Notes and Disclaimers: These characters and the general world in which they live are the property of Takeuchi Naoko, Bandai Visual, and Kodansha. I wish they'd make a new Live Action series with the Outer Senshi.

This story is my first Sailor Moon story in a while and it was a pleasure to play with these characters once again, so many, many thanks to the above for having created them and allowing us to have a little fun with them.

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A Quiet Evening Alone


From the outside, the house seemed peaceful. Warm light spilled from the windows. A figure could be seen passing by from time. Nothing unusual, a quiet night in a suburban home.

Inside, there was a whirlwind of activity.

Hotaru rushed around looking for misplaced items, while Setsuna piled luggage to be put into the car. Haruka and Michiru offered assistance, but settled for staying out of the way. At last everyone was ready to leave. Haruka pleasantly commented that Hotaru had as much luggage with her for an overnight as Setsuna did for a long weekend.

Farewells were made and repeated, hugs and kisses bestowed and, at last, they were off.

"Bye! See you tomorrow afternoon!"

"I'll be back on Wednesday."

"Safe trip."

"Have fun!"

The door closed behind the two women, and silence fell over the remaining pair. Haruka stepped up behind Michiru, slipping her arms around her partner's waist.

Whispering into Michiru's ear, she said, "You know what this means, right? We're alone for the night. Totally, completely alone."

Michiru sighed luxuriously and relaxed back into the blonde's embrace. "And nothing is going to disturb us. Not the phone, not the door, not email..."

"The computer is off, the TV is off, the radio is...I don’t even know where the radio is. My communicator is in my desk drawer and the doorbell has been disabled."

"What about the phone?"

"Answering machine." Haruka tightened her arms, and let her lips linger on Michiru's neck.

"Mmmm," the aqua-haired woman sighed. She spun in the blonde's arms, reaching up with her hands and mouth and meeting her lips in a long, sweet kiss.

The kiss deepened, tongues brushing lightly against each other, then reaching into each other's mouths. Long minutes passed as the two women kissed in the foyer to their home, enjoying the rare time alone together. Eventually they moved apart, grinning goofily at each other.

"Come on," Haruka said, and pulled her lover into the living room, towards the sofa.

They sat down and commenced kissing, laughing at the shared sweet nothings that passed between them.

"I needed that," Haruka breathed. "I need this," she gestured to include the whole of the empty house. "You hear that?"

"Yes," Michiru said, taking the blonde's jaw in her hands and drawing her closer. "It sounds like you talking." With that, she kissed her lover until there was no breath left for words.

She had just started to unbutton Haruka's shirt when the phone rang. Haruka looked up, but Michiru claimed her attention with a little jerk on her collar. "Answering machine," she whispered into the other woman's ear.

As Haruka's head rolled back onto the back of the sofa, Michiru's hands disappearing inside the unbuttoned shirt, they could both hear a young girl's voice coming from the answering machine.

"Hello? Um, its Chibi-Usa, Hotaru-chan, if you haven't left yet, can you bring your laptop? Ami-chan is over and she wants to do something with it. Usagi said it had something to do with space aliens, but you know what a bubblehead she is. Anyway...oh, wait, you're here. Okay, well, forget it. Bye!"

"Space aliens, huh?" Haruka lifted one eyebrow.

Michiru lifted herself from Haruka's now bare chest. "I'd assume it was just a video game, except Ami-chan isn’t that frivolous." This time it was Haruka who pulled the other woman back into an embrace.

Michiru's hands were tracing circles around her breasts when Haruka heard the phone ring again.

"Hello, its Rei. I don’t want to upset anyone - and I'm not sure there's anything you can do anyway, but I just thought you ought to know that I saw something strange in the fire."

"Space aliens?" Haruka muttered, trying not to lose her focus on what Michiru was doing with her mouth.

"It's probably NOT aliens from space, or anything," Rei laughed, "but there's a new presence on the planet. If you feel anything, please let me know. Um...I guess I'll call Usagi." The phone disconnected, then the answering machine beeped cheerfully.

Both women were looking at the machine, their faces a jumble of confusion, irritation and humor.

"I don’t feel anything, do you?" Michiru turned towards her lover, then gasped as Haruka's hands passed across her chest.

"Mmm," Haruka said, her mouth muffled against the other woman's skin. "Yes, I can feel something." Michiru's laugh turned into another gasp.

The phone rang. The voice this time was Makoto's. "Hi Setsuna-san, Haruka-san, Michiru-san and Hotaru-chan, it's Makoto. I guess you're all away, but if you get a chance, can you call? It's not an emergency - or, at least not enough of an emergency that I need to use a communicator. There was an incident on the news, some space alien in the park. I was just wondering if you knew anything...oh, wait, I think that's Rei-chan. So, call me if you get this message."

Haruka pulled Michiru's hand from her breast. "Should we call her?"

"If it was important, they'd use the communicators." Michiru let her other hand slide underneath Haruka, where she caressed the small of her back. "Let them handle it." She lifted her face for another kiss.

As Michiru stroked Haruka's back, moving past her buttocks to her legs, the phone rang again.

"Hi hi!! Minako here! I just heard about the space aliens from Usagi-chan and wanted to know if you knew anything about it since you’re the Outer Senshi and you're supposed to fight the aliens from outer space! Okay, well, I guess either you're not home or you're all out fighting the aliens...or you're ignoring the phone because you're like, necking on the sofa or something." She laughed scandalously at her joke.

Haruka sat up slightly and threw a pillow at the phone. "Go away, Minako-chan!" she called out to an unheeding Senshi of Love.

"Okay, see you, bye!"

