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Prince Charming


When the crash came, I was practically as far from the stage as possible. I heard the screams, the running feet, and then the thing that went through me like a knife, people yelling Touya’s name in terror. How I made it through the crowd I don’t know, but the sight of Him, there, hanging on the remains of the balcony, holding Yohko…. <Shaking head> I think my mind went blank for a moment, as if I didn’t know what I was looking at. Have you ever experienced that? I just couldn't’t make heads or tales of what I saw. People were still screaming, but it was more like a quieter fear then. I could hear girls crying. There was a band around my chest, and then I realized I was holding my breath. That was probably the only thing that kept me from crying too.

When I finally gathered my wits, after what was probably a few seconds, but seemed like hours, I ran for the stairs that went up to the balcony. What I would have done I’m not sure, but I had to do something! Everyone else seemed galvanized in place. I may have screamed His name then, I’m not sure. Certainly I was screaming it in my mind. <Dropping head> I’ve never been in such agony.

It was then I noticed the green mist. What it was I have no idea, but as I ran through the edge of it, it had the strangest feel to it. It wasn’t that it wasn’t natural, but that it was supernatural. <Laughing nervously> That sounds wrong, doesn't it? Maybe it was more like it was more natural than anything that could have been produced on that stage. Does that make sense? I guess I’m still upset, sorry. Do you mind if I have some water?

<Pause> I think I’m better, thanks.

The mist was all around the stage, and I admit I was worried about getting too close to it. I heard people asking what it was and where it had come from, but I really wasn’t listening. All I could see was Touya. I ran up the stairs, and they crumbled in front of me! It was like some bad movie! All I wanted was to save Him, and all I could do was watch helplessly! I looked up at them, and I could see the strain on His face. I doubt her weight was an issue, it was probably the awkward angle He was at. Part of me wanted Him to let her go, and as if reading my thoughts, I just barely heard Yohko saying if He dropped her she wouldn’t get hurt from this height. Or something like that. Touya didn’t make a sound, or let go. He is just amazing.

Suddenly it seemed that all the shadows on the stage became one. It was so weird. They spread out to become one huge shadow and then rose up like huge bat wings. After that I lost sight of them, or it, and quite frankly I doubt anyone else saw it. But then it came down on the mist and seemed to wrap it up. <Looking up shyly> Well, that’s how it appeared.

All eyes where on the mist when the second crash came. I know I screamed this time, but I was one of many. And then suddenly there was a terrific wind! It caught Touya and Yohko as they fell, and slowed their descent. Thank heavens. Thank heavens. <Wiping face, sniffing softly> I was almost weak with relief.

I rushed towards them, calling to see if they were alright. Someone nearby held a phone, just in case we needed to call for help. When I reached them I could barely stop myself from throwing myself into His arms. Yohko looked really shaken, and so did Touya, but oddly Touya’s eyes went right for the projection room above us. I looked too, but there was nothing to see. He had that "sister complex" look about Him, but I don’t know why.

After that things sort of settled down to normal. The stage was cleared for the next performance, and I saw Touya and Yoko wander off together. They seemed, understandably, dazed still, and even though I longed to talk to Him I figured they needed to say something’s to each other. A hand gripped my heart then, and squeezed. I knew what she wanted to say to Him, but I was less sure of His answer. <Laughing again> That’s not true. I knew what His answer would be, and I couldn’t help but smile. Poor Yohko.

Sakura arrived then, looking pale, with her friends Lee and Tomoyo. I guess I was still smiling after my thoughts, as Sakura relaxed almost before I began reassuring her. I told her that Touya was fine, and that He and Yohko had gone off to talk. We four left then for the bonfire. And it wasn’t long before Touya and Yohko joined us. No one was more surprised than I was when Touya stood up to dance with Yohko, but after the first pattern He turned and walked away. I heard Yohko asking why He was leaving, and His answer thrilled me so much I offered to dance with Sakura to expel some of the bottled up joy I felt. <Sitting back and sighing> All in all it was a wonderful festival.


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