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Double Fantasy

by Sean Gaffney (with an assist by Erica Friedman)


Kei leaned against the wall, a sake cup still perched in her hand. She tried to figure out how much she'd had to drink, and realized it was probably too much when she couldn't remember.

The joys of finishing your semester, and being confident enough not to worry.

Speaking of which, she thought as she looked to her right, Sei was also perched against the wall, in an almost identical pose. Sei had no need to worry - she'd undoubtedly be near the top of the class for this year. As she'd said a few weeks ago, "You're taking courses in something you love, that you chose to take. How can you not do well?"

Sei was also not a loud, raucous drunk, something that rather surprised Kei. Seeing as she was frequently loud and raucous when sober. But then Kei had gotten used to being surprised by Sei.

Kei looked down, again considering the cup in her hand. "Hey, Satou-san?"

Sei looked over. "Yes?"

"How drunk do you think we are?"

Sei seemed to think this over. "I'm not sure. Do you remember how much sake we had?"

"Not in the least."

"I'd say that's a very good sign that we're very drunk," Sei said. She looked over at Kei. "Are you a virgin?"

Kei blinked. "Yes. Why?"

Sei grinned. "We're completely plastered. You answered me right away."

Kei frowned. "You're right. I should have gotten annoyed." She got up and teetered over towards Sei, falling down next to her. "So, are you a virgin?"

"It doesn't work on me," Sei snorted. "I'm not likely to get offended when sober."

"Yes, but I'm curious now, and if I'm sober I won't have the courage to ask."

Sei paused, and pointedly did not look at Kei for a moment. "Yes, I am a virgin."

"Hey, you're not as drunk as you said."

"I think you sobered me up." Sei tilted her head back, and it fell against Kei's shoulder. "I had lots of opportunities, but the most I've ever done is kiss."

Kei sighed and carefully stood. "I've got another bottle of sake to heat up."

"We'll be paralytic."

"I'm trying to avoid us both becoming sad, mopey drunks."

Sei shook her head. "You're trying to stop a landslide with a piece of paper." But she got up and followed the other woman.


Despite Sei's misgivings, the two women were now lying on the floor, giggling insanely and touching foreheads.

"So there I was, lying at home in my bed, humiliated that I'd even tried to ask him inside in the first place," Kei was saying, "and I suddenly decided that I was going to pretend he'd come in. So I did. We had imaginary coffee, and imaginary conversation, and then he imaginarily felt me up."

Sei cackled. 'Imaginarily?"

"It's a drunk word."

"Acceptable, then, we are drunk." Sei turned briefly serious again, then a grin spread across her face. "You know, if I'd done that, I think I'd had a lot more fun."

Kei laughed. "Well, you're drunk, and I don't care. Who were your failed conquests?"

"Mmmmm," Sei mused. "Shiori, Youko, Shizuka, Shimako, Yumi..."

Kei's eyes briefly bulged out. "Excuse me, miss still-a-virgin?"

"I said I had lots of opportunities."

Kei sat up, shifted so she was pressed up against Sei, and lay back down. "All right, so let's take one of those opportunities, and make a fantasy of it."

Sei laughed. "All right. So I'm at the train station, waiting breathlessly for Shiori to arrive. She does, and we get on the train and head away from Lillian..."


Sei opened the door to the hotel room where they were staying the evening, and stood aside to let Shiori in. Sei was still a little breathless and scared that they were both doing this, running away to be with one another.

Shiori was still, staring out the window at the city below. Even with her back to Sei, she looked amazing. Sei could stand here for the rest of her life just drinking her in.

She glanced up, and saw Shiori's terrified expression in the window, and was spurred into action. She came up slowly behind and took her hand. "Do you want to sit? Or need a glass of water, or..." She gestured ineffectually.

Shiori shook her head, and smiled at Sei. "No, but thank you." She composed herself, and then wrapped her arms around Sei's body.

Sei shuddered slightly, and tried to relax her body. She still wasn't sure this was real. Her own arms stroked Shiori's long hair slowly, and as they broke the embrace Sei took the initiative to turn her face up for a kiss.

They kissed slowly, tenderly, taking the time to truly explore each other for the first time. When they finally pulled away, they both knew what the kiss tasted of.

