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Card Captor Sakura Fanfiction from World Shaking Fanfic

Before you read any story, please read the description of my lily rating system.

whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Clow Card Booster Pack - because Clow forgot to include a few key cards
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) The Shadow of His Wings - Yue tells of his past with Clow Reed, with consequences for his future
The Nature of Clow - Sakura and Syaoran decide to learn about the great man firsthand, but he's not *exactly* what they expected.
redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) Just Once - On the eve of her wedding to Syaoran, Sakura faces the greatest enemy of all - her feelings for Tomoyo
Scenes from a Spring Day (Scenes 5-8) - Sometimes there's more to poetry than just handing it in.
Scenes From A Spring Day (Scenes 1-4) - The sun is shining, there's poetry in the air...and it's due tomorrow.
redlilysm.gif (1266 bytes) In the Cards - Eriol faces a trial. Does he really want to succeed?
whitelilysm.gif (1383 bytes) Matchmaker - Touya and Yukito make *such* a cute couple. At least Sakura thinks so

Fanfics by Stirling Twilight

Reprise - Tomoyo, Sakura and the Song card. (I absolutely love this story!)
Dreaming of Sakura - Yukito has a confession to make
Prince Charming - When the Prince plays a princess, what's another prince to think?
blacklilysm.gif (1340 bytes) Wildcard - The cards gain control over Sakura and Yukito, while Touya and Li can do nothing. This might be the most difficult decision yet. (clicking this link is a legal affidavit that you are 18 years or older)

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