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A long, long  time ago, I accidentally tanked my Links page and ended up using the Yuricon Links page instead. Well...I've fixed it. Yee ha. It's short, but it'll get longer as I think about it a little.


Yuricon  - *the* resource for yuri and shoujoai information. Contests, Events, original manga at the Yuricon Shop and a great group of folks on the mailing list. It doesn't get better than this! - Dreiser's fanfic site. Altfic galore!

Fanfic Revolution - Originally a group for hentai fanfic, the FR has branched out. Some pretty good yuri and shoujoai fics by some more just pretty good fanfic writers.

Okazu - My  "official" blog, with announcements of my public "appearances," workshops, panels, classes, etc.

Saint Tail Fanfics - My dearly beloved's website. Ayumi Yui and Saint Tail Fanfics, and other random aborableness from the mind of Stirling Twilight.

Alecto Fury - My fan club. A friend thought he was being oh-so-clever when he started it. I don't post there, but you can talk about me and learn about what I'm working on and where I'm going to be and the like. You know, fan club stuff. It's run by my wife, so don't trash talk me. LOL



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