Guilt, shame, and failure.

Shiori put her hands to her mouth and tries to choke back a sob. Sei sank down onto the bed.

This was wrong, they shouldn't have done this... Shiori didn't belong with someone like her--


Sei shook herself, the image of a weeping Shiori dissolving into that of a flushed and irritated Kei.

"What the hell kind of fantasy is that?" Kei yelled, tipping up onto one elbow.

Sei slammed her body back down onto the floor. "I don't think it was meant to be a sex fantasy."

"Wasn't that the point of this?"

"I chose the wrong person, OK? Let's just drop it!" Sei was yelling by this point too, and Kei noticed the pain in her voice.

"All right, we'll move on," she said. "I'm drunk and horny, and you owe me a Sei sex fantasy"

Sei laughed, already starting to feel better. "Fine, we'll try something else." She rolled ideas around in her brain, then smiled. "We're in the Rose Manor, and Youko is lecturing me about finding a soeur..."


Sei leaned against the table, forcing herself to try to calm down. "If she's like me, then she has my weak points."

Youko smiled, and moved close to her. "I like your weak points," she murmured in her ear.

Sei flushed red. "I hate your strong points," she said, somehow out of breath.

Youko pulled back. "I'd better leave, or you really will--"

At this point Sei reached out and grabbed Youko, kissing her with a passionate ferocity.

Youko froze for a moment, then moaned slightly and started to return the kiss.

And then the door opened and Eriko walked into the room. She stopped, taking in the scene before her, and then leaned back against the door and began to laugh hysterically.


Kei groaned. "I hate you."

"I don't know why this keeps happening," Sei groaned. "At least the kiss was good."

"Was it?"

"Oh yeah." A cockeyed grin formed.

"I suppose we can try again." Kei said, "but I reserve the right to stop you if you make things get stupid again."

"Feel free."


Sei touched her cheek, feeling the spot where Yumi had kissed her--



Sei blinked. "What the hell did I do wrong that time?"

"We are not fantasizing about Fukuzawa-san. She's a cute kid, but she needs to lose the ponytails before she looks remotely grownup. Besides, I don't trust you to not screw that one up. I've seen you with Fukuzawa-san, she's like a kid sister to you."

"That's not true!" Sei leaned over to Kei, leering. "I used to grope her all the time, back at school."

"Now imagine her standing in front of you, naked and with a finger circling one nipple."

Sei sat up. "Hey! Don't do that to Yumi-chan!"

"I rest my case."

Sei froze, realizing what had just happened. "Kei, am I doomed?"


"Aaah! What's wrong with me?"

"You've never had a relationship with another woman that could reasonably lead to sex. Either you put her on an untouchable pedestal, or you valued her friendship more, or you just didn't want her in that way."

Sei sighed. "One day I'll meet some hot girl who'll walk right up to me and say "Hi, are you Satou Sei-san? I want to take you back to my place, get you into my bed, and fuck you slowly until you scream my name."

Kei laughed. Sei looked up, as the laugh seemed a bit harsh. "Knowing you, you'd just blink and not know what the hell she was talking about."

"Hey, c'mon..." Sei said. But Kei was already getting up.

"I mean, considering you don't get the point when someone snuggles up against you and asks you to fantasize about other women with you in her arms, I'm guessing there is just no point to be gotten. Good night, I'm going to bed. You can sleep on the couch."

"Hey, wait..." Sei got up, once again realizing that she was screwing something up too late to do something about it. Almost too late.

She leaped forward and threw her body across the bedroom door. "Kei, WAIT."

Kei was flustered, and there were the beginnings of tears in her eyes. She stopped. "This had better be *phenomenally* good. What?"

And Sei grabbed her shoulders, turned her against the doorframe, and gave her a burning kiss.

After a while, Kei broke the kiss and leaned her head back on the door. If only to prevent it from swinging back and forth in a dazed whirl. She looked at Sei, who was suddenly pensive again, biting her lip. Don't apologize, Kei thought. Do anything else, but I just couldn't bear if you apologized.

Then Sei's mouth quirked up into a grin. "So was that phenomenally good, or what?"


They both toppled onto her bed, hands roaming while their mouths locked together once more. Sei wisely had not waited for an answer, but instead went right back to the kissing.

