Notes and Disclaimers: The characters of Asuka Ran and Fudou Jun from Devilman Lady are the property of Go Nagai and Dynamic Planning, Inc.,   ADV Films and probably at least one or two more corporate entities. This particular "portrait of codependency" is my idea, but I believe, deeply, that it is consistent with the portrayal of the characters in the series. I cannot recommend this series enough - it's gayer than Weiss Kreuz, kitschier than the Smokies and a whole lot of fun!

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Heaven and Hell


"Miss Asuka? Did you hear me?"

"What?" Asuka tore her eyes away from the window and made them focus on the speaker. His beefy body seemed uncomfortable in the chair behind the desk. An old soldier, finishing his time on desk duty.

"Are you alright?" the colonel asked. "We can do this some other time."

"No," Asuka waved away his concern. "Let's get it over with."

The colonel shuffled his papers. "Your English is very good," he commented, making a pass at light conversation.

"I grew up in New Jersey."

"Oh." His unease seemed to increase with the faux pas.

"You were asking me a question, I believe?" Asuka had no time for games and no patience for buffoons.

"Yes, I'm sorry we have to go through this, but we have strict procedures here at Samuelsson Labs. We have to be careful, due to the nature of our..."

"Of course."

"I --," he cleared his throat wetly. "What --," He sighed. "Do you know Jun Fudou?"

Asuka brought her eyes back from the window once again. "Yes."

"What is your relationship with her?"

I hate her

"I am her trainer."

I love her

"Trainer? As in..."

I own her

"I have been training her to hunt other beasts for the HA."

I desire her

"I see." The colonel cleared his throat. "What can you tell me about her?"

She is the most beautiful thing on this planet

Asuka shrugged. "She's strong. Despite her transformation, she retains her human soul. It could be difficult."

She is horrible and awesome

"Can we trust her?"

I would give her the world

"For now." Asuka's voice trailed off.

She will destroy everything

The papers shuffled again. "I'm sorry if this is presumptuous, Miss Asuka." The colonel would not meet her eyes. "But I need to ask this. Have you ever been...intimate...with Miss Fudou?"

I want her

"No." Asuka's face did not change expression. "Is this relevant to my security clearance?"

I need her

"Possibly. We've had questionable people gain entrance here before now. I believe you've met our Jason Bates?"

I loathe her

"Mmm." Asuka assented.

I fear her

"He was one of our finest researchers. He had the highest security clearances. And now...his relation with Miss Fudou has compromised our research."

I will remake the world for her

"I understand."

The colonel shuffled his papers a final time and stood. "Well, uh, Miss Asuka, I think we're done. If you'll wait here, I'll have an aide bring your security badge. Thank you for your patience."

Asuka watched as he left, obviously relieved to be out of the room. As the door closed, she turned back to the window.

Jun, she whispered, you and I will reign in heaven and hell together forever.


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