Haruka could swear that she heard the "V" sign as the girl hung up, but she didn’t care. She had pushed Michiru backwards on the couch and was covering the smaller woman's body with her own. Slowly, she removed Michiru's dress, until she could feel the smooth skin of her lover's legs against her own.

The phone rang. Neither woman paid the slightest bit of attention.

"Hi - its Usagi! I thought you ought to know, Ami-chan has found traces of space aliens in the nearby park and we're all heading over to investigate. If you want, you can join us, but I don’t think it's that serious."

There was a pause in which Ami's voice could be heard clearly to say, "Not space aliens, Usagi-chan, an alien presence."

"It's still some kind of aliens, Ami-chan. Anyway," she sounded just like her daughter, "come if you want. Or not. We can take care of it!"

Haruka had moved herself lower on Michiru's body, awkwardly perching herself half on the couch, and half balanced on one foot. But physical discomfort disappeared as the taste and scent of Michiru filled her mouth and nose. Her tongue traced concentric circles around one small spot; her ears heard only Michiru's small gasps and her own name repeated pleadingly, haltingly, imploringly.

The phone rang. "Hello," a soft voice called out, as if from a distance. "This is Ami, calling from the road. Our train seems to be delayed. I'm with Usagi-chan, Rei-chan, Mako-chan and Minako-chan, and we're not going to be able to..." There was a pause while Usagi's always recognizable voice cried out. "Come onnnnnnn! We're in a rush!"

Ami cleared her throat, then apologized politely. "It looks like we may be here a while. If anyone gets this message, it might be good idea to get over to..." there was a pause while Ami, assumably, checked her data. Then a rumble and a loud metallic screeching. "Oh, it looks like we're..."


The answering machine continued to record for a moment or two, then cut out.

Michiru had her hands threaded through Haruka's hair, almost completely unaware of the phone call and its abrupt end. She was panting, breathing the same few words over and over. "My beautiful Haruka..." Her words disappeared into incoherent gasps that became small squeals, turning into loud cries as her body tensed and relaxed, repeatedly.

Lost in the sound of Michiru's passion, the phone's ringing went unheard. But when the machine kicked in, Usagi's voice was clear over the subdued pants that now filled the air, as Haruka and Michiru attempted to regain their breath.

"Haruka-san, Michiru-san, Setsuna-san, we're at the park, I'm on a pay phone, so I have to be quick. Ami-chan says she's sorry for cutting out, there was some interference or something. Maybe the aliens are using ray guns!" Her voice rose in pitch along with her agitation. "Anyway, we have to go, I can hear the noise of something past the amusement park." There was a pause and quick breath. "Oh, no! I have to go!" The phone disconnected, but not before they could hear the words, "Moon Prism Power...!"

Haruka pulled herself back up onto the couch, laying Michiru's feet in her lap. Michiru moaned luxuriously, and lifted a foot so that it lay in the space between Haruka's breasts. The blonde laughed.

Michiru sat up quickly, crawling across the sofa, pressing Haruka backwards, as she took both breasts in her hands, stroking and kneading as she kissed her lover fiercely. One hand drifted down past the flat belly, in between the blonde's legs, parting and entering her without warning.

Haruka grunted with surprise, and desire. Stretching herself out, she pulled Michiru closer. They moved together in silence broken only by the sounds of harsh breathing and the occasional groan of pleasure. And the sound of the phone.

"Hi everyone," Minako's over-chipper tones penetrated the near silence. "I hope you're having a lot of fun while we fight," there was a pause in which they could hear Minako counting under her breath. "...six space aliens. Some Outer Senshi you are!" In the background, if they had actually been listening, the two women would have been able to make out monster-like roars and the sound of various Inner Senshi initiating attacks.

But neither of them were listening. Michiru had her tongue in Haruka's ear and Haruka was in no mood to care about space aliens. She reached between her legs, and joining her fingers to Michiru's thumb as she stroked across Haruka's center. It wasn't long before their voices were once again raised in ecstasy. If the phone rang, it went completely unheard.

The two women curled up in the corner of the large sofa, enjoying the feel of each other's skin and the sound of each other's voice.

As one, they both took a deep breath and sighed, laughing slightly at the synchronicity. Haruka's mouth opened to speak, when simultaneously the phone, both communicators and two cell phones began to clamor for attention. Michiru was first off the sofa, grabbing her cell phone from her purse, while Haruka rushed into the bedroom to grab their communicators. As she returned to the living room, flipping the communicators open, voices erupted from the array of devices and the answering machine simultaneously.

"Haruka-san, Michiru-san, it's Setsuna, where are you? Ami-chan says they haven't been able to reach you..."

"Help!!! The aliens are..."

"Haruka-papa, Chibi-Usa-chan says that the others need your help..."

"I'm on my way right now..."


"Are you at the movies or something...?"

Haruka grinned at Michiru, gesturing generally to the communication devices they held. "A nice, quiet evening alone, huh?"

With a small laugh, Michiru spoke to communicator and cell phone at the same time. "We're on our way."

Haruka picked up the phone and spoke to her communicator, "We got the message we're on our way."

She flipped the communicator closed and put down the phone, but not before Minako managed " See? I told you they were home necking..."

Haruka flung the phone from its stand and kicked it for good measure. "Shut UP, Minako-chan." Shaking her head in exasperation, she took Michiru's hand, and they each held up a wand.

In the moment before they called out the formulas which allowed them to transform into powerful Senshi of the Outer Solar System, Michiru chuckled and said, "But she *was* right."

A few moments later the house was empty, while in another part of the city, far away from that suburban house, a battle to save the unaware inhabitants of city and suburb raged. But to the neighbors who looked at the house through their windows, or passed by on the street assumed the obvious - that the family that lived there was spending another quiet evening, relaxing at home.


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