There was fumbling in getting their clothes off - neither girl was as sober as she had pretended to be. And there was that bit of awkwardness about where to put elbows and knees, but once they worked that out, they seemed to fit perfectly together. And then the kisses became serious.

Sei tried to keep her eyes open, to see what Kei was feeling. But the look on the other woman's face was too vulnerable and Sei closed her eyes against it.

Kei's motions were unsure, unpracticed, and caused lightning bolts to shoot through Sei's body repeatedly. Twice Sei gasped into the other woman's mouth, and twice, she thought she could feel Kei smile.

They were drunk enough to not feel ashamed, but not drunk enough to not think. When Sei, hesitating just slightly, reached up and took one of Kei's breasts in her hand, Kei couldn't quite stop herself from flinching. For a moment, there was an uncomfortable silence, their mouths open, breath uneven, then Kei opened her eyes and said, "It's okay. I want you to."

Sei's gaze was terrifyingly serious when she asked, "Are you sure? We can chalk this all up to drunken groping and laugh and pretend to forget about it in the morning, if you want." Her voice was quiet, but the tone made Kei want to cry. She clutched convulsively at Sei, burying her face in the other woman's neck.

After a moment, Sei's head rolled back and a soft sigh escaped her lips. And her hand began to gently, not at all hesitatingly, stroke the soft skin beneath it. She ran her hand along the underside of Kei's breast, feeling the unbelievably smooth skin. Then it was Kei's turn to sigh.

And, all of a sudden, they both relaxed. It was okay. It was really okay this time.

Sei had thought about this a lot, obviously. She knew what a woman's body felt like - after all, she was a woman. And she had kissed several...sort of. But this was something entirely different. The skin she caressed, the tongue she could taste, these were not things she had ever felt before. Her own breasts were heavier, Kei's were small, with dark nipples that looked, Sei thought a little soppily, like chocolate candy. And she really, really, wanted to lick them.

Kei's reaction was unexpected. Sei always thought of Kei as a bit of a prig, the kind of person who would be passive in bed. She was totally wrong. As her tongue touched Kei's nipple, Sei felt herself wrenched off of Kei, flipped over and pressed down on the bed. Kei loomed over her, one hand holding her own breast and a mean grin on her face. "Do it properly," she commanded.

Sei gave it her all. And judging by the sounds she could hear Kei making, her efforts were satisfactory. But now she had another concern. One becoming slightly more pressing with each gasp and moan. Kei had one thigh in between Sei's legs and as she moved...it was getting very hard to concentrate.

It was a bright idea, Sei thought. She'd hook Kei's leg and pull her off and flip her over and then she'd be on top. Hah. But she had forgotten that she was still pretty inebriated and something went wrong somewhere in the first step, or maybe the second. Instead of moving on top of Kei, they both ended up falling off the bed onto the floor.


Kei sat up, rubbing her elbow, cursing. "What the...what did you do that for?" Her ire made her face dark, and her hair fell into her face.

Sei stared open-mouthed. "You're beautiful," she said, her hand brushing the dark hairs away from Kei's mouth, then running her thumb across those kiss-darkened lips.

"You threw us off the bed because I'm...." Kei's sarcasm was stopped mid-sentence by Sei's kiss.

Breathless. This was what that word meant, Kei thought as she gasped for air. Her body was being covered by kisses and still she couldn’t catch her breath. She hadn't realized that anyone could kiss that...thoroughly. She could still feel the warmth of Sei's lips against her own. Kei sighed, as Sei's hands stroked her waist.

Then she screamed. "What are you do-...?" The sound became incoherent as she tried to beat Sei away from her.

"Be a good girl," Sei's voice was so much like her usual teasing self that Kei blushed. She slapped ineffectually at Sei, who brushed her off and kept on doing the thing that had made Kei scream I the first place. Slowly kissing the area where her leg and groin met, just at the edge of her panties. Kei yelped as the wetness of Sei's tongue brushed along the edge of her underwear.

"No, really, stop..." Kei tried to sit up, but was held down effectively by Satou Sei, who seemed to have found some strength all of a sudden. Kei's head whirled.


