Makoto let her lips trace a path over the other breast and smiled to hear Minako's soft response.

At some point, Minako's dress had been shed completely and she sat up, a little shyly. She batted Makoto's hands away from her and reattacked her friend's tie and collar. Tantalizingly she undid each button and touched the skin in the area, following her fingers with her lips. Makoto let her eyes close and lost herself in the sensation. As Minako peeled back the tailored shirt, she smiled to see Mako-chan in a lacy pink bra, through which she could just see the darkness of nipples. Minako tongued one shadowy area, then the next, watching as blood rushed to the area, and to Makoto's throat. She couldn't help herself and she lunged at Makoto's chest, drawing the hardened nipple into her mouth, rolling the other one between her fingers.

Makoto pushed Minako away for a moment, then shrugged her shirt off. When her hands went to unfasten her belt, Minako pushed them away. Kneeling before Makoto, Minako unbuckled the belt, unfastened the pants and then, with help from Makoto, slid each leg down, helped Makoto remove her foot from the pants leg, then the other. She moved her face up to the junction of inner thigh, sliding her hair along Makoto's legs.

Makoto fell backwards as the sensation became too much for her. Minako parted Mako-chan's legs slightly, and nuzzled the inner thigh and satin clad mound in front of her. She traced shapes with her tongue, edging it into the crevasse at the edge of the satin underwear, letting her hands trail along muscular thighs and ass. Makoto thrust her pelvis forward as Minako grabbed both butt cheeks and began to suck on Makoto through her underwear. Makoto's groans became louder, more urgent and she gripped Minako's hair in both hands. Minako sat up and shook her hair out, letting it spread out over Makoto's thighs and lower torso. Makoto took the opportunity to look at her lover. She marveled at her clear skin, now a radiant color.

Putting her hands on her panties, Makoto asked, "Is this...?" she didn't finish her question, as Minako-chan put her hands on top of her own and commenced pushing the satin down, past her knees onto the floor. Minako leaned forward, moaning at the Makoto's scent, drooling at the sight of her friend, legs open, her center opening with desire. Minako practically dove headfirst into Makoto, an intense passion driving her on.

"Venus..." Makoto whispered and Minako answered, her mouth never leaving its location... "Jupiter." Makoto stiffened, then holding onto Minako's head, pulled her lover into herself, Minako thrusting her tongue in and out into Makoto, until she was clamped into place by strong thighs.

"Oh, Venusssssssss........" Makoto hissed, then a great moan escaped her and Minako could feel the internal spasms crashing in her friend's body. Finally, the thighs released her and Minako laid her head against the still quivering body beneath her.



Chapter 5


"Oh my god, Minako-chan...Venus. You are truly the Senshi of Love." Makoto whispered, her hands playing idly in the soft blonde hair. Makoto pulled Minako up, onto the sofa, next to her. Makoto let a hand trace the line of Minako's jaw, still damp from her efforts, then kissed her friend. Again their tongues met, and this time Makoto could taste herself in her lover's kiss.

When they broke the kiss, they embraced, skin against skin, for a long moment. Minako opened her eyes and very softly, whispered into Makoto's ear. " love...."

Makoto's eyes opened wide and she looked at this woman before her. Had she ever anticipated this? Could she have predicted that this woman would love her? Shaking her head internally, she moved to cup Minako's face in her hands. Minako's hands traced the muscles in her arms.

"So strong...." Minako breathed, as Makoto laid her back once again against the cushions. Makoto felt her heart pound in her chest. With some urgency she began to strip Minako of her silk stockings. Looking up at he blue eyes that regarded her, Makoto was sure she saw an interesting glint in them. Looking at the stockings in her hand, she quickly grabbed both of Minako's arms, and binding them together, attached them to Minako's ankles with the strong silk. There was plenty of give to the stockings, but Minako was effectively bound. Makoto looked up to check for misgiving, but saw only a soft, curving smile on Minako's face. Makoto was shocked by the thrill that ran through her body as she realized that Minako had done this before. With whom? she immediately wondered, but then her train of thought returned to the sight before her.

Now, with both hands, Makoto kneaded Minako's breasts, watching as the blonde arched her back even more than her binding stockings warranted. Makoto knew what Minako wanted, and she wanted to give it to her but.... Looking around, Makoto searched for something to use.

"So strong..." Minako moaned again. Makoto looked at her hands, then at the softly furred mound in front of her. She ran her fingers along the cleft between Minako's legs, until her hand was wet, then slowly and carefully, inserted one, then two, then three fingers into Minako. The blonde was lost in pleasure, moaning now with every breath. Taking a deep breath, Makoto managed to get another finger, then, with some careful wiggling, her thumb. Slowly, watching Minako carefully for signs of discomfort, Makoto closed her hand and began to move around inside Minako. As the blonde moved beneath her, Makoto increased her rhythm and depth. Minako was now repeating the word yes with a ferocity that surprised Makoto.

Minako leaned as far forward as she could, and looking right into Makoto's eyes, said, "Yes, oh yes, god, Jupiter fuck me." And Makoto practically came, just sitting there. Now she lost all control, realizing that whatever she could give Minako could take. Pounding away, she could feel Minako open up to accept her and she could feel herself increase her efforts.

In a scream that Makoto was sure would bring the police, Minako raised herself up, her neck distended, her head thrashing back and forth, and she came. Like nothing Makoto could have ever expected, she could feel every muscle, every nerve in Minako's body thrumming to the rhythm she had created. And Minako's orgasm seemed to last forever, as she took more and more of Makoto's fist.

When, finally, the spasms eased and Minako went to lay back, Makoto used one hand to rip the stockings that bound her. Minako stretched herself along the sofa, then relaxed, so Makoto could disentangle herself. It took a few moments, but eventually her hand reemerged, still intact.

Minako drew Makoto on top of her, and pulled her head down, enfolding her in soft arms. Makoto let her head rest upon a pillow of Minako's chest and without warning her eyes closed. She listened to the heart beneath her pound and felt Minako-chan's breathing slow and deepen.

After a long, quiet moment. Minako looked down at Makoto and smiled.

"Thank Jupiter."

Makoto lifted her head and met sparkling blues eyes with green ones.

"Thank you, my lovely Venus."

They continued to lay like that, while their thoughts drifted and their bodies rested. Finally, Makoto sat up. She laughed, a little embarrassed.

"We're going to have a heck of a time explaining this to the rest of them, you know..."

Minako smiled, lifting an eyebrow. "We'll just have to find a way to get Rei-chan and Ami-chan together."

Makoto looked at her lover quizzically. Then she laughed again. "Well, if anyone can do it, it would be you!"

Minako looked off into the distance. "I wonder...," then turned to look at Makoto once more. "We can take care of that later. Right now, we have other things to take care of."

Makoto smiled and leaned forward and kissed her. "You are absolutely right."



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