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6/29/13 Update

General Updates:It's been a long, long time since I updated here. I don't write much fanfic anymore, but I'll be giving this site an overhaul soon to make it easier to find what I do have here. I hope to have some original stories up soonish, so tune back anytime for more "Worldshaking" fiction! ^_^

Last Update: This is a story that is very, very long overdue. The fourth and penultimate story in the Courtly Takes of Crystal Tokyoseries, Senshi of the Grail will live with its sister stories on the Sailor Moon page.

If you enjoy my fiction, I hope you'll visit one or both of my two blogs, Okazu and SocialOptimized for some of my nonfiction. You can catch up with me on Twitter anytime.

Before you read any of my stories, please look at the Lily Rating System I use to indicate the appropriate reading audience.

Important Notes About Email, Linking and Archives:If you'd like to email me, you can do so at Please do NOT ask me to read/edit/comment on your stories.

Also - please do not ask for permission to archive anyof my stories on your site, or distribute them through any means. If you'd like to link to mysite, or a story on my site, you're welcome to do so, just email me for permission. Thanks.

"World Shaking" Sailor Moon Fanfic  Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Here you will find stories by myself and my colleagues about the lovely ladies of Sailor Moon.

New World Shaking Fanfic! Senshi of the Grail - The Fourth Courtly Tale of Crystal Tokyo. What is the meaning of the procession of the Grail and who is the Senshi who will take up the cause?


"World Shaking" Utena Fanfic

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Herein are stories from Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena.


"World Shaking" Card Captor Sakura Fanfic
This is an archive of Card Captor Sakura fanfiction by myself and others.


"World Shaking" anime fanfic from random series
This is a halfway house for stories from random anime and manga series.

New World Shaking Fanfic! Where There's Smoke There's Fire - Sid and Nancy can't do anything by halfs.


Maria-sama ga Miteru Fanfic
This is an archive of my Maria-sama ga Miteru stories, starring the lovely ladies of Lillian

A Little Advice - Yumi tracks down Sei for a spot of advice.


It ain't all yaoi - the yuri's pretty hot, too Gundam Wing

Stories from Gundam Wing


All originals, all the time

Here's where I put all my completely original work.

Hot and Cold - Two women with completely opposite personalities, create steam together.

(clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older.)

Whistles in the Night - Two women share a passion for trains and for each other, but that passion drives them in different directions.

Shoujoai ni Bouken: The Adventures of Yuriko, Volume 1 - Written by Erica Friedman, Illustrations by Kelli Nicely. Meet Yuriko, an out lesbian Japanese pop idol as she returns to high school as part of a television reality show.Available now on or the Yuricon Shop!

Saiyuu no Ryokou: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko - The josei manga-style sequel toShoujoai ni Bouken is now available online! Join the Yuricon Mailing List for hot-off-the-press issues of Yuriko's continuing adventures as a pop idol and hunky lesbian role model to millions.



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