Sei could smell her. A lovely, meaty, inviting smell. It was something so obvious, but of course, she had never really thought that far along before. All her sexual fantasies had stopped somewhere after the first kiss, before the undressing. The stories she had told Kei weren't just failures for tonight - they had been failures over and over again.

Letting her fingers run just inside the edge of Kei's underwear, Sei made up her mind. She leaned forward, her head humming, her face red, and she leaned down and she kissed Kei, just where the curve of her pelvis pressed forward. Ignoring Kei's screams, Sei did it again, and again, slowly letting her tongue run across the cloth. After a while, Kei stop shouting for her to stop and started asking her to keep going.


"It's not fair" she managed, after a few minutes. Kei was sweating, which she thought completely gross. Sei didn’t seem to even notice, she just laid there, her fingers apparently doing little dance steps on Kei's thigh.

"Sei." She said the word before she could stop herself. The other woman looked up quickly.

"Yes?" She didn’t seem to have noticed that, either.


"You called me 'Sei'." Sei pointed out. So she did notice after all.

"Yes." Kei looked away, annoyed that she was so embarrassed about something so trivial. "It seemed...stupid...to keep calling you Satou-san, I guess."

Sei grinned. "That's nice. I just gave you the orgasm of your life and the best you can do is say that you don't want to be stupid. I like that." She sat up and stretched. "It's very you."

Kei thought about that, and stretched, too. She saw Sei watching her, but didn’t stop. It felt good. She felt good. Then she felt bad, because Sei didn’t feel good too.

"Are you still drunk?" Kei sat up and scooted herself closer to Sei, reaching out to take a lock of her fair hair in between her fingers.

"I can't tell. You?"

"I think I...," Kei started to say that she was, then drew back. She looked Sei in the eyes and finished, "No. I'm not," then leaned forward and kissed Sei, hard. As Sei fell backward under pressure from Kei, Kei wrapped her arms around the other woman and held her.

Now Kei found herself in a quandary. With her mouth firmly pressed against Sei's, and their tongues just barely meeting for the briefest moment before moving away, she felt on fire. But she had no idea what to do.

It wasn't that she didn’t know what to *do*, she thought, trying to kiss Sei hard enough and long enough to make her pant. It was that she didn’t know what to do next.

Sei was at an advantage here. She had at least once or twice considered the remote possibility of seducing another woman. Kei hadn’t. Most of her fantasies had revolved around creative ways to initiate a blowjob. But those weren't all that applicable - especially as her killer technique had been something like, "Want me to lick it?" Guys weren't that hard to seduce, after all.

Kei's arms were wrapped tightly around Sei, but she felt that she had better do something - something phenomenally good, and soon.

In a moment of almost religious enlightenment, Kei realized not only exactly what she needed to do, but exactly what she wanted to do.

Sei was mostly naked already, all Kei had to do was lay her down and remove her underwear. Which sounded a lot easier than it actually was. Sei covered her mouth; to keep from laughing out loud, Kei was pretty sure. As she fumbled pulling the thing past Sei's hips, Kei wondered if she was still drunk after all.

Once she had Sei naked, Kei laid her out beneath her and looked at her. She looked for so long that Sei began to blush, then to squirm.

"Stop moving," Kei commanded quietly. "I want to look at you." Sei stopped, but the blush deepened.


"I've never seen you naked before and I thought that this was a good chance to do my biology project, why do you *think*?" Kei's voice was still quiet, but the tone was acid. "Because I want to look at you." She turned her head slightly to look at Sei's face, tracing the sharp edges of her cheekbones with a finger. "You're very..." She cut her own words off, and tilted Sei's chin until she was looking into grey eyes. "Satou Sei-san? I want to fuck you slowly until you scream my name."

The look of fear in Sei's eyes was priceless. And so was the way her body tensed, the clenching that betrayed her desire. Kei could feel flames build within her, feel them in her eyes as she caught and held Satou Sei.

Keeping her eyes locked on Sei's, Kei reached down and ran a hand down from Sei's trembling belly, through the short hair several shades darker than the hair on her head and over to the legs. With a short, strong pull, Kei separated Sei's legs, then moved between them.

As her fingers moved through the wetness, Kei could not stop the moan that escaped her. But more interesting were the gasps coming from Sei. There was a horrible power in this, Kei thought, even as she reveled in it.

"What do you want me to do?"

She didn’t mean to say it out loud, but Sei's eyes never left hers as she pleaded, "Go in me, please." The last word was merely a breath, and Kei's eyes rolled back of their own accord.

It was warm, and soft in a way she could not possibly have imagined. "Oh my god," she groaned, as she moved around, tracing the inside of Sei.

Sei's eyes were closed now, and her head thrown back, arching her spine. Kei leaned down, taking one nipple in her mouth as she moved into and out of Sei. Slowly, she reminded herself. Slowly, until...

"Oh, god," Sei began to moan, her breaths coming unevenly, shallowly, her hands clutching at anything.

Slowly. Steadily. In and out, thrust, pull back, and thrust again.

"Oh god," Sei whined, "Oh, god, oh, Kei!" She lifted her hips, begging without words for more. Kei obliged, moving faster, and deeper, and trying not to come herself, because god*damn* this felt good.

"Keikeikeikeikeikeikeikei..." Sei called out her name like a mantra, creating a rhythm they both moved to. Her body lifted once again. "Keiiii!" Sei shrieked, choking her own cry off, tears visible in her eyes, her hands gripping the bed as she thrust herself forward one last time.

Kei licked her suddenly dry lips and pushed as hard and as deep as she could. Oh god, she thought as Sei's orgasm caught up with her. Oh god. She kept licking what she could reach of Sei's breast, watching as her toes curled, then relaxed.

Convulsively, Sei relaxed, almost as if passing out. Kei was immediately assailed by confusion. What to do?

She began to pull away, when Sei's hand fell heavily on her arm, holding her in place.

"Stay. Just for a moment."

Kei relaxed, and laid her head on Sei's belly.


Just for a moment turned out to be the rest of the evening. Both of them were exhausted, and the alcohol was finally overcoming the adrenalin and lust in its quest to knock them out.

Kei awoke first, lifting her head carefully. Sometime during the night, she'd moved up so that she was curled up against Sei, her head perched in the crook of the other girl's neck. She settled back into place, smiling slightly.

Sei must be a light sleeper, though, because she was lifting her head as well, and glancing over at Kei. Confusion gave way to a sort of nervous intensity - Kei though she could read about ten different emotions coming off her face all at once.

"So..." Sei said.

Kei thought she should lighten things up a bit. "Hi," she said to Sei, smiling.

Sei relaxed slightly, but still looked incredibly apprehensive. It wasn't something Kei had ever seen in Sei's face before. She wanted to see more of this. Not the insecurity, but the real Sei.

She leaned over and gently kissed Sei's neck. "So would you like to try again? If we were that good while drunk, imagine what sober sex could be like."

Sei laughed, a big, surprised laugh, and suddenly all the tension was gone. She hugged Kei tightly to her body.

"Of course, sorry. I was just somewhere else for a bit."

Kei sat up slightly. "You were just preparing yourself for me to say that this had been some drunken mistake."

Sei bit her lip. "Yeah. I was." Apprehension was back.

Kei smiled. "Well, it was drunken, no doubt about that, but I wouldn't say it was a mistake at all. Though I'm not quite sure what to call it."

Sei cocked her head. "What do you want 'it' to be?"

Kei shrugged. "Until last night I didn't even have any fantasies about women. You're more likely to know the answer than I am. I know I want more of..." She trailed off and waved a hand vaguely between the two of them, blushing slightly.

"After fucking me and making me scream your name, you don't get to be shy anymore," Sei laughed. "And I want that too. But after one night, I'm not sure if we should make this be anything more. Or less."

"I agree. We can just continue to be friends for now. It's just that sometimes we'll be lovers as well. And if something develops..."

"...then it develops," Sei finished. "We seem to be on the same wavelength."

"Tomorrow I'll likely be a panicky wreck. But I think I'm too sated at the moment," Kei grinned, shifting back against Sei.

Sei curled her fingers down around Kei's ass. "So if I keep you sated, then things will be fine."

Kei smiled and just mmmmmed.

"I think," Sei continued, sliding down towards Kei's hips, "That I've found a fantasy that